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The Joining Of Divergent And Info Technologies

Diversant is an African American company that is owned by Gene Waddy. This company specializes in having viable solutions for a variety of problems involving IT staffing. The immense growth of this company can be attributed to Waddy’s experience, commitment and drive to help people. A well deserved reputation combined with an outstanding drive has caused Diversant to be noticed among many Fortune 500 companies in a relatively short period of time.

To benefit the senior executives, Diversant formed an advisory board. This board is only meant for the executives who are not responsible for the day to day company routine in the running of the business. This board utilizes the knowledge of experts and leaders in the business community, in regards to commercial developments. These members regularly meet with Divergent to discuss both the performance of the company and the conditions of the market.

John Goullet is the principle executive at Divergent. He is responsible for developing many incredibly successful ventures for Divergent’s IT area. He originally began his career as a consultant before moving to staffing in 1994. John has an unusually clear image of the marketing trends, backed with a lot of experience in the IT industry. He successfully started Info Technologies, an IT staffing firm who provide plausible solutions for the Fortune 500 firms.

Inside of a five year period, Info Technologies was worth Thirty million dollars and were placed eighth on a list of the most quickly growing private firms in the United States. A merger in 2010 joined Info Technologies and Divergent, allowing John the freedom to continue looking for new ideas.

John Goullet graduated from Ursinus College, where he received his masters degree. His career truly began when he envisioned Info Technologies, and then made his vision a reality. His knowledge, experience and foresight have built a minority owned company that is exemplary in the market.

Jason Halpern’s Amazing Real Estate Endeavors

Real estate is the industry Jason Halpern has chosen to invest his professional career endeavors on. Based on the success he has achieved in the real estate world, Halpern has made a very wise career choice. He is currently the principal at JMH Development and is doing quite well. So is the company as JMH Development has done a tremendous jobs completed a number of incredible real estate projects. Under the leadership of Jason Halpern, the company is only going to grow more and complete more impressive projects.


JHM Development has been involved in a number of different projects on the east coast. A few of those projects were quite interesting and expansive. Upwards of a half-a-billion dollars was invested in projects in New York state alone. One project entailed completely changing a warehouse and turning it into 300+ luxury apartments. No easy feat, but Halpern and his company were able to bring the project to a successful conclusion.


Heading south the company has a nice track record in the state of Florida. The recent sale of the Aloft South Beach hotel — at a sale price of $105 million — reflects the scope of what has been done in Florida.


The Aloft South Beach is a massive luxury hotel located in the prestigious and well-known tourist destination of Miami Beach. The project was first announced in 2014 and was deemed quite an extensive and ambitious project. Not every real estate developer would be willing to undertake such a huge project. Halpern did and the rest is south Florida real estate history.

JHM Development and Madden Real Estate Ventures worked together to work on the Miami project. Most projects of this magnitude do require partnerships. The right partners do have to come together in order to attain impressive results. And the Aloft South Beach turned out to be extremely impressive.


As history shows, successful people take accomplishments and work to build on them. Jason Halpern and his company are not done with their amazing achievements. Look for new and bold endeavors in the real estate world to bear the name of both in the coming years.

Balancing Family And Work With Keith Mann

Balancing family and work with Keith Mann is a very good thing to learn, and he has talked about it in a recent article. Keith Mann is the founder and leader at Dynamic Search Partners where he helps companies find the right people to lead them. He has talked about things like hiring the right people, making good decisions and learning to ask for help. These are all very worthy things that people must consider when they are trying to run their own companies well, but they need to be sure that they have taken steps to balance their lives.

People who want to learn how to balance family and work will be taken by the way that Keith Mann described the best $100 that he had spent in the recent past. He talked about a pizza making class that he took his kids to, and that is something that gave his family a chance to be together in a setting that the kids would love. He was very careful to make sure that the kids would be given something that made their day better. Keith Mann has to work hard like everyone else, and he wants to set aside some time for the family to let them be together.

Anyone who is looking for a good person to follow in the New York business community should follow Keith Mann of Dynamic Search Partners. He knows how to help people when they want to manage their own companies, and he also wants to be sure that they can get something in the way of advice that makes them feel better about their work. Everyone who is trying to get the right kind of business advice can trust in Keith Mann and the way he has set up his work life balance.

Jim Hunt Launches Wealth Wave

In the past, market crashes have seen investors lose millions of dollars in just a few hours or days due to lack of the right skills and market information. This situation has prompted Jim Hunt to launch a product called Wealth Wave. This new product allows investors to ride the wave rather than being swept by it. It was launched in July 2016.

Since the data generated by the market is usually too much for most investors to analyze, the new product will analyze on their behalf. The investors will then be provided with information on the right time to invest or pull out during a bear market. This product is based on the premise that during a market crash, money is not destroyed but transferred to someone or something else.

The new product shall be offered to clients with the assistance of VTA Publications. VTA has skilled professionals who will be charged with the duty of teaching and providing clients with information on the right time to make trades. The clients will access this critical market intelligence through their phones or emails.

All Wealth Wave clients will have access to tons of webinars and DVD training videos. The lessons contain all the strategies that the customers need to know. In addition, it contains what the implications of various market conditions to their investments. From the videos, one will also be able to learn how to identify an impending bear market and how to make money from it.
Hunt also believes that the new product would encourage more people to invest. He noted that most people are afraid to invest because they do not understand the market. The training videos are also aimed at solving this problem. Additionally, the training videos will be updated on a frequent basis in order to help investors improve their skills and teach them new tricks.

About VTA Publications
VTA Publications LTD was established in 2012. It is known for publishing distance learning courses. Its quality online platform has ensured that its products are available for consumers located in any part of the world. In addition to digital materials, the company also publishes physical materials such as DVDs. Moreover, VTA Publications has a strong focus on the quality of their products. This has resulted in recruitment of professionals from all over the world. These professionals are recruited in order to develop their training contents. They are going to use this approach to develop content for Wealth Wave.  Learn more about the system on Jim Hunt’s YouTube, which has more informative videos like those above.

Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory Has The Support Of The New FinTech Industry

The huge financial institutions and the archaic systems they stand behind, as well as the fact that there is an enormous amount of money at stake has cultivated a new area of growth in the financial industry. The FinTech companies that seem to be popping up out of nowhere are easing the payment processes, saving users money, reducing fraud and promoting a new way of financial planning, and that is stimulating the interest of people all over the world.

One former Swiss banker, Mike Baur, is astutely aware of what FinTech companies are doing to the banking industry. Baur spent 25 years in the Swiss banking industry, and he was good at it. Baur was so good he developed a list of clients that stuck with his investment advice for years, and they were happy they did. But Baur had bigger plans. Mike Baur was born to manage his own business, and when he found the right vehicle to manage, he jumped at the chance.

While Baur was working for Sallfort, the equity investment firm, he noticed that several new tech companies couldn’t get the help they needed from banks and other investors because there were parts missing from their concepts and ideas. Baur told a news reporter that he decided to help companies that had excellent ideas but were missing things like solid operational experience, or human resource knowledge. Other things like networking capabilities and a lack of investor financing hurt some of the other companies that Baur thought could be profitable if they followed the program he established in his new company, The Swiss Startup Factory.

The Swiss Startup Factory gives new companies the expertise they need to move to the next level in their industry. Baur’s company offers a three-month accelerator program that provides office space, office equipment and a series of intensive courses in financial management, accounting, networking and investor information. Most of the companies that complete the program start to see results in their balance sheets almost immediately.

Baur has been offering the Swiss Startup Factory programs for the last two years. The word spread that there was a company that could help new startup companies turn their concepts into interesting solutions for simple challenges. Most of the companies that complete the Swiss Startup program are doing business in Switzerland, but they have plans of expanding into the global market. Baur said showing companies how to compete globally is the main goal of the Swiss Startup Factory.

Stephen Murray of CCMP

Stephen Murray, former CEO of New York-based CCMP Capital Advisors, died at the age of 52. He resigned from his position just one month prior to his death, citing his health issues. He was replaced by Chairman Greg Brenneman who has expressed deep condolences on behalf of the company.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital had spent a very successful career in finances, mostly in private equity. In the early 1980s, Chemical Venture Partners started CCMP as one of its branches. For the next several years, it exchanged hands several times, always remaining a branch of an owning company.

Murray joined the team in 1989. Since that time CCMP made a big name for itself, investing in big companies such as concession operator, Aramark and Warner Chilcott. In 2005 he became part of a team to engineer a buyout from the current owning company, J.P. Morgan.

This move was a practical measure for both companies since it would alleviate the existing conflicts the bank. In 2006 he helped lead the company to become an independent company for the first time. In 2007 he was made CEO of the new company. During his time as leader of CCMP, he helped it to raise multiple billion dollars per year.

It continues to be a big investor, commonly investing up to $500 million per transaction. Murray was born and raised in Westchester County, New York. While attending Boston College, he earned a B.A. degree. At Columbia University in New York, he earned a Master of Business Administration.

In 1984, he joined the team of Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. as a credit trainee and quickly ascended in the company ranks to become its vice president. In 1989, he joined the private equity company that would one day be known as CCMP.

As mentioned, Stephen Murray was instrumental in helping the company grow and to eventually become independent. Until his untimely death, Murray lived in Stamford, Connecticut with his wife, Tami, and four sons.

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