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The thriving career of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen was born in Curitiba, Brazil in 1947. He enrolled in the Parana Federal University to partake in an engineering course. Two years into his studies, he lost interest in the field and decided that economics would be the better option for him, so he went on and majored in Economics in the same school. Read this article at about Igor Cornelsen

Cornelson’s Career journey

Cornelsen did exceptionally well in his studies, so much that by the time he graduated in 1870, he already had a job at an investment bank in Brazil. He worked diligently in the organization for a few years and gathered experience that scored him a role in Rio De Janiero. He worked at Multibanco as an investment banker and was awarded a spot at the table of the board of directors in 1974, and two years later he became Multibanco’s, Chief Executive Officer.

In 1978, the Bank of America Acquired Multibanco, and in the process, he left the bank and landed a job from Unibanco where he worked for seven years before joining the Libra Bank PLC. Working at Libra, a merchant bank of London opened significant doors in Igor’s career. He formed alliances with fellow employees and got jobs at the Standard Chartered Bank where he became a Brazil representative on its board of directors. Igor Cornelsen made quite a name for himself in the seven years that he was on the board. When he left the firm, he launched his investment firm that offered the same services he had been delivering in his previous places of employment.

Managing his investment fund has been substantially comfortable owing to the many years of experience that Igor has garnered working for different banks and studying the stock market and other investors and trends. Currently, Igor splits his time between managing the firm and working as an investment manager still.

The secret behind Igor’s success

From a tender age, Igor was enthusiastic about learning something new. He had to study so hard to get into what was then the only Federal University in the states of Santa Catarina and Parana. He has always strived to improve his knowledge through experience. Igor Cornelsen is continuously researching on investment trends and opportunities as well as the stock market. Reading the business portion of the newspaper is a vital part of is morning routine that he cannot skip for any reason. He is currently one of the best bankers and investment managers in the entire Brazilian Nation. Visit:


Kevin Seawright, the Undisputed Business Strategist

Kevin Seawright has defined himself as the businessman whose ethics surpass the ordinary. The Accounting Major graduate has distinguished himself as a business leader who quickly balances the demands of the corporate world with those of the community he operates within.

His charity endeavors have made him renown not only in his workplace but in the communities that he works. He makes sure that the individuals who are within the business web not only get well catered for and but their lives are improved as well.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright obtained his certificate of Executive Leadership from the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business in the year 2015. He later got recognized by the same college for his exemplary performance of public duty as the Notre Dame Executive Leadership program winner.

Kevin Seawright has a wealth of experience in operations in both the government and the public sectors. He is an expert in human resource management systems. These systems can handle any size of work and are used to analyze massive amounts of data. They are also used in employee management, therefore, reducing the manual workload. They increase the workplace efficiency by providing quick access to information.

Kevin Seawright started off as a career financial manager and human resources expert in 2011. He worked at Tito General Contractors firm as a financial analyst and as a human resource manager. His style of leadership saw an increase in employee productivity and higher retention. In2013, he moved on to the Maryland as the Executive Director of Operations. At Maryland, he introduced the technological changes that saw him receive several awards.

Newark Economic development beckoned him in 2014 where he has been working as the Chief Financial Officer. The working conditions have since improved significantly with better compensations and improved job placements. It has led to employee satisfaction, resulting in enhanced productivity, efficiencies and employee retention.

Kevin Seawright has earned himself several awards from his tremendous work. He was responsible for introducing the integrated IT systems into the Baltimore’s CitiStats. This program yielded information that was used in appraising the performance of the city departments. The same program has been copied all over the country with immense success.

He similarly got recognized for creativity and community involvement. He is a quick thinker who is solutions oriented. It earned him the Met life recipient of the bridges of the future in 2010.