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Tony Petrello And How To Balance Life

Looking into Tony Petrello life, one would he is an extraordinary man. He has many responsibilities in various spheres of his life. The most motivating thing is how he manages to do them all. Tony can strike a balance in all that is required of him. Tony Petrello is the chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and president of Nabors Industries. Stewart & Stevenson, Hillcorp Energy Company, and Stevenson LLC also look up to him as a director.

Additionally, Tony is a family man and philanthropist. Tony and his wife Cynthia have a daughter with a specific illness known as periventricular leukomalacia. This daughter has inspired philanthropy spirit and made them hopeful for her recovery. Living with the disease has not been easy for the family, but they anticipate a cure in the future.

Tony’s career at Nabor Industries embarked in 1991. He has worked diligently and dedicated almost all his career life to this company. Before bringing his contribution to Nabors, Tony Petrello had worked for Baker & McKenzie Law Firm for fifteen years. After joining Nabor, he has never left for another job. This gesture is a symbol of loyalty and commitment. Not many people work for this long in one company. In return, the company appreciates his input and the sacrifice he has made all those years of service.

Achievements under Tony’s leadership are evident. Nabor is an outstanding contractor in oil, geothermal and gas. Tony has managed to run the company with more than twenty-six thousand employees. Nabor measures its revenue in billions due to the booming business it is running. The company has a bright future of growth and continued prosperity.

Tony Petrello’s fantastic career began with a strong foundation of education. He pursued a J.D. degree from Harvard School of Law. He advanced up to a master’s degree at Yale University. Having such educational qualification, it was almost a guarantee Tony would have a successful career. Life is not just business for Tony. He believes in giving back to the community.

The society is an essential stakeholder in Nabor Industries, and it requires particular attention. Another area of interest for Tony is supporting research for neurological conditions. Texas Children Hospital has invested in this research and Tony is a part of the board. He would like to be a part of it as the hospital discovers a cure for his daughter and other children. Tony Petrello is proud of his life achievements and continues to pursue more.

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Tony Petrello – Thriving And Triumphing

Tony Petrello life is full fascinating and surprising twists and turns making him a successful businessman. A man who started the success journey from a humble family surrounded by working class people in Newark in New Jersey and went through the process of motivation and learning before becoming a great Chief Executive Officer. Tony is well philanthropists who give millions of funds toward getting a cure for neurological diseases and best renowned for running the most significant world land drilling company. Tony Petrello has genuinely tasted the beauty of success.

In 2015, Tony Petrello was named in the U.S as the highest paid Chief Executive Office earning a tune of 60million dollars yearly while working at Nabors Oil Company. He states that his success is due to creative thinking, hard work and excellent workforce leading him to enjoy the platform of high levels of triumphing. According to Tony, his natural gifs has also played a significant role in crafting his life for decades. His open hand of giving has received admiration and its worthy emulating.

He attended public schools in Newark New Jersey, but he was an intelligent individual who was best known for his mathematics skills. He had an outgoing attitude and spoke in perfect accents of New Jersey with the exceptional confidence of speaking publicly on subjects that mattered to his life.

Petrello has a sense of humor that attracted people. His unique love for mathematics made him famous locally and nationally getting him a scholarship to prestigious Yale University and under the care of great mathematician Serge Lang. Lang was Tony Petrello mentor and a brilliant author, professor and mathematician who migrated to the US from France and advanced his career in the groundbreaking of different number theory.

However, Tony decided to shift gear from mathematics to law, and his friendly attitude introduced him to his future wife Cynthia who they got a daughter together after marrying. Cynthia became a well-known dancer, TV and movie actress, and later soap Opera producer. Tony moved to Harvard Law School after graduating from Yale University, and in 1970 he got his J.D and joined Baker and McKenzie a well established American Law firm.

Tony specialized in taxation and arbitration and later moved to Nabors Industries his previous client and worked in executive level offering unique natural skills. Tony later became the company Chief Executive Officer and the board executive committee member, and in 1992 he was appointed the company president.

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OSI Industries Is Expanding Worldwide

In 2016, OSI Industries acquired the Dutch company Baho Foods. The purveyor of snacks, deli meats and convenience foods serves retail and food service suppliers. According to the OSI President and Chief Executive Officer, Baho Food products are a complimentary addition to what OSI has to offer. Acquiring Baho Foods will also add to OSI’s worldwide appeal, especially in European markets and give both companies additional capabilities to better serve customers.

Baho Foods maintains subsidiaries with processing facilities in the Netherlands and Germany and serve 18 European countries. The plan at the time of the acquisition was to have the Baho Food management team remain in place and work with OSI for the transition and to formulate a growth plan for the combined companies. Baho Foods is excited to be part of the OSI team and family of foods, as Baho will have the ability to better leverage what they have to offer. The combination of the companies will better serve both sets of customers to achieve their food service goals. Both companies now have a broader portfolio of products to offer and additional capabilities to offer.

OSI made another acquisition in 2016 when they purchased Flagship Europe. They provide dressings, sauces, mayonnaise, along with pies; sous vide products and frozen poultry to customers in the United Kingdom. The acquisition gives both companies broader appeal in their respective and additional markets. Each company will have access to new opportunities, as well as take advantage of each company’s strength’s. With the addition of Flagship to the OSI family the portfolio of products is increased and enhanced and gives both companies the opportunity to serve their clients evolving needs and goals. Before being acquired by OSI, Flagship had previously acquired Calder Foods, a supplier of food to go dips, mayonnaise, sauces and marinades, along with sandwich fillings.

OSI Industries has a history dating back to 1909 when Otto Kolschowsky opened a family owned and operated meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. The company was built on the entrepreneurial spirit and that same spirit remains today. It is OSI’s belief that each person is capable of making a difference and OSI is always on the lookout for those that fit the company philosophy. OSI offers employment opportunities to those who want to help make a difference. The company offers a culture of support to each employee and encourages them to grow beyond their reach.

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Contribution of Louis Chenevert in the aerospace industry

Louis Chenevert, a businessman in Canada, has impacted so many organizations he has worked in. Before retiring in the aerospace industry, he was transforming how organizations dealt with production.

After graduating from HEC Montreal with a production management degree, Chenevert began work at General Motors. Owed to his productivity, he was promoted and occupied the position of production manager and later, general manager, overseeing production on a broader scale.

While at GM, an opportunity came up to move to another field. An aerospace firm, Pratt & Whitney needed a change in its leadership. Louis began working for Pratt & Whitney in Canada. The economy of the company was terrible when Louis joined, but due to his insights and hard work, he improved the firm’s processes. Within six years, Chenevert was elected president of the firm for increasing its market share.

Pratt and Whitney was a subsidiary firm of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), a multinational firm working with military and civilian economies, in producing items like aircraft engines, security systems, elevators, and HVACs. Because of making Pratt and Whitney efficient and productive, Chenevert was elected chairman of UTC in 2006 and later became the CEO. Because of the recession, the market economy had been hit severely and Louis made several improvements to the corporation to guard it against losing its profits.

One primary strategy undertaken by Chenevert was disregarding the conventional outsourcing technique. Rather than reducing costs by outsourcing employees and shifting production to states willing to work for fewer costs, Louis opted to move production to the US. He reasoned that cheap labor would lead to cheap products, so he moved workers and engineers to a central location. He put together all great workers and minds in a centralized area to focus on solving issues together. This proved very efficient compared to having several divisions all over the country. Thanks to Louis Chenevert, UTC was capable of staying afloat of the tough economic times during the Great Recession and even increased the stock value up to 117 dollars per share.

OSI Industries Securing European Presence

OSI Industries was founded in 1909 in Aurora, Illinois. Renamed OSI Group, LLC in 2004 and have grown into over six billion-dollar food manufacturing company with more than 65 production facilities in 17 countries and 20,000 employees focused on creating high quality food products with offices in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Pacific county.

2016 was a prominent year for the OSI Group, LLC with three significant acquisitions securing their presence in the European market. Within a span of one-year OSI opened a Regional Office in Gershofen, Germany and acquired three substantial companies. OSI acquired Tyson Foods local processing facility in Chicago to further expand their processing facilities worldwide. OSI acquired controlling rights to Baho Food, a private Dutch meat manufacturing company, giving them additional production facilities in Germany and the Netherlands. Flagship Europe was then acquired late in 2016 with facilities in the United Kingdom.

Tyson Foods announced the closing of their Southside Chicago location in 2016, about 480 jobs would have been lost. OSI Group, LLC bought the 200,000-square-feet facility to support their growing OSI worldwide infrastructure and offered the remaining Tyson employees employment with OSI.

Baho Food, a private Dutch meat manufacturing company supplemented OSI increasing European Portfolio. For almost 60 years, Baho was comprised of five subsidiaries with processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany. The five subsidiaries include Vital Convenience, Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren, and Q Smart Life. John Balvers, Baho’s managing director will remain in his current position and will work with OSI to develop a strategic growth plan moving forward. He expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating that Baho now has the resources to provide a wider variety of services and products to their customers.

OSI Group was attracted to Flagship Europe’s unparalleled service, finest quality branded custom-made products, sous vide products, frozen poultry, pies and their mayonnaise, sauces, and dressings catering to the UK foodservice market. Prior to being acquired by OSI, Flagship extended into the food-to-go sector after acquiring Calder Foods, a UK based food supplier. David McDonald said, “Adding Flagship to our OSI Europe business give OSI a broader presence in Europe”.

OSI Group, LLC’s focus in securing their presence in the European market continued into the early months of 2017 when OSI further expanded their raw material beef supply when they acquired the privately owned Hynek Schlachthof GmbH. Time will tell the direction OSI Group, LLC will take in the future, but as for now, OSI’s strategic European Portfolio have secured their European Presence for years to come.

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OSI Food Solutions Increases Production In Europe

OSI Food Solutions needs more shipping capability. Not because OSI doesn’t already have an abundance of trade, they do. You don’t get to the point where you service almost every major food service company on the planet without having an established trade route. Subway, Pizza Hut, and Papa Johns are all names of companies that use OSI for food products. With that many major food service businesses to keep up with, OSI never has enough production, trade, or list of products.

What do you do when you are a major company that needs more products, more production, and more shipping capabilities? You acquire other companies. In the case of OSI Food Solutions, those companies happen to be Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. Choosing to acquire Flagship and Baho is a brilliant move by OSI. Both of them are already established in their respective countries, both have an abundance of products, and most of all both are already recognized and trusted brands.

Baho Foods is responsible for a large percentage of deli meats in Germany and the Netherlands. The Dutch-based company has an expansive line of products. The most important product to OSI may be their established factories in the Netherlands, a country that is difficult to establish yourself in. Establishing itself in the Netherlands will set OSI apart from the competition and fill a vacuum in the food service industry that needed to be filled.

Flagship Europe on the other hand — which has now changed its name to Creative Foods post-acquisition — is in the United Kingdom. The U.K. already has a strong OSI presence. What OSI Food Solutions didn’t have, though, is filler products to offer to the food services industry. Creative Foods now gives OSI pie fillings, frozen poultry, sandwich fillings, condiments, and jams. All of those aren’t going to be main services that OSI offers, but they will help fill the holes in inventory that food service businesses may be going outside OSI to purchase.

OSI has shown how a massive company can quickly grow their industry via acquisition. It’s important, however, for those acquisitions to be smart ones. Baho and Flagship are, without a doubt, smart acquisitions. At this rate, OSI Food Solutions is looking to take over most of the food service industry business. And that is a valuable service to have.

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The Need To Know: The Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Investment Group is a type of investment management firm that has headquarters in New York City. This company was first founded in the year 1998, and it was supposed to act as a private equity firm. The founders of this company are Rob Kauffman, Wesley Edens, and Randal Nardone. During the time that Fortress had launched on the NYSE during the 2007 year it was one of the first giant private equity firms within the US to have been traded publicly. Since the 2016 year the firm has managed around $70.2 billion alternative assets.

Fortress Investment Group Core Competencies

Asset-Based: The Fortress Investment Group specializes in asset-based investing, and they have a lot of experience with handling a diverse set of asset types.

Industry Knowledge: Of course, with the company being a part of the industry that it is a part of, it should come as no surprise that this company has a deep knowledge of the industries that the company invests in.

Operations Management: This company comes with their own set of tools that helps them in assessing structural, operational, and strategic challenges.

Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions: This company also comes equipped with years of experience dealing with corporate mergers and acquisitions that help them to work alongside stakeholders, corporate boards of directors, and management.

Leadership Team & Experience

The Fortress Investment Group is committed to keeping up with strong corporate governance policies as well as practices. The Board of Directors has policies and procedures that they put into action along with a framework that is meant for establishing the upper level of business accountability as well as integrity.

Peter Briger: Briger is the Principal and Co-Chief Executive Officer for the company. He has been a member of the Board of Directors for more than a decade now. He received a B.A. out of the Princeton University as well as an M.B.A. out of the Wharton School of Business. Also, he has been a member of Management Committee for the company since the 2002 year.

Wesley Edens: Wesley Edens is the Co-Founder, CEO, and Principle of the company. As the Co-Chief Executive Officer of the company Edens has held a position with the Board of Directors since the 2006 year. Also, he has held a position with the Management Committee of the company since the 1998 year. Mr. Dens received his B.S. out of the Oregon State University.

Randal Nardone: Randal Nardone is the Co-Founder and Principal of the company. He has held a position with the Board of Directors for the company ever since the 2006 year. Between the 2011 year and 2013 year Mr. Nardone worked as the interim Chief Executive Officer, then he started working as the CEO in 2013. Also, he has held a position with the Management Committee ever since the year 1998.

Before having co-founded the Investment Fortress Group in the 1998 year Mr. Nardone had been a managing director of UBS. Prior to that he had been a principal of the BlackRock Financial Management company, and a partner/member of the executive committee with the law firm of Thacher Proffitt & Wood before that.

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Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a renowned leading international investment company. It was founded in 1998 by Randal Nardone and other co-founders. It manages investment assets for more than 1750 private investors and organizational clients all over the world. Its estimated asset management is worth $43.6 billion as it was announced on 31st December 2017. Fortress Investment Group mainly deals in real estate and credit, long-term capital investment approaches and private equity.

Fortress Investment Group pillars its services to providing robust risk accustomed incomes for its clients. The organization has over953 resource control employees that include more than two hundred and sixteen investment experts and specialists in New York City and all over the world. The company broadly and deeply venture into investments that are asset-based. Its technology extends to valuing, management, possessing and financing the administration of commercial and physical assets that include capital resources, real estates, and financial resources.

Fortress Investment Group has massive experience and know-how of corporate acquisitions and mergers. Fortress uses this experience to work with corporate panels of directors, different stakeholders and administration to decide execution and most exceptional organizing of an investment. Fortress Investment Group has a considerable proficiency on capital markets. It has an immensely earned expertise in low-risk funding and low-cost financing for its ventures through retrieving the equity capital markets and the arrears.

Fortress Investment Group has an in-depth study of the areas and industries in which it ventures. The Group has a team of highly qualified experts with significant field proficiency and strong companies relationships. The team helps the company in making super decisions in matters of operations of the corporate firms and investment execution. The company has also established a collection of apparatuses for valuing, structuring, operating and strategizing on obstacles and challenges.

Fortress Investment Group ventures into an investment on the credit variety. The Group has five teams that it target to invest with among them is the Investment Professionals. The company offers asset-based and corporate loans through its Credit staff’s full information sourcing abilities. These loans are openly delivered to medium market firms alongside many asset class and in a comprehensive assortment of industries. The Credit Team has the elasticity to price and structure debts over all stages of the capital body such as unitranche, mezzanine, second lien and senior usually together with other equity investments. The staff team also uses a multi-faceted guaranteeing, active strategy to value both physical and intangible resources. This analytical tactic is applied in all incidences such as refinancing, liberate, distressed environments and purchases.

There is also the Real Estate Loans and Equity staffs who concentrate on venturing into distrait real estate loans acquisitions investment. The team also works on the recapitalizations and REIT debt, financial, real estate bodied products and individual incidence equity investments. The Real Estate Loans and Equity team comprise of persons with vast experience in asset management and distressed investing. The team uses this experience to offer services such as risk and asset management, integrated and tested origination and acquisitions.

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Investors Worldwide Recognize Igor Cornelsen’s Investing Talents

Investing is one of the luxurious careers that most people out there know about, but do not ever get involved in for many obvious reasons. The investing industry is highly competitive and takes a great deal of patience and research. The upside, however, is the potential for great success and wealth. Most people out there who are vastly wealthy or successful have had their hands in investing at some point. Most markets out there today offer room for success, but perhaps the most lucrative and special is the Brazilian market. Igor Cornelsen considers Brazil to be one of his greatest assets when it comes to his investing career. Read more at to know more about Igor Cornelsen

The majority of Igor Cornelsen’s career has revolved around Brazil, where he has spent time in the banking industry as well before he made a full commitment to private investing. Although he is technically retired these days, Igor is still active in the investment industry. He also takes the time to manages past client portfolio’s and consult with Bainbridge Inc. On top of that, he also spends some time publishing articles and staying up to date with the investing community. The rest of his time he is enjoying retirement, alternating between his Florida and Brazilian residence, where he regularly takes to the golf course. See more of Igor Cornelsen at

Igor often gives out his personal advice to young and aspiring investors to help them get started and be inspired. Some of his major tips are the most simple practices to follow that most people overlook simply because they are trying to get rich. Most people want tons of money as fast as they can get it, but investing is a long-term game which takes time and lots of patience. Safe harbors as Igor calls it is investments that are safe and have a history of consistent return. Another important aspect of investing is networking and making acquaintances in the industry. The more an individual builds their network, the more opportunities they will be afforded, which is all one needs to build success. Visit:


Bernardo Chua Has Ganoderma Love

Bernardo T. Chua is a proud Filipino. Many people consider him to be a marketing wizard of sorts in the Philippines, his Southeastern Asian island nation of birth. People who are familiar with him frequently call him “Bernie.” Bernardo Chua is active in the dazzling direct sales universe. People in all corners of the globe link him to direct sales abilities. He’s Organo Gold’s founder as well. Organo Gold Enterprise Inc. is a praised business that revolves around all kinds of teas and coffees. It revolves around basic day-to-day necessities that keep households ticking, too. Organo Gold is a major source of happiness for Bernardo Chua. Gano Excel is yet another one. Chua helped make Gano Excel an admirable company that got a lot done.

Chua’s idyllic upbringing took place in the Philippines. Although he’s a bona fide Filipino, he has a Chinese cultural background. This is the reason ganoderma was so familiar to him as a youngster. Ganoderma describes polypore mushrooms that pop up on top of wood logs everywhere. People in Asian nations such as China have been in awe of ganoderma for what feels like forever and a day. Chua decided to promote the herb in locations beyond Asia. He promoted ganoderma in the forms of teas and coffees.

Organo Gold is headquartered in Canada right now. It’s equipped with an impressive amount of distributors. There are actually a million total. People can find them in nations all over the planet, too. Read more on about Bernardo Chua

Chua is just like many other contemporary and advanced entrepreneurs in this world in that he has a great appreciation for social networking platforms. He loves Twitter and all that it can do for businesses and people. Chua has been a member of the social media staple since signing up back in the winter of 2014. The company leader has many followers who can’t wait to see what he’ll post next. Bernardo Chua has a fascinating mind that’s constantly moving in all different directions. His tweets go into tasty chocolate beverages. They go into the fundamentals of running a big and trusted company as well. Visit: