Glenn Laken

S’well Reaches 3,300 Starbucks Stores


S’well has gained the attention of one of the largest coffee store chains, Starbucks. This is a good thing because the goal of many people who makes any products is to get it in front of as many people as possible so that the creators could profit from it. One of the aspects of a product that influences the attention that it gets is the design and the fashion of the product according to this article published on Fast Company on S’well’s success in Starbucks shops.

One thing that Susan Kauss was facing was the challenge of creating a water bottle that is both good at keeping water pure and attracting the attention of people who are environmentally concious, the fashion minded and the largest brands of the world. Susan noticed the water bottle she carried made her feel silly. This was when she decided to work on a new sleek design for a water that retained the functionality found in water bottles. However, it was not just the look of the water bottle that she was concerned with. There were plenty of other concerns of hers that she has to address such as the plastic bottles of water that carry a lot of chemicals that are even ore dangerous than what is found in tap water.