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Adam Milstein On Israel Celebrating The 70th Anniversary As An Independent Jewish State

Adam Milstein is a co-founder of the IAC, an activist and philanthropist. He is also a managing partner at Hager Pacific and real estate developer. In 1981, Milstein moved to the United States to pursue his MBA at USC (University of Southern California).

Milstein found success in commercial real estate after graduating from the University of Southern California. He continues to work in the commercial real estate industry while dedicating his time to charitable causes that promote Israel and the Jewish culture. Adam Milstein is a regular contributor of the Times of Israel publication and other publications such as the Jerusalem Post.

One of the pieces Adam Milstein has written lately for the Jerusalem Post is about “Why Americans Are Celebrating Israel’s 70th.” People across America shared melodies, words, as well as images and videos as part of this celebration. The celebrations were held on 14th May and they marveled at the unbelievable accomplishments of the country.

For example, Adam Milstein stated that the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act recognized Jerusalem as the capital city or State of Israel. As a result, the United States Embassy in Israel had to be relocated to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. This year, Jews in every part of the world celebrated the official recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital state by US President Donald Trump. They also celebrated the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

According to Adam Milstein both Israel and America were established by individuals in search of religious tolerance and freedom. Both countries were founded on Western values with regards to freedom of the press, free speech, Judeo-Christian values and democracy.

The Zionist Dream and American Dream are more or less the same. According to Adam Milstein, both are rooted in the principle that every person should have the right to self-determination. Another principle shared by both dreams is the right for everyone to achieve success through determination and hard work.

Somehow, Israel has achieved the same. This is despite being surrounded by enemies and being thousands of miles away without any natural resources. Both Israel and the US have withstood existential threats through patriotism and courage of their people.

Personal Nutrition for Life with IDLife

The task of staying healthy and eating well can feel like just that sometimes – a task. It can be hard to know exactly what your body needs and what nutrition is right for you. With that idea in mind, Logan Stout founded IDLife, to customize and simplify health and wellness for each individual person. Logan Stout, along with some of the top health and fitness industry leaders, customize a nutrition plan that is healthy and natural.

Founded by former professional baseball player and entrepreneur Logan Stout, IDLife was born out of one of Logan’s greatest passions, wellness. Being a former professional baseball player since high school, he was already familiar with how important wellness and fitness are to the body. When he came across the science behind the idea, he knew that it would be a great way to help people get the nutrition they need naturally and through organic ingredients. Not only that, it could be customized based on the individual and not just a one-size-fits all approach. Since its inception in 2014, IDLife has gained the partnership of Troy Aikman, Jen Widerstrom, Darwin Deason, as well as many other nutritional and wellness experts. This growth enabled them to become one of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the country by 2016, just two years after launching.

When beginning the IDLife experience, visitors go to and fill out the free health assessment to go over their individual needs and wellness goals. Based on this information, IDLife generates a scientifically backed report with how to approach your personal goals and areas of focus. The convenience of IDLife is that your nutritional needs and wellness goals can be fulfilled on-site. Whether your needs are weight management, bone or joint health, increased energy, or sleep aids, IDLife has the products in their one-stop shop of products.

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Benefits of Working with Jeunesse

The Growth of Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a thriving company with various products and services for customers. The company is primarily focused on the beauty industry. Numerous people want to invest in beauty products to improve their looks and self-esteem. One of the reasons for the success of Jeunesse is the emphasis on helping customers. Employees throughout the company are focused on providing an excellent customer service experience for all customers.

Direct Sales

Jeunesse offers a direct selling program for people who want to earn extra money. Over the past few years, more people have decided to look for additional sources of income. Direct selling is not easy, but it is a proven way to earn extra income. Some of the most successful sellers of Jeunesse products make thousands of dollars each month.


Advertising is essential to success in the direct sales industry. The most successful sellers spend a considerable amount of time and money selling products. Jeunesse offers numerous resources for sellers to utilize.

Online marketing is a great way to increase sales. As more people feel comfortable shopping online, this is an area that direct sellers should utilize.

Product Quality

Jeunesse is committed to providing quality products for customers. The company uses excellent materials in all products. The products are also produced with sustainable manufacturing methods.

In the coming years, the leaders of Jeunesse want to invest more time and money into sustainable manufacturing processes. The company leaders want to make a positive impact on the world. The company already donates a portion of profits to various charities in different areas. Jeunesse products are now available in dozens of nations, and most people expect the number of countries to increase in the future.

People who want to get involved with a successful company should consider working with Jeunesse.

COO and President of OSI Group, David McDonald has been a successful executive at a top 100 American food company

David McDonald is the President and COO of OSI Group, a well-respected American food company, which is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. Over the last few years, OSI Group has been aggressive in its acquisitions of some essential food businesses. Making essential purchases of top food companies in Europe is an integral part of OSI’s business strategy. This strategy at acquiring companies overseas is one factor that has helped make OSI’s steady expansion into Europe over the recent years a successful venture.

Under the senior tutelage of COO, David McDonald, and CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin, these top executives have helped their global food company win many spectacular awards and receive top kudos for their remarkable achievements as a food company. David McDonald has helped to improve OSI Group’s reach internationally. In late 2016, OSI Group procured Flagship Europe, which is a subsidiary company of Flagship Food Group. Flagship Food Group is headquartered in Denver.

This UK-based foodservice company, Flagship Europe includes a portfolio of products. This food portfolio includes pies, mayonnaise, frozen poultry, sous vide products, sauces, and dressings. David McDonald remarked about the purchase of Flagship Europe by OSI Group that Flagship Europe’s addition to OSI’s portfolio of businesses would provide a more significant presence in Europe for the company. McDonald also stated about the purchase of Flagship Europe that their company portfolio of brands and products align well with OSI’s line, which will complement OSI Group’s company strengths. Expanding into Europe will help to broaden OSI’s capacity to attend to the customer’s ever-changing needs. Mr. McDonald stated about the tastes and needs of his customers and food consumers that they dictate to us about what we should sell, not the other way around. And that if companies don’t adapt to the changing consumer trends, they will not stay in business according to McDonald.

Three decades ago, Mr. McDonald joined OSI Group as a project manager — he also earned his Bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University in 1987 before being hired by OSI. As COO and president of OSI Group, McDonald and the other executives have earned many accolades and awards from food industry peers and stakeholders.

David McDonald has improved OSI’s business influence, by successfully hitting critical milestones by selling their brands and products in Europe, China, and India. Under McDonald’s key leadership, OSI Group is leading by example when it concerns sustainability and energy efficiency.

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Nick Vertucci’s Personal Journey Wrapped Up Into His Book “Seven Figure Decisions”

Nick Vertucci is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. With his straight forward and simple approach thousands of people have succeeded in the real estate business with Nick’s academy. He understands people and especially those who have gone through lots of struggle but who want a better life for themselves and their families. Nick Vertucci has written a powerful memoir on his life and what changed to turn his loses into successes. It’s called “Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed” and once you start reading it you won’t be able to put it down.

Mr. Vertucci’s book is getting some real positive buzz and has already sold over a thousand copies. Readers are so impressed with the honest and inspiring story they have given Nick’s book a five-star rating. Dean Cain, well known producer and actor, has endorsed Nick Vertucci’s book and Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank wrote a special forward for the book.

In this book you will follow Nick Vertucci’s life and career journey through all the struggles and triumphs he goes through as he changes his mindset, outlook on life, ascends his fears and doubts to overcome adversity to succeed in life. Truly a remarkable story to inspire even the most downtrodden person into seeing new possibilities. If he can do it, anyone can.

It all started in Nick Vertucci’s childhood when he was living with his family. They struggled to make ends meet but it was always a loving household. At the age of 10 Nick lost his family and it devastated the family. Nick’s mother had to work around the clock to keep food on the table. This meant Mr. Vertucci and his siblings rarely saw his mother and would be in bed fast asleep before she came home at night. The hard life continued for Nick Vertucci and was living out of his car when he was 18. Luckily for him Nick did not give up and made his own business from scratch selling computer parts. He also got married and had two children. His computer tech company did not last long and sunk with the dot com crash in 2000. This put him back financially and it took a while to recover. Real Estate was in his future after a friend suggested he attend a weekend real estate workshop with him. After some careful consideration he obliged and decided it was the solution to his financial problems. A decade later Mr.Nick Vertucci is teaching others about the real estate industry with his own workshops and classes. His book “Seven Figure Decisions” outlines his personal journey and is certainly going to be as successful as he.

Choosing Michael Hagele for Business Deals

The professional known as Michael Hagele has been working with a number of outside technology companies and thrives on creating and launching brands in a way that benefits clients all over the world. Because of his work with business technology, it is no wonder that a lot of people seek him out for the development of their own agencies. He has quite a lot of experience closing and negotiating different deals revolving around technology advancements and companies, so many people seek him out when they are in need of experience that they can fully trust thanks to Michael Hagele. Follow Michael on Twitter.

Along with closing deals and making different investments work, he works with the legal teams of each of these companies to ensure that everything is being run legally. Now is a good time for you to learn more about Michael Hagele by visiting his personal website or checking him out on social media. Michael Hagele is very passionate about what he does and takes great pride in his work and business ethic. You will find that he spends most of his time developing and closing technology deals, so this is why he’s as experienced and knowledgeable as he is.

Because of his work within the field, Michael Hagele has been able to work with lots of different clients and consumers to help them develop companies that work well for their own personal and private needs. Be sure to take a look at what this expert has to offer by visiting him on social media or the website that he has created. You can also contact him if you would like more information or want someone who is going to be able to help you with the current project that you have going on right here and now. Make sure to take a good look at this and see if this expert is going to be the right fit for you and is going to be able to help you with whatever it is that you’re going to need if this is the type of company that you are running right at the moment.



Market America Celebrates 26 Years of Stellar Service With Triple Cashback Savings!

Market America has celebrated 26 years of stellar service by rewarding customers with triple cashback savings. The mega online marketer has been in business for 26 illustrious years. The company has built its Unfranchise distributor base and its consumer base beyond expectations. The well-known shop strategically decided to include their online customers in their milestone celebration of successes.

Market America’s internet portal has a number of Partner Stores across the world. has offered tremendous triple cashback savings on American and Canadian store purchases. The sales event began towards the end of April 2018 and continued through May 8th, 2018. Seventy major partner stores will be participating in the Cash Back event. These include, but are not limited to Bed Bath & Beyond, Sierra Trading Post, Buy Buy Baby, and Frank & Oak retailers in the United States. Canadian retailers include Ticket Liquidator,, Hudson’s Bay, and Print Pictures. Market America created a marketing campaign that is too good to pass up. It is rare to find such tremendous deals in the digital space. The promotion has on earned quite a bit of press and customer participation.

Market America opened its doors in 1992. Founders JR Ridinger and Loren Ridinger attained the web domain, as an exclusive retail outlet for the business. Their business infrastructure is set up to promote products or services for Unfranchise business owners or independent distributors. These independent contractors create Partner Stores under Market America. The online marketer utilizes, an adaptable platform for customers to shop and buy established brands across the world. They have a strong presence in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, United Kingdom, Spain, and Australia. The company, who is a leader in online retail, is headquartered in Greensboro North Carolina. Market America is elated about their business successes and will continue to move forward with new technology for sustained development and growth.

Sahm Adrangi Short-Sells St. Joe Company

While many people have been optimistic about the capital budget of St. Joe’s land development, Sahm Adrangi thinks their optimism has been completely misplaced and the company is being highly overvalued. He believes that the land holdings that St. Joe has not monetized yet do not have any real potential to be the communities that they are claiming they will be. While many of their previous developments were located on highly desired beachfront property, their Bay-Walton sector is located in the middle of swampland and in the middle of nowhere. While Florida may be known for all of the things there are to do there, the area that they are working with isn’t conveniently located to much of anything. It is all located in the central region of Florida and it is also the remainder of most of the land they have not monetized yet.

While investors were initially excited about the plans that were first talked about over a decade earlier, that enthusiasm is starting to fizzle out as plans keep getting pushed back further and further. While the company may be valued at right around $1 billion, Sahm Adrangi thinks that is should only be about 60% of that at most and that the market will soon adjust to this fact. Certain factors will help this come to fruition much faster like the recently imposed Securities and Exchange Commission regulations that will affect their main investor. Once these new liquidity rules are enforced, their largest investor will be forced to sell off about half of their shares in St. Joe in order to remain compliant.

Sahm Adrangi attended Yale University from ’99 to ’03 and majored in economics. He worked in the financial industry for approximately 6 years before founding his own investment company, Kerrisdale Capital Management. As their Chief Investment Officer and founder, he makes long-term investments as well as short-selling. Before starting Kerrisdale, Sahm Adrangi worked at Longacre Fund Management with a $2 billion distressed debt fund as an analyst.

Journalist and Financial Expert- Jeff Yastine

Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing Jeff Yastine was working as a stock investor and a financial journalist. Jeff is currently an editor at Total Wealth Insider. Jeff joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015, working with Banyan has given him an opportunity to get exposure in his work as he has also gained more experience. Mr. Yastine knows the secret of getting more job is get exposure by interacting with people. He is passionate about investment and finance areas he has specialized. His love has given him an opportunity of working with other experienced individuals including; Michael Dell and Warren Buffet. Working together with the financial experts have allowed gaining more experience in his business. Visit to know more.

Yastine has worked with several other organizations as an editor including; PBS Business Report as a columnist from 1994-2010. His expertise in finance has given him a chance to be nominated for the Emmy Awards for Business and Financial Reporting 15 years ago. He has been writing for Banyan Hill Publishing on a weekly and daily basis. He has given his readers a chance to learn more and gain skills in business and investing in other issues. On Total Wealth Insider, Jeff Yastine helps his clients to know more about the stock market, invest, and raise their living standard. He is the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing. Jeff loves helping people and he has taken up the role of educating people on how to invest and gain more wealth. Jeff’s contribution has been felt in various fields including the hospitality, real estate as well as other business whose aim is to make profit. View Jeff’s profile on Linkedin.

Jeff Yastine is not a financier, investor, and an editor but he also contributes a lot to the community activities. He is an active philanthropist. In 2005 he was among the first people to assist families affected by Katrina, and in 2010 he assisted people affected by the oil spill. After his high school graduation, he went to the University an the graduated with a Bachelor’s of arts degree in Telecommunication Electronic Journalism from the University of Florida. Having skills in journalism, he has had an opportunity to report in various media institutions both international and local news houses. Jeff Yastine will be remembered for contributing to a special report in 2002, the NBR guide to buying goods. His weekly, as well as daily tips, have enabled small business people to gain more in the business field. He continues to help others gain wealth. Learn more:

Jeff Yastine: An Accurate Predictor

A graduate of the University of Florida, Jeff Yastine has spent much of his career providing viewers and readers with the financial information they need to make sound investment decisions. He obtained his undergraduate degree in journalism and immediately began his career in the local markets of North Carolina. This gave him the perfect opportunity to grow and gain the confidence he would need to eventually sign on with PBS. PBS was where Jeff Yastine truly hit his stride. His program became wildly popular, with more than 1 million homes viewing him every single night. This allowed him to his exposure to the public and grow his own knowledge in the financial sector. Visit Jeff Yastine on facebook.

The best thing about Yastine’s position was that he was a traveling correspondent. This allowed him to travel and truly locate the best possible opportunities for his investors. He was pivotal in discovering the early investment opportunities for companies such as PetMed Express and Royal Carribean. This position also allowed Yastine to speak with some of the top business owners throughout the country, gaining knowledge and information that he would not normally have access to. He came out of this position understanding far more about the academic and global divisions of finance than he ever thought possible.

Jeff Yastine now works as an Editorial Director for Banyan Hill Publishing, a place where he can divvy out all of the knowledge that he is learned over the years. He recently wrote an article on the importance of cyber security stock. The article, entitled “Cash Is Flooding into Cyber Security”, can be found on It is a brief read, but it gives the reader a plethora of information about this growing market. Yastine does not see the growth in cybersecurity slowing down anytime soon. He urges investors to take the opportunity to get into the market, it isn’t too late. Learn more on about Jeff Yastine.

Throughout his work, Jeff Yastine has proven that he is interested in increasing the personal wealth of his readers through smart investments and predictive spending. This article is just one of many that he provides to his readers in the hopes that they will break into the growing stock market for these products. For many of Yastine’s works, technology is the wave of the future and getting in now will ensure a healthy return. Anyone interested in increasing their financial knowledge will find that Yastine is a valuable source for current information on new stock opportunities. More info can be found at