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Andy Wirth: Advocating The Power of Clean

This week businessman Andy Wirth applauded the Reno City Council for voting to support the Clean Power Plan, an effort to move away from coal power. In his op ed piece in the Reno Gazette-Journal, Wirth pointed out that the city council joined many private companies in the area in backing cleaner energy.

“The times aren’t changing,” he wrote, “they have already notably changed.” Wirth said that the need for clean energy is “apolitical;” everyone in the Reno area is affected by poor air quality, and that pollution leads to drought and increased forest fires. He noted that the practice of burning coal there contributes to the bad effects of climate change worldwide, and wondered why coal was necessary when the area is rich in geothermal and solar energy.

Wirth also pointed out that cleaner energy makes the economy better, not worse, and that Tesla, Microsoft, and Apple, which are bringing good jobs to the area, are all supporters of clean energy. He called on civic leaders to set special interests aside, and make the area an example of clean energy use for others.

Wirth stated that Reno now has an important opportunity to achieve a better environment, and called on Congress and state governments to work for clean energy, as well. “We advance this important cause,” he said, “while also benefiting from a growing economy.”

Andy Wirth was born in West Germany in 1963, and has a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University. He also attended Edinburgh University. He’s worked in the resort industry for 25 years, and has won many business and civic awards, including Steamboat Springs Business Leader of the Year. He founded Wounded Warrior Support, which raises funds for the Navy Seal Foundation, and in 2014 he was named Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA.

Wirth is currently CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and chairman of the board of the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees. He’s also on the Tahoe Fund Board of Directors, a not-for-profit dedicated to improving the environment in the Lake Tahoe area.

Eucatex Is And Always Will Be On Top

Eucatex is a Brazilian based company that has a had a long history of successful products and ventures. Eucatex is a company that was started in the 1950. The idea behind Eucatex was to make products that were made from Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is a product that is very prevalent in Brazil, so by using this sustainable products to fabricate usable items, they ecosystem could stay in tact, and at the same time it could be something that is profitable for a company as well.

Flavio Maluf is the current president of Eucatex. Flavio Maluf is an individual that has contributed much to this now family business. Flavio studied at a University in Brazil and he later went on to travel to the United States for a year. While he was in the United States he was able to study and learn a lot about different cultures. Later Flavio went on to return to Brazil and he began to work in his families business. Flavio is a man of much ambition, and his family was very pleased with the positive changes that he was bringing to the business. Flavio was able to bring new business to the company and for that reason he was promoted to the presidency.

Eucatex is not a company that sells a variety of different products all around the world. Eucatex has offices in almost every continent, and they also have factories in many locations in Brazil. Eucatex has always been a company that has been dedicated to its employees and to the environment. Facebook shows that Eucatex has maintained its commitment to the environment and Flavio Maluf is a man that has spoken very openly about the environment and also the programs that he wished to implement in order to continue to support our natural environment.