Glenn Laken

Gourmet And Healthier Dog Food Manufacturing Is On The Rise

The Daily Herald just came out with an article about new innovations in the manufacturing of dog food. What I found interesting about the article is there was nothing mentioned about new machines or changes in the assembly line. This article was all about innovations in the manufacturing of healthy dog food. Dog Food companies have always boasted having healthy food, but there are new, smaller companies manufacturing foods with high quality meat, organic ingredients and very little chemical preservatives. Companies are now doing their best to make sure there is very little shelf time between when the food is processed and canned versus how long it sits on the shelf. This new wave of gourmet, organic dog food is designed in the hopes the owner will buy it and quickly serve it to the dog. The limited shelf life helps make sure the food is full of flavor for our dogs when we serve it to them. This trend started off with smaller companies selling expensive gourmet style food, but now, there are more manufacturers getting behind the trend. For example, Purina, the creator of the popular Beneful brand, is now offering the option of creating custom food for our dogs. Other trends have been popping up too. A variety of larger manufacturers are creating different formulas of dog food to cater to certain breeds, ages and sizes of dogs. There are even brands of food designer to help dogs lose weight with great tasting foods, which are full or organic ingredients and high quality animal protein. I feed my dog Beneful. Beneful is made by Purina, and Purina has always had a stellar reputation for providing great food for all animals. Purina foods have always been supported by veterinarians. When Purina released its Beneful brand it was praised by the vet community for being one best healthy options on the market. My dog is very healthy and active, and his activity picked up quite a bit after I started feeding him the Playful Life dry dog food by Beneful. It’s filled with real beef and eggs, and it has all of the daily nutritional requirements too.

When It Comes To Taste, Beneful Is The Best For Dogs

Dogs can get diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and any other human disease that one can think of. One way to prevent a lot of the diseases that dogs get is by feeding them food that is good for their system and their body. One may take the time to search around and find a dog food that is good for their dog, but that may require searching through the different dog foods that out there today. A person may choose to use the Internet and go to Yahoo or by word of mouth when they finally choose to buy from a certain dog food company. If a dog owner takes care in buying the food that they give to their dog, then it’s unlikely that they’ll have an overweight dog, a sick dog, or an unhealthy dog. Not every dog food company will create their food the same way, and some take more care than others when they create dog food. Many dog food companies will keep in mind that a pet owner will want good food for their pet while other companies may not care at all. Those who buy bags of dog food will be able to determine what’s in the food after they’ve read the ingredients, and there should at least be some type of protein. Those who want an energetic dog will want protein in the food because it is the best way to help a dog gain energy. Protein also builds muscle, and after a dog has a workout or does a lot of exercises, they’ll need protein to rebuild their muscles. A pet owner can choose wet or dry dog food when they are feeding their pet. Beneful is an excellent dog food that’s good tasting too. Many dogs enjoy the meaty flavor of Beneful foods, and since it’s filled with protein and vegetables, the dog is actually getting the nutrients they need from Beneful. Dogs need as much protein as possible to help with their energy levels as well as building their muscles. If a dog gets everything they need in their food, then they are less likely to become sick, lack energy, or push their food away. Beneful not only has healthy foods for dogs, but they also have dental sticks, treats, and snacks for dogs too. Everything that Beneful sells will be able to help keep a dog healthy as well as satisfying them when they eat their meals. Those pet owners who have not tried Beneful before can easily do so by purchasing Beneful in any store. When introducing Beneful to a dog for the first time, it’s best to slowly mix the Beneful brand food with the old food the dog was eating, just to make sure the dog doesn’t get an upset stomach.