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End Citizens United is a political action committee that was formed in 2015 following the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United vs. FEC in 2010. The case ruled that corporations are people, allowing them to spend unlimited amounts of money supporting election campaigns. Special interest groups and the wealthy are therefore given a chance to exercise undue influence on the electoral process. End Citizens United opposes these wealthy people by supporting campaign candidates who support pro-reforms in elections. Candidates who accept donations from the wealthy have an unfair advantage. These candidates end up serving the interests of the wealthy instead of the electorate once elected. End Citizens United accepts donations from the grassroots with an average of $14.

The donations collected are used to endorse candidates who support elections pro-reforms by encouraging campaigns to be carried out by monies that are limited, and that can be traced. Candidates who are supported by End Citizens United have many advantages such as being connected to the grassroots members of the political action committee in their states and districts. They are also connected to a national network of over 400,000 small donors that support their campaigns. Recently, End Citizens United accused Florida governor Rick Scott of illegally using New Republican Political Action Committee (PAC) to support his senate campaign. They filed the complaint with Federal Electoral Commission.

They claimed that Rick Scott is using the super PAC to evade federal limits of direct contributions towards candidates’ campaigns. A super PAC can raise as much money as it wishes and spends it but it is not allowed to work directly with any candidate in election campaigns. Rick Scott was the chairman of the New Republican PAC at the time he announced that he would vie for the Senate seat. Evidence arraigned against Rick Scott shows that both he and the New Republican PAC are using the same fundraiser, Jenny Rucker. Rick Scott campaign and the New Republican are also using the same address. It was also noted that a recent poll paid by New Republican was for Rick Scott. To add to this evidence, it was reported in March that the New Republican was campaigning for Rick Scott.

Peter Briger Taking Fortress Investment Group to Higher Heights

Peter Briger is an endowed figure in the investment industry. He is a talented financial specialist and a renowned business leader. He has more than twenty years’ experience in asset management. Briger currently works as the principal of the Fortress Investment Group LLC, an investment company headquartered in New York. Peter Briger is responsible for real estate and credit business at the company. He joined Fortress Investment Group LLC in 2002 and had held various positions in the leadership ranks of the company. He is also one of the management committee members and a chairman of the board of directors of the Fortress Investment Group LLC.

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger worked at Goldman, Sachs & Co., for 15 years and finally he became a partner of the firm in 1996. During his tenure, he held numerous leadership roles, and he served as head of groups like the Whole Loan Sales and trading business. Additionally, he worked as a board member of various committees including the Japan Executive Committee, the Asian management committee and the Global Control committee. Peter attended the Princeton University where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Arts and later on joined the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of business for his MBA. He was a board of director of the Princeton University Investment Company. Gift From Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

Under Peter Briger’s watch, the company has grown to become one of the best alternative investment firms in the United States. The banking investment company has earned a reputation for excellence and integrity, and today the company is managing assets worth more than 65 billion dollars with more than fifteen hundred institutional clients. Peter has led the company into a successful venture and has always provided the appropriate advice in time of crisis to ensure the company does not fall into a loss. Mr. Briger was honored to be among the Forbes top 400 business people with a net worth of $ 1.5 billion. Fortress Executives to Cash In $1.39 Billion From SoftBank Sale

Peter Briger has a keen eye in the Bitcoin mining sector; he termed bitcoin as a “digital gold” with an instant and affordable way to transfer money all over the world. He believes that it is the right time for Wall Street to venture into bitcoin mining. Apart from business, Peter is actively involved in philanthropic causes. He supports charitable programs in the community. He serves as a member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Council and a member of the Council on Foreign Causes. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Equities First Holdings- Australia

Equities First Holdings has recently gone into business with an Australian energy company to try and find better alternatives for how people use energy all over the world.What this means is that the 2 companies are working together in India from a location that they have recently acquired to do testing in the hopes that they can come up with a solution to create energy that will reduce the environmental footprint of people using energy all over the world.

Equities First Holdings cares about the future of our planet and along with Environmental Clean Technologies Limited they are working very hard together to make sure that we will have a long future extending the life of our children and their children for a better tomorrow.The 2 companies working together also helps to make this project an even more productive one by combining each one’s resources to be able to better handle their workflow on this project. Learn More.

Matt Badiali Explains The Benefits Of Freedom Checks

Many people dream of having their money work for them. Now, one investment expert has found a great way for people to invest in a way that can help them accelerate their way to financial freedom. That investment expert, Matt Badiali, is helping thousands of investors find unique investment opportunities.

So what is this unique investment opportunity? According to Banyan Hill energy expert Matt Badiali, that opportunity lies in collecting “freedom checks.” While these checks may sound too good to be true, they are actually based on the one of the most sound and fundamental investing strategies. And that strategy has to do with America’s desire for energy independence. Visit to learn more.

Energy is the lifeblood of many countries. Wars are won and lost by the ability for a nation to have access to abundant and easy to access energy. With dependence on foreign and sometimes hostile nations for energy, the United States is determined to support US-based oil and gas company that can help America gain its energy independence.

And its these oil and gas companies, rich with revenue, that are able to reward their investors with monthly or quarterly checks through what are known as Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs. These MLPs pay what are, in effect, monthly or quarterly royalty checks to their investors. By regulation, MLPs must pay out 90% of their income to their investors. That means a big opportunity to those who chose to invest in these oil and gas companies.

According to Matt Badiali, there are 568 companies that operate as an oil and gas MLP who pay monthly or quarterly checks to their investors. Best of all, since the payments are not considered income, but instead return on capital, these payments to the investors are not taxable. These “freedom checks” are truly an incredible opportunity that doesn’t just come around every once in a while.

Matt Badiali is one of the top energy as well as commodity investing experts in the country. He currently writes his investing and finances thoughts and recommendations on everything from oil to gas for Banyan Hill Publishing. Mr. Badiali’s background also includes an advanced degree in Geology as well as an undergraduate degree in Earth Sciences. To learn more about Mr. Badiali, visit:


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