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Achievements of Sheldon Lavin in the Food Industry

In today’s modern world of business, many ventures cannot succeed when there is no commitment to progress and also growth. The market today have very brilliant young entrepreneurs who have a lot of education and a great understanding of tech-related skills. The problem is that their businesses never live to celebrate many birthdays. This is purely because they lack proper managerial skills to manage these ventures. They also lack knowledge and also experience, and when things go back, they tend to give up instead of working to get solutions. Sheldon Lavin, 82 is one of the few and the most successful Chief Executive Officers who possess a wide range of experience in the industry of finance and accounting. He has been working towards perfecting on skills before he could start facing more challenges. He happens to be a very reputable professional who has a lot of experience in building business empires.

Sheldon Lavin always works for his career success and also making the ventures he manages to do better. Sheldon Lavin joined the company that was previously operating as a family business and transformed it into a big company. He has been able to change it from Otto & Sons to OSI Group with over 83 facilities across 17 countries. They have managed to set a good pace for their business and have been able to employ 20,000 employees all of whom are treated as part of their global family.

Sheldon has decided to employ long-term employees who have been with them since they started their businesses to date. He is passionate about progress and has what it takes towards making them the best. Sheldon Lavin as the chairman and the chief executive officer is the person behind the company’s major decisions. He has been on the frontline ensuring that he succeeds so well in what he does. With the help of experienced staff, he has been able to make decisions depending on technological changes and also a market for their produce. He has also been able to take his time well before proceeding to open a new facility or even opening a new branch.

A Century’s Worth of Innovation & Excellence: OSI Group

There are very few companies whose history dates back to over a century. Being in business for over 100 years isn’t an easy feat, but there are some exceptions to the rule. OSI Group is definitely one of those exceptions as it has set a new benchmark in the foodservice field of work. OSI Group is an American wholesaler of foods, but it has history that dates back to the wave of German-immigration that entered the US post World War I. This just so happens to be the ultimate American-immigration experience. Fast-forward to today and the company has gone international. In 2011, Forbes ranked the Aurora-based business at 136th position. This position is a ranking of the largest independent companies in the US. In 2011, OSI Group generated over $3 billion in revenue.

In 2016, the company had moved up the ladder to the 58th position while generating over $6.1 billion in revenue. As you can see, there’s a huge increase in profits. Cutting-edge technology has played a major role in the company’s growth. At OSI Group’s Spain location, the company has been able to double its production in chicken products from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons. Thanks to its $17 million investment, a new high-capacity production was implemented into the system. The company as done so well to where it will be adding an additional 20 positions.

In 2016, the company was able to acquire stake in Tyson Foods by purchasing the Tyson’s facility in Chicago for $7.4 million. This acquisition will definitely strengthen the company’s infrastructure as it is in close proximity to other OSI facilities. BAHO Food is another acquisition that has strengthened OSI Group’s infrastructure. This private-Dutch company produces and sells an abundance of deli meats, snacks and convenient foods. OSI Group is simply winning, especially when it comes to conducting business. This short article can’t do the company any real justice, but you should have a much better understanding of how powerful the company has become.