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George Soros Fights for Civil Action in the United States

It’s been a long time since the United States had the civil equality that it is supposed to have. There are many different things that have gone into it and that is something that George Soros is working toward constantly so that he will be able to help more people with the options that they need. According to the Washington Times, George Soros recently donated money to Ferguson to help people get more out of the options that they had and to help create a balance in the civil opportunities that were available. It was something that he did to ensure that things would get better in the area and, eventually, for the rest of the country.

George Soros has dedicated nearly all of his time to making things better for people who are unable to make changes for themselves. He has a lot of money and, instead of using that money for his own good; he has chosen to use it for the better of the country and for the people who he cares about. It is something that has set him apart from other people and allowed him the chance to make great decisions for his own business and money.

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Since George Soros has made such a difference with different people, he has been able to try new things and this has given him a chance at making more opportunities for people. There are new options that people did not have in the past that George Soros has done so that he can try new things for people. He wants to see everyone be as successful as possible so that they can have the chance at a life that is both good and rewarding for different purposes that they are a part of.

One of the things that George Soros has invested heavily in is education. He not only wants people to get the basic education that they deserve but he wants them to be educated about the choices that they have. He knows that it is important that people know how to vote and that they do what they can to make the changes that they want to see in the country that they are a part of. He also knows that it is something that he can do with the money that he has so that he will be able to try more things for each of the people so that they can do more things. Visit this site to know more at

Since George Soros first started with the opportunities that he created for other people, he knew that things would get better for them. He wanted to show people that there were major differences in the way that they were living and the way that they were able to live their lives. He wanted everyone, even those who were in dire situations, to get the opportunities that he had and made the decision to donate a lot of money to the causes that he cared about so that they could try new things.

The History Of The Word Socialism And How Fox News Misunderstood It In An Interview With Thor Halvorssen

World War II realigned power on the planet. The powerful Russian Army drove west to Berlin where they met the Americans coming from France and the east to end the war. The European continent was decimated and it was up to the two left standing — America and Russia — to put the world back together. There was just one problem: they couldn’t agree on how.

America wanted democracy and Russia pushed communism. The two powers ended up splitting the continent right through Berlin and sealed it with a wall. The Cold War started. It was not a war of weapons, but a war of ideas; democracy versus communism.

During the Cold War, anything associated with communism was vilified, including the word socialism. An entire generation of Americans grew up using that word as profanity, even though highways, schools, post offices; anything publicly funded in America was already socialist.

Fox News knows its demographic and still uses the word socialist as a put-down. Older viewers are horrified by the word, but an entire generation of younger people aren’t imprinted with Cold-War-era rhetoric. It doesn’t scare them.

That’s why Bernie Sanders is closing the gap on Hillary Clinton and has a real shot at the White House. The 74-year-old self-described Democratic Socialist has outlived the negative connotation of the word and now stands as the symbol of the future for a whole generation. But in a recent attempt to hang the word on Sanders like a millstone, Fox News got burnt.

The conservative network interviewed the very intelligent and compassionate Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. Thor’s organization works against dictators all over the world and provides relief for the victims of oppression. Occasionally, a dictator hides behind a socialist government and does terrible things. But when pressed to slam socialism, Mr. Halvorssen explains that socialism is not the enemy but that dictators, using any type of government, are the enemy. Then he shocks them with the information that he has donated the maximum to the campaign of Bernie Sanders, claiming that the Vermont Senator does not take campaign contributions from the real enemies — foreign dictators.

Nicki Minaj Turns Back the Clock on Human Rights in Africa

Every man, woman and child inhabiting planet earth has an unsophisticated but innate sense of what is right and wrong. That sense will be modified over the course of a lifetime by experiences unique to the individual. Knowing the difference between what is right and what is wrong and doing what is right is the trademark of an honest person. Such people should be admired by other members of society. A famous Greek philosopher of antiquity, Diogenes, was always looking for an honest man. If children had honest parents to emulate, they were much better off.
Someone out walking in his neighborhood discovers a wallet lying in the street. Most people, first, look for identification, and then check to see how much money is inside the wallet. Some people know the difference between right and wrong, but do whatever benefits them. The phrase stealing candy from babies could be applied here.
What low level of human would steal Christmas presents intended for children, or steal the tools of a worker. A man or boy stealing the innocence of a unwilling girl or woman commits the most heinous and unforgivable of crimes. On the other hand, there are crimes which are close to forgivable; stealing food for a starving family and stealing money to be used for medicines, food or shelter.
Nicki Minaj was, recently, asked to cancel a planned concert in Angola. The reason was that Unitel, the sponsor of the event, is owned and operated by the family of the president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who is a dictator responsible for harassing, imprisoning or killing anyone opposed to his authoritarian regime. The plea was made by Thor Halvorssen an activist and film producer, a man committed to justice. He founded the Human Rights Foundation in 2005 and has been an advocate for children’s rights and education, and was influential in the fight against apartheid in Africa.
Nicki Minaj is a very successful singer and has made a fortune. She is able to make a statement in an effort to combat some of the many wrongs perpetrated in the name of slavery and injustice, but she turned her back on the plea from Thor Halvorssen, and in so doing allowed a despot the opportunity to further enrich himself and his family at the expense of the people of Angola.