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Get The Highest Level Of Customer Service With Leading Network Provider

Are you fed up with your current inmate communications provider? Do you feel like your over an unstable network with dropped calls? Securus Technologies is a well known regulation telecommunications network provider that has expanded their network to providing inmate services. They have quickly become of the largest network providers in the industry. Their 12,000+ IT professionals are highly trained in telecommunications and safety. Amazingly, over 75 judges have awarded Securus the prestigious Stevie Award for customer service excellency in inmate calling. Securus has a high level of customer service aimed at their customers complete satisfaction. Get leading inmate services with superior coverage with Securus.


They have also teamed up with JPay services and Vimeo for additional features. Their easy to navigate website has account registration options for new customers. You get features that aren’t available through other network providers. Securus is chosen 10 to 1, over other networks. For example, they have prices that mimic $4 to $1 over other networks like Global Tel-Link. You’re guaranteed a secure network that allots every minute under your service agreement. They strive hard to help inmates and their family to talk more and spend less. Growing inmate calling fees hinder love ones from staying connected, but Securus Technologies provides a reliable solution.


Securus Service Features


Inmate Voicemail


An inmate voicemail account will allow you to leave a personal message for an inmate in their access account. They can purchase this voicemail feature from their commissary list.


Advanced Pay Account


Pay for inmate calling features in advanced with Securus. If you have a valid debit or credit card, you can register for a prepaid account over the phone or on their website. You must be 18 years of age or older to register for an account.


Become a part of Securus Technologies today and save on inmate calls.


Securus Technologies is assisting in law enforcement

For many inmates, staying in touch with their families and friends goes a long way in pushing towards corrective behavior throughout their stay in the correctional facilities. That is where Securus Technologies Company comes into play. This company provides telephone services to over 2500 correction facilities. Their coverage is in the United States of America and Canada.



The company makes a profit from these services and operates from Dallas since 1986. It has other representatives in Carrollton and Allen in Texas and Atlanta in Georgia. They have created employment for over a thousand people and invested over 600,000,000 dollars in three years to improve and expand their operations. The sum of money was used to acquire other companies and advance their technology to improve their services. Among their acquisitions, is the Syscon Justice System which was acquired in 2007. This acquisition led to the creation of a system that controlled the ownership and illegal use of cell phones for inmates. The partnership with Harris Corporation in 2016 furthered an improvement in the control of contraband cell phones. It prevented these phones from being connected to mobile networks. Securus is one of the leading providers in the areas they cover.



Their work has been acknowledged from different angles over the years. Some say that they have been able to solve cases through the phone calls the inmates make. Corrupt employees of the correctional facilities have also been arrested. Public safety has been increased as they are able to bridge the crimes about to happen before they happen. The facilities are able to able to monitor and have control over the use of contraband cell phones and there has been the recovery of stolen property. Securus Technologies products that are supplied weekly have gone a long way in ensuring safety and prevention of crimes.

Groundbreaking Approach to Customer Service Nets Securus Technologies A Gold Stevie Award

Securus Technologies is an American firm providing groundbreaking technology for correctional institutions and law enforcement. The Dallas-based company is a for-profit corporation that currently serves 1.2 million inmates and more than 3,000 corrections, public safety, and law enforcement agencies.


Securus Technologies provides services ranging from emergency response, biometrics, communications and information management, incident management, inmate services, and monitoring equipment and services that ensure personal and property safety. Over the course of its existence, Securus has evolved with the acquisition of companies already concerned with providing inmate communication services such as Primonics Inc., Archonix Systems, and DirectHit Systems.


Securus’ Chief Executive Officer, Richard Smith, credits the company’s success to their ability to fill a market gap by providing innovative technology, as well as excellent customer and support services. Securus has established a top-of-the-line call center ran by U.S Customer Service Center, one of the largest and best equipped national call centers.


Earlier this year, Securus Technologies won the coveted Gold Stevie Award for the Best Customer Service Training Department. The Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service is a distinguished global award program that recognizes firms that offer quality sales, customer support, and business development services.


For this year’s awards, independent judges received more than 2,000 nominations for consideration. This number represented a 10 percent increase from the number received in 2016. The awards recognize excellent service in 61 different categories, ranging from innovation in customer care and excellence contact centers to achievements in consultancy services. The awards also recognize top-performing individuals and executives within companies.


Securus Technologies won the judges’ nod of approval because it provides a service that is critical to the society today. The company’s improved ratings, from customer feedback, was attributed to a willingness to learn, address problems and train its employees to ensure greater customer satisfaction.


Securus received its Gold Stevie Award in February of this year, at an awards banquet held at Las Vegas landmark, Caesars Palace. Over 600 business leaders and executives from around the globe attended the event.

Benefiting During the Holidays with Securus

By making sure that you are quickly and easily able to communicate with your loved ones during the holiday season, this can make you feel totally confident in the fact that you were able to make your loved one feel better about their situation. Having a loved one in the prison system can be very difficult for just about anyone who might be involved with the situation and it is why it is very important for you to look for different systems that will help you to have better communication through video visitation Services.


Securus is a great system to utilize during the holiday and Christmas season so that you can finally keep in touch with your loved one despite the fact that they are behind bars. It is difficult for anyone to keep in touch with their loved ones in prison because of all of the security measures that have been put into place to keep everyone safe and this is why Securus is one of the most popular options available to people who know that they need better-quality communication without having to worry that security is going to deter them from achieving this.


Using Securus has also changed my own life because I have finally been able to keep in touch with my good friend who I have not seen for many months. I used to keep in touch with my friend quite often and this is why using Securus change both of our lives for the better. The holiday season was especially difficult for my friend who was behind bars and Securus allowed us all to keep in touch with him despite the fact that we could not physically be there to see him face to face. It was just as good as if we had made a trip to the prison to be able to see him because we were able to do it from a webcam on our own computers.


For anyone out there who has struggled during the holiday season to keep in touch with their loved ones in prison, keep in mind that there is a good quality system that you can easily and quickly utilize yourself no matter how often you want to make use of it. This system is known as Securus and is one of the best video visitation services on the market right now being used by thousands upon thousands of prison families who know that they can rely on it.


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Securus Technologies Launches Investigator Pro 4.0 to Enhance Biometric Analysis

Securus Technologies has been serving the civil and criminal justice industry for over two decades. Currently, the company is estimated to serve more than 2600 correctional agencies. On the other hand, more than 1million prisoners have access to their services which help in improving the incarceration experience alongside reducing recidivism. Watch more on


Besides the stiff competition Securus Technologies face from their rivals, it has been honored as the best service provider and innovator of correctional technology across America. Despite some misleading campaigns aimed to taint its reputation, Securus received an A+ rating for being a company that honors the promises they made in advertisements.


The A+ rating is the highest level that is awarded by Better Business Bureau to enterprises that have an excellent customer service, offer honest advertisements on their products and are responsible for solving discrepancies in a professional way.


One of its subsidiaries, JLG Technologies, has developed an investigative software branded Investigator Pro 4.0. The software proves Securus’ endeavor in producing products that enhance security in prisons by the provision of groundbreaking products that suit the needs of a modern correctional facility.


Investigator Pro 4.0 will be used to select suspected voice from inmate communications services. The sample voice will be used to identify other calls that the sample voice has made. The information generated will help in making follow ups to determine the identity of the suspects, whether they have ever been incarcerated and the inmates who communicate with the suspects.


The information will generate investigative information on criminal gangs or illegal conversation that threatens public safety as well as compromising the quality of rehabilitation in reducing recidivism. Michael Kester, an executive official from JLG Technologies confirmed that the software improves Securus Technologies service on biometric analysis. It also helps Securus Technologies improve inmates’ safety and reduce recidivism.

Securus Technologies is Delivering What’s Next

Serving more than 3400 agencies ranging from public safety to corrections agencies, Securus Technologies has a big responsibility. Apparently Securus never ceases in working to improve their service to these industries, as evidenced by a recent announcement.

That announcement of PR NewsWire, detailed a new communications platform, ConnectUs, which will have a great impact in particular with paperwork and processing.

By utilizing the automated system through ConnectUs, the need for paperwork for such issues as inmate grievance applications or general inmate forms will be eliminated. That alone will increase processing time. The efficiency and time saved for tasks like filing or transferring files will also result in quicker response times for inmate along with the reduced workload for the staff.

The use of technology in ways that benefit people, is precisely what this provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions is all about. There is no better example of that singular goal than this latest announcement.

This new platform will benefit inmates, and those connected to them. It will benefit the officers, administration and staff of corrections facilities that are responsible for these facilities and the inmates they house. Always looking for one step ahead, pushing the envelope of technology to find smarter answers and delivering solutions, there really is only one question left – what’s next?

The New and Improved Securus

In the daily task of protecting and serving communities across America, securus has a new tool. This tool is named THREADS 3.1. It is one of the smartest tools in web-based technology according to Linked In experts that services both law enforcement agencies, inmates and the families that need communication with them. This tool’s new function as explained on comes in the power to analyze and share information gathered through the THREADS 3.1 platform. It’s about enhanced performance and service. This performance is available through a streamlined system that eliminates unneeded functions and gives powerful navigation. These changes provide an improved user experience for everyone involved.

The improvement starts with the change from SilverLight to HTML. This changes makes direct integration between Securus products possible. This means that THREADS 3.1 allows for a more seamless monitoring of calls on the Secure Call Platform. But that is not the only thing it does. This software provides real-time analysis of data collected. That means no waiting for months at a time to know what is going on right now in facilities. The new system also makes context sensitive reports. No more separating a file or case just to keep the information associated with it secure. To complement the new data collection and analysis technology, THREADS 3.1 also comes with customized printing options. Watch this video on Youtube.

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