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Matt Badiali: A Geologist and Writer

The United States Farm Bureau not long ago revealed its newest Thanksgiving meal price survey findings. Thanksgiving meals are actually going to be cheaper than they’ve been in five full years, believe it or not. If you’re planning on feeding 10 individuals turkey, expect to fork over a little less than $50.00. That’s 75 cents less than the average cost of the year before. If you take inflation into consideration, a Thanksgiving meal in 2017 should cost merely $20.54. Thanksgiving meal prices honestly haven’t been that cheap since 2013. Turkeys are in many ways responsible for the price drop, too. Turkeys in general aren’t as costly now as they’ve been in recent years. You don’t have to wonder about this price shift, though. That’s because it’s actually related to prices for oil, oddly enough. Oil price adjustments influence grain prices. That, in a nutshell, is why you don’t have to fret over Thanksgiving meal prices much in 2017. Visit to know more.

Matt Badiali is a seasoned writer who has a lot of knowledge that relates to the agricultural, mining and energy worlds. He’s on the Banyan Hill Publishing team as well. Banyan Hill Publishing is the name of a Delray Beach, Florida organization that concentrates on investments that are promising, secure and reliable all at the same time. Badiali does a lot of traveling for his job. He’s been to many diverse spots all over the planet. Some of these spots are Switzerland, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Iraq, Haiti, Singapore and Hong Kong. Badiali has spent time in front of many mines. He’s thoroughly examined all kinds of oil wells, too. Badiali has been in the company of many CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) who are highly respected within their industries. He’s asked them comprehensive questions regarding available resource opportunities, geologic information and more. Badiali is a person who gets a lot out of writing. He gets a lot out of studying up on investment concepts of all types. This Senior Editor is practically unstoppable. His advisory services column is known by the name of “Real Wealth Strategist.” This column assists people who want to figure out the intricacies that are associated with genuine wealth. It aids people who want to get wealth in the first place. It even aids individuals who wish to maintain it for good. Badiali understands investment methods that span all sectors and categories. He’s always learning more and more. For more information, visit:




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