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Bruno Fagali: Uncompromised Integrity To The Legal Profession

Bruno Fagali, the Sao Paulo-based attorney, is one of the most sophisticated legal entities in the Brazilian legal platform. For over two decades of legal experience in this industry, Bruno Fagali has made himself a good name as the best corporate and social lawyer in Brazil. This is because he has never lost any criminal case in a court of law. Bruno Fagali has also represented the best interests of major multi-national and multi-million corporations in major litigation cases to success. His success in these cases has ranked him among the most sought attorneys in Sao Paulo. This action makes Bruno Fagali achieve his anticipated solution.

Bruno Fagali is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Fagali Law Firm. The company also has a reputation for professionalism and integrity to the provision of legal services. As a specialized lawyer in this industry, Bruno Fagali has gained expertise in the legal areas such as the anti-corruption and public law. This is because he has handled litigation concerning the urban law, administrative contracts, civil and administrative liability processes, regulatory law, bidding law, administrative improbability actions, popular actions, public civil actions, and expropriation actions. This is the reason why his services are adopted by many high-end individuals and companies.

When you look at the massive corruption allegations levied against major companies securing public contracts from the government, Bruno Fagali has worked to initiate a wide range of legal actions to have the system cleaned. This is an action that includes firms and departments that secure the government contracts. When you look at the recent corruption scandal, Bruno Fagali has raised views that are massively depicted for a better business drive in the government corporations. Bruno Fagali has also used the Fagali Advocacy law firm to assist other corporations in adhering to the rule of law when securing these public contracts in the country. Bruno Fagali founded the Fagali Advocacy with the end in mind. He wanted to use the law firm to assist numerous companies in making themselves conversant with the complex Brazilian law that can get them into trouble if they are not prepared. Bruno Fagali focuses on compliance and the anti-corruption law.

Read more on Bruno Fagali reports research that reveals that Brazilian companies are more concerned about adopting anti-corruption mechanisms in 2017:

Achievements of Ricardo Tosto as a Famous Brazilian Lawyer

Brazil happens to be a country that has managed to borrow its law from Portugal and has been able to have a very serious and a dedicated legal system which has always worked towards making sure that the company achieves in terms of technology. They have always committed themselves towards making the law work better for the people of the country and they have been able to do a lot of research towards improving their law sector. The country is known to have more than two million lawyers majority of them working around the famous city of Sao Paulo. Others are located at Rio de Janeiro. Mostly, lawyers who come from Brazil are known as Advogados and have been respected by so many people because of their expertise in the profession. They always work for the progress and development of their profession.

The Legal profession in Brazil has often regulated by something they call state bars. They are usually regulated by Brazilian Bar Association. They usually avoid these people from joining their profession especially from outside. Mostly foreign lawyers are never given a chance to practice in Brazil and often face so many challenges in the country. One is also required to pass the famous Bar exam and then join law firm for an internship for a period of more than 6 months before he can practice.

Ricardo Tosto is among those lawyers who have been able to overcome all those problems and have been able to earn big time in his career. He has been on the great forefront working for the success of his career and has committed his life to the success of his career. He is a great and recognizable lawyer in Brazil and has been able to work tirelessly for his company’s success. Ricardo has represented corporations, governmental and nongovernmental institutions, probono groups and many others. He has been known for his effortless moves pursuing success in the industry and has always been committed to achieving success. He has been known to be the best advisor in the career and has also had the largest number of clients in Brazil.

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Bruno Fagali Advocates For Integrity In The Legal Practice

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian lawyer and founder of the FAGALI Advocacy. Professionalism and integrity are the attributes that have made him famous in the legal field. His expertise includes public and anti-corruption law. Under this specialty, Bruno can deal with administrative contracts, Urban Law, administrative and liability processes, administrative improbity actions bidding law, regulatory, public civil actions, expropriation actions and popular actions. Bruno has been able to initiate actions to clean systems where corruption has been associated with public funds. His integrity drives have reached departments that are benefitting from government contracts. Bruno’s efforts have assisted the corporate organizations in starting transparency drives within their organizational levels. This is achieved through training and ethics drives.

Bruno’s FAGALI Advocacy was established with the aim of combining the deep knowledge of its team in areas that the office calls for utmost dedication to its clients. FAGALI team is well versed with public law, compliance, corruption law, advertising law, parliamentary and electoral law. Bruno and his FAGALI Advocacy team guarantee commitment and unconditional dedication to its clients and partners defense. It is an ethical, responsible, personalized, attentive and modern way. In other words, FAGALI Advocacy was instituted to offer distinguished legal services to the clients who are distinguished and seek to be treated and identified as such.

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Bruno Fagali is one of the best lawyers in Brazil and is adding a new dimension to the legal system of that nation. His years of practices have earned him experience in different fronts of law and an unprecedented reputation. He has worked for several law firms since 2006 where he practiced different legal disciplines.

He is currently serving as the Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova/SB, which is an advertising company that deals government advertisements. World Health Organization also advertises through Nova. Bruno’s initial practice in the legal profession saw him work with Calil, Radi and Associados Advocacia. Bruno Graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo with a Law Degree. He sits at the Society of Corporate Compliance as a member and as an Effective Associate of Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics. He continues his private legal practice at his Fagali Law Firm.

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Whistleblower Specialty Attorneys


It can be a very tricky place to be in if you fall into the category of people in the United States that know certain information, but are afraid to expose said information in the public light. There are tons of individuals out there who work in a variety of occupations, who have gained access to information that illustrates corruption that is executed, sometimes at the very top levels of all sorts of companies. This includes organizations such as the NSA, CIA and FBI, all of which have had whistleblowers that have come forward with information in the past. However, there are also major companies and corporations that participate in illegal activity as well, with whistleblowers also coming forward in these types of institutions.

The thing that a person must realize before they come out and become a whistleblower is the fact that they automatically are going to be attacked. While there are new protections that are afforded to whistleblowers, which really started in about 2010, after new programs were put in place to protect the rights and lives of whistleblowers, this does not mean that the road is going to be smooth. On the contrary, if you decide you want to expose someone that is in a high position, or even an entire company for doing things that are illegal and immoral, you can expect the road to be very rocky. This is all the more true if you are not working with a lawyer that you have retained for representation, who can guide you along the way and help you to handle anything that is thrown at you.

The reason why you really want to find someone who deals only with whistleblower cases is the fact that there is a certain way that these cases should be handled and those lawyers that only work these cases know the ins and outs the best. Not only will this add up to a superior level of protection, but there are also monetary amounts that are on the table for whistleblowers, which has been put out there as an incentive for people who are on the fence about releasing major information. This is also used to compensate against the possibility, which used to be a probability, if not an absolute, of losing money professionally as a result of exposing information. Picking the right lawyer will go a long way for any potential whistleblower.

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New York Attorney Ross Abelow Raises Money for Stray Animals

Local New York attorney Ross Abelow has geared up a Go Fund Me Campaign to assist stray animals in the greater New York area. Many shelters there are in need of extra supplies such as food, medicine, and shelter space during the winter and will have depleted their back up reserves by spring. The extreme cold in the New York area this winter made it especially hard on local shelters.

Ross Abelow earned his law degree at the Brooklyn Law School, was subsequently admitted in NY in 1990, and has been serving the New York area for several years since as a well respected and popular attorney. As part of Mr. Abelow’s ongoing commitment and service to the community, he was inspired to help the alarming number of homeless or stray animals in New York, and was therefore chosen to lead the fundraiser. The goal is to raise $5,000.00, an amount that will assist in purchasing blankets, medical care, food and housing expenses at the area animal shelters and clinics.

As part of the law firm Abelow & Cassandro LLP, Mr. Abelow specializes in family and entertainment law, as well as handling major commercial litigation cases for the firm. In addition to be active on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, he is also known as a writer, regularly contributing to several legal blogs and writing for his own personal blog.

The campaign started in mid January of this year and will continue until all the money has been raised for the shelters. Many shelters have had to take desperate measures, rejecting stray and homeless animals that are brought in due to lack of space. Many animals go without food or medical care, or have suffered some form of abuse. Go Fund Me makes it easy to donate to a cause such as this and it allows people to give an amount of their choosing. It is hoped that both by teaming up with the popular site Go Fund Me, and the generous nature of people who care for animals that the campaign will be a success.

How to Create Your Own Brand as a Lawyer

Lots of up and coming lawyers want to establish their own brand. Who better to ask advice on this than Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Ricardo has successfully built up his brand. Now he hopes to pass on some sage advice to any of you looking to do the same.

According to Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho it’s much easier than some thing.

“All you have to do is pay attention and makes some really good choices. Building your brand starts out with just doing the simple things. Once you have mastered the simple things, everything else will fall into place.”

–Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Let’s take a look at some of these tips now.

1)Create a portfolio online. Trust is hard to come by these days. You have to begin from ground zero in some cases. Advertise your past work and cases. Get permission from your clients to use their testimonials. Post all of this on your site. This will help to build some trust. If one client sees who you have helped out someone they know, this will go a long way to proving yourself.

Any kind of online professional database is crucial. Post your site and resume up there. Let people see you. This is not the time to be shy.

2)What types of services can you offer? Showcase these skills. You have to set yourself apart from all the rest. Attend some events. This is another crucial step to getting your brand out. If people do not see who you are, why would they hire you for a job?

3)Get in the habit of speaking at some events. Do not sell your product. Sell you and your skills. This is where the key to success lies. If you do not feel comfortable doing this in the beginning, how will you make something of yourself in the courtroom?

4)Write about what you know. Focus on getting published. Do not go overboard with this though. You will be sending out the wrong message if you do. Limit social media blogging and commenting to the bare minimum. The idea is to put yourself out there, but not go into overdrive.

You can find out more about Ricardo on his personal blog. Ask him a question on Twitter. Log onto his business site. There is plenty of avenues to get in touch with him. Learning from him is one of the best ways to build your brand.