Glenn Laken


The Aspire is an extremely luxurious apartment complex in New Brunswick. The seventeen-story high building comprises of a whopping 238 rooms that include large studios, single and double bedrooms apartments. The residents who will clinch the coveted opportunity residing at the Aspire will be treated to the best and most distinguished restaurants together with the huge retail center in downtown New Brunswick. The Aspire will also be able to offer extremely luxurious lifestyles like the doorman and on site maintenance together with management. The garage is also highly mechanized as it has an elevator that could take one to the lobby. For the purposes of residents enjoying the beautiful scenery to the maximum, there has been the placement of oversize windows to enjoy the great scenic experience of viewing the downtown. The residence also contains custom cabinetry, glass tile backsplash together with various home appliance tools that happen to be stainless steel. The porcelain floor tiles that are in the bathroom together with a nice looking ceramic wall speak volumes of the level of luxury. The presence of very fast internet, luxury lounge, and several flat screens together with an incredible fitness center summarizes the overwhelming luxury that The Aspire offers.

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