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New hit and new vision from The Chainsmokers

American Society of the Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) recipients Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are bringing 2018 with a different outlook on their music. Magic duo of the Chainsmokers, are moving away from their traditional heartbreak songs such as 2015’s “Until You Were Gone” (co-written by Emily Warren) and 2016’s “Closer” featuring Halsey and heading for some straightforward lyrics such as “make no mistake, I live in a prison, that I built myself, it is my religion,” from their 2018 track and self-titled EP “Sick Boy.” Nothing short of elevation, following the release “Sick Boy,” featuring vocals from Andrew Taggart, is their new song “Somebody.” “Somebody has topped the Canadian iTunes charts at number 9.

Looking into the behind-the-scenes process, released a snippet by videographer Roy Kramer, of how the song “Somebody” was created. The snippet features a classic piano, multiple synthesizers, a MacBook Pro with music software and the Chainsmokers giving a taste to their recipe of a great hit. With a step change and San Antonio native Drew Love on vocals, you are lured in with the sultry nostalgic appeal. A signature the Chainsmokers are known for just like in their 2017 hit topping at number 6 on the Billboard charts, “Paris.” Animator and director Jim Batt and Canadian filmmaker Kim Boekbinder provide the clever artistic sketches that take the music video “Somebody” from typical to memorable.

“Somebody” has lyrics you can lose yourself in such as “when I dreamed about it, all the things I could live without, I need it now ’cause they’re all around me.” Known for their ingenious beats and gifted vocal choices this American duo keep things interesting year after year. “Sick Boy” peaked at number 65 on the Billboard charts and in time, “Somebody” will follow suit and crack Billboard’s top 100.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Doctor Sameer Jejurika is a plastic surgeon who is situated in Dallas, Texas. He studied at the University of Michigan as a medical student. He also enrolled for residency at University of Michigan Hospital and Health Center. He has been licensed and certified by several boards such as American Board of Plastic Surgery and Texas State Medical License and has offices in Plano and Dallas. Moreover, he is a member of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He not only has a specialty in Cosmetic surgery but also, can perform re-constructive surgery on face and hands.

In addition, he is a renowned doctor to patients, therefore, he has received awards due to patients’ response about his service, such as the Compassionate Doctor Certification. Doctor Sameer has been known to offer voluntary surgeries to his community to those who are in need and are unable to afford the expenses. Furthermore, he is a philanthropist who is willing to travel the world to help people in need of surgery and are unable to access the service. For example, he has volunteered to participate in several medical missions to Bangladesh to help the needy.

In conclusion, Doctor Sameer Jejurika is a doctor who listens to his patients’ needs and then uses the simplest most innovative method, to resolve the problem, leaving the patient with less time to fully heal. Additionally, it is easy to deal with him in terms of payments because he accepts several insurances companies for health. He also has an affiliation with three hospitals making it easy to deal with his patients.


White Sharks Media Flaunts it’s Flaws

These days with popularity of content marketing you see companies put out self-promotion propaganda just about everywhere. What could be more boring than a social media site filled with companies blowing their own horns and proclaiming excellence? Maybe that is why when we see a company that flaunts its failings we are taken aback. To discover that it’s a marketing and advertising company; well that is just about unheard of. Yet that is exactly what’s happened on White Shark Media’s own blog.

They had the transparency to not only be accountable and own what had become the sources of their client’s frustration, but to follow through and publish just what they were changing to fix their problems. They have published a post on the White Shark Media blog entitled, Typical Complaints from White Shark Media Clients and How We Make Sure They Never Happen Again.

The answers to their problem areas are not just standard, pat answers. Instead, they put the pedal to the metal to discover what they could change internally in their own systems processes to eliminate the issues and better serve clients going forward.

Disqus has it that White Shark Media is a specialty advertising firm that transforms client’s Adwords accounts to maximize click through rates. They are specialists in PPC as evidenced by the fact that they don’t offer organic SEO typical services. They DO consult with their clients on selecting an assertive and professional SEO provider, but they choose to stay in the competitive arena of PPC. Clearly they have learned do the one thing you do better than anyone else, then stop trying to be everything to everyone. You can’t consider yourself an expert if you’re trying to do everything under the sun.

Before clients sign on and start services, most have already had Adwords accounts that are bringing them traffic, and are performing at least moderately successful. Most agencies insist that clients abandon their current campaigns and go with their services exclusively.

Not White Shark Media; they allow their clients to maintain current campaigns that are bringing in traffic while they simultaneously begin new optimized campaigns and analyze the performance. Once the new campaigns take hold and perform well they leave all decisions up to the client to make the final decision after discussing the pros and cons of each.

In addition, they assign only 3-5 SEM Strategists per every experienced Supervisors, so there is constantly oversight from two experts on each client’s campaigns. Further, they install conversion tracking, Google Analytics and call tracking to let you know exactly how your campaigns are performing.

Couple this with their monthly results reporting that they send out in advance of monthly meetings via GoToMeetings shared screen feature, so your SEM Specialist can keep you informed on the sources of all traffic and instruct clients as to what the report of their metrics mean.

When you combine complete accountability with excellent client communication, and a commitment to keep refining their processes to get the best for their clients, White Shark Media might just be the only transparent company successful in PPC advertising.


Susan McGalla Gives Women Useful Career Advice

There seems to be no shortage of advice being offered these days to women about how to improve their career prospects. Online, on television and in the print media there are endless so-called experts claiming they can guide women to success. Unfortunately, most of that advice is so general, so generic and so vague that it is useless when you try to apply it to real life. That is why expert consultant Susan McGalla has been standing out from the pack with her direct, practical and no nonsense advice for women pursuing careers today.

Inspiring Message

The Pennsylvania based McGalla is a widely recognized authority on talent marketing and management on, brand marketing and improving operational efficiencies. She is often invited to speak on issues important to women in business and has spoken to some of the nation’s most prestigious business groups, such as the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh as well as the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series held for CEOs.

Keys to Success

According to McGalla, women looking for advice on their careers today are starving for information from an authentic perspective that they can then apply in a practical manner to their own spheres of business activity. For that reason, McGalla has little use for the buzzwords and catch phrases that are all over the media but which are useless to career women whom McGalla claims “don’t want to be targeted as women, but as professionals.”

Inspiring Biography

Growing up, Susan McGalla had to learn to compete in a household where her father was a football coach and she had two older brothers. She credits her parents for having the same expectations for her as they did for her brothers, in no way settling for less from her just because she was a girl. They encouraged her to work hard to get whatever she wanted and to have confidence in her own ideas and abilities. These attitudes enabled her to quickly rise in the male dominated business world, becoming the only woman on the board of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. Eventually she became the president and chief merchandising officer of the company.

Advising Others

In recent years, Susan McGalla has shared the lessons she learned in her climb to the top to help other women discover how to repeat her success in their own field. She insists that gender discrimination does not have to hold women back, always focusing on her own excellence in performance rather than on what obstacles may lie in the way. “I never carried a chip on my shoulder of what I should be entitled to as a woman,” McGalla explains, “or what prejudices existed.” Instead McGalla is convinced that her own confident, sky is the limit mentality is the real key to success. It is a hopeful and inspiring message that today’s career minded women are responding to.

MajeedEkbal: A Role Model for Many in Business

Chicago is in the spotlight for becoming the global business and market leader. There are different aspects in Chicago that help to make a successful business. Many different companies operate in Chicago. The proximity to a major airport that link major markets also makes Chicago a major destination.
There is an uprising of talented individuals in technology, entrepreneurial, and market sectors. This is evident in Chicago as there are many business and market leaders. These leaders popularly known as the Chicagoan business and market leaders are the most powerful and wealthy businessmen in the world. There is also the other side of the business trade that helped them build such an empire.
Majeed Ekbal is one of the prominent business leaders in Chicago who specialize in business and marketing. He has a lot of knowledge and experience after being in this business for many years. Ekbal has a reputation as a reformer, leader, and innovator. Many companies search for him because of his professionalism and expertise in his services. His results are excellent in the areas of his specialty. He helps clients in business development, social media marketing, SEO analytics, relationship management, digital marketing, healthcare marketing, brand awareness, execution, and planning implementation.
He has extensive knowledge in business and marketing. He attained his education from the American University. Majeed Ekbal has ventured in many business entities and has focused on ensuring that more clients come to his business. Ekbal reputation has enabled him to hold multiple positions in various companies dealing with global branding. He has managed to promote the budget management skills that has enabled companies to progress their operations. Ekbal style of operation is open and consultative management that has enabled him to organize a team of highly skilled and qualified professional. It gives his business the unique ability to provide their clients with high-quality services. He is very orderly and ensures customer satisfaction.
Chicago is the economic powerhouse of the Midwest. It has enabled people like MajeedEkbal to generate a lot of revenue from his customers. He used his skills and knowledge to shape the market strategies. Besides MajeedEkbal, many other business leaders operate large companies in Chicago. It is evident that to become a great business leader, one has to have a lot of knowledge and skills on how to deal with different aspects of the business world. Indeed, MajeedEkbal is a great business leader and an inspiration to many.