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Adam Milstein Success Through Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is a man who has a world of experience and an interesting start to his life in Real Estate Investing. A native of Israel this soldier of the Israel Defense Force graduated from the Technion, The Israel School of Technology. Those strong ties keep Adam connected today as a top leader in his community. He is a philanthropist with several Jewish organizations and looks to insure that the youth of Israeli-American-Jewish backgrounds learn and appreciate the culture of the Jewish people.

An entrepreneur Mr. Milstein started his company Hager Pacific Properties in an effort to use the education he received getting his MBA at USC. This is the kind of man who enjoys working and appreciates the details. He takes time to follow up and follow through with the in’s and outs of his business. His persistent nature is followed by his consistency all of which he sees as positive traits in being an entrepreneur. For this smart, accomplished man his partner David Hager is someone that Adam looks up to. That itself says a lot.

As for his personal life, Mr. Milstein knows that family is number one. With his wife Mila and their children they make a point of spending quality time together as often as they can. They also contribute a lot of their time to the Adam and Mila Milstein Family Foundation. Through their foundation they have assisted many non-profit organizations that help to strengthen Israel. He also sits as chairman of the Israeli-American Council as well as several Israeli-American organizations boards. It is absolute that Adam has contributed to the relationship of Israel and the United States through his philanthropic work. Though if you asked Adam he would tell you that his philanthropic work is his truest passion and not a single day of work.


Betsy DeVos:A Caring Philanthropist That’s Making A Difference

Newly appointed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was born in Holland, Michigan on January 8, 1958. She’s the daughter of billionaire industrialist Edgar Prince and his wife Elsa. DeVos attended Holland Christian High School and has a bachelor’s degree in business economics from Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Calvin College. She is married to Dick DeVos, the son of Amway co-founder Richard Marvin DeVos Sr., and has four children. In 1989, they founded the philanthropic organization called the Dick and Betsy DeVoe Family Foundation. The foundation has donated over $139 million to charity.Most of the charitable donations the DeVos has made has gone to education, arts and culture, health and human services, community improvement, leadership and development, public policy, political causes and churches. DeVos has given her alma mater significant donations. Most of the donations have used to provide direct help to people. Over 26% of Betsy DeVos’ charitable donations have gone to education. She began by paying tuition for students that couldn’t afford it. She has now made a larger commitment to giving students the opportunity to attend safe, high-quality educational institutions so they can have access to the American dream regardless of the socioeconomic background.

DeVos says giving to education causes is her priority because students need to be in an educational environment where they can learn, grow and thrive. This has led her to make significant donations to education reform. Charitable giving has long been a part of Betsy DeVos’ life. Her parents were well-known for their donations to charity. The DeVos family foundation gave over $11 million to charity in 2015 alone. Forbes magazine’s ‘America’s Top Givers’ list ranks the DeVos family 24th. The family’s lifetime charitable giving is in excess of $1.3 billion.To ensure the arts community has a bright future, the Betsy DeVos family foundation donated $22 million to launch a program at the University of Maryland called the DeVos Institute of Arts Management.

They have also made significant donations to the Washington, D.C. based John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in an effort to strengthen arts organization’s business side.In an effort to make a difference in healthcare for children, the DeVos family foundation made a large donation to Spectrum Health Foundation. This helped the organization recruit top physicians and researchers to battle childhood cancers. Many children being treated for brain cancer at the Helen DeVos’ Children’s Hospital now get better treatment outcomes as a result. Charitable donations like these are a reflection of Betsy DeVos’ caring nature.As a mother, seeing children suffering or not living fulfilling lives because of substandard health care or education touches Betsy DeVos’ heart and compels her to do whatever she can to improve their situation.

How Philanthropy Work of Betsy DeVos has Contributed in Building USA

Betsy DeVos is the current secretary of education of USA upon nomination to the post by U.S president. She has been advocating for educational reforms to help children from low-income families for more than 30 years. She worked as an in-school mentor at public schools in Grand Rapids for 15 years. She has empowered many parents and helped their children in 25 states to be admitted to their schools of choice.Betsy DeVos worked in the position of a chairman at The Wind quest Group. Her vast knowledge in education and the reforms which she has brought in the country made her be appointed in many charitable organizations. Some of the organizations which she served in include Kids Hope USA and ArtPrize. The educational background and the experience which she has attained helped her to achieve her goals of bringing reforms in education and overseeing the operations of non-profit organizations which she has funded. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Calvin College.

Betsy DeVos has been at the forefront in improving the standard of living through her philanthropy work. She has given academic scholarships to many children from low-income families. The scholarship funds have enabled the children to attend the right schools in the state despite coming from poor families. The tax –credit scholarship which she started in Florida has enabled more than 50000 students to attend their school of choice. More than one million students from Louisiana and Indiana have also benefited from the program. She has championed for vouchers which have resulted in various reforms in public schools. She has established a committee which foresees the charter school system to ensure that the objective is achieved.Betsy DeVos has donated a lot of funds to various non-profit organizations to improve the conditions of life of the beneficiaries.

While serving as the chairman of Alliance for School Choice, she donated $100,000 to the organization.She has also donated $10,000 to Institute for Justice which is a non-profit organization dealing with the law. Intercollegiate Studies Institute which in an institution campaigning for conservative viewpoints benefited from Betsy DeVos’ donation of $6,500.she has funded many Colleges and universities with the aim of improving the way in which they provide training to the students. She donated, for instance, $55,000 to Davenport University while the Rollins College received $50,000 to improve their educational facilities. She has also donated a lot of funds to Christian groups which provide religious education to the public. She donated $1.8 million to Xprize Foundation and $305,000 to Boy Scouts of America.Betsy DeVos is a well-experienced leader with a goal of bringing reforms in the education sector of USA. She has the heart to touch the lives of many children in the state to access high-quality education.

George Soros Fights for Civil Action in the United States

It’s been a long time since the United States had the civil equality that it is supposed to have. There are many different things that have gone into it and that is something that George Soros is working toward constantly so that he will be able to help more people with the options that they need. According to the Washington Times, George Soros recently donated money to Ferguson to help people get more out of the options that they had and to help create a balance in the civil opportunities that were available. It was something that he did to ensure that things would get better in the area and, eventually, for the rest of the country.

George Soros has dedicated nearly all of his time to making things better for people who are unable to make changes for themselves. He has a lot of money and, instead of using that money for his own good; he has chosen to use it for the better of the country and for the people who he cares about. It is something that has set him apart from other people and allowed him the chance to make great decisions for his own business and money.

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Since George Soros has made such a difference with different people, he has been able to try new things and this has given him a chance at making more opportunities for people. There are new options that people did not have in the past that George Soros has done so that he can try new things for people. He wants to see everyone be as successful as possible so that they can have the chance at a life that is both good and rewarding for different purposes that they are a part of.

One of the things that George Soros has invested heavily in is education. He not only wants people to get the basic education that they deserve but he wants them to be educated about the choices that they have. He knows that it is important that people know how to vote and that they do what they can to make the changes that they want to see in the country that they are a part of. He also knows that it is something that he can do with the money that he has so that he will be able to try more things for each of the people so that they can do more things. Visit this site to know more at

Since George Soros first started with the opportunities that he created for other people, he knew that things would get better for them. He wanted to show people that there were major differences in the way that they were living and the way that they were able to live their lives. He wanted everyone, even those who were in dire situations, to get the opportunities that he had and made the decision to donate a lot of money to the causes that he cared about so that they could try new things.

The Benevolent Businessman, Dick Devos.

Dick and Betsy Devos are among the few philanthropists around the world. The couple is committed to making a difference and every year they donate millions of dollars to projects that benefit the people. In their lifetime, their charitable contributions total is about $139M. I would say that the couple hails from a family with a giving tradition as Rich Devos, Dick’s dad is also known for his generosity. In 2015, the total charity giving of Rich together with his children was $104M. Dick and Betsy consult their children on where to donate and through the dick and Betsy Family Foundation, they gave $11.6M in 2015.


The West Michigan husband and wife give education priority and are dedicated to seeing that education system is effective, affordable and fulfilling to the students and the educators. Lakes Education Foundation and Michigan-based Charter School are some of the beneficiaries. The couple is the proud patrons of West Michigan Aviation Academy, which had 15 licensed pilots graduating last year. In 2015, education was allocated 26 percent of the total donations and giving towards arts and culture was 21 percent. 16 percent of their contributions that year was for civic and community. Leadership and development projects got a total of $ 1.5M which is 13 percent. Public policy, health and human services and churches were offered 12, 5 and 4 percent respectively.

Dick’s Work and Personal History.


Dick Devos is a dedicated businessman and is the president of his company, The Windquest Group, an investment management company. His responsibilities started at an early age as he would work at his father’s company, Amway Corporation. Dick formally joined Amway in 1974 where he served in departments such as research and development, finance, manufacturing and marketing. As the vice-president of the company, there was tremendous growth in sales and the company opened new markets. Under his leadership as CEO and president, Amway expanded operations in new countries and continents. He also oversaw the restructuring of Amway to Alticor Corporation. He retired from the company in 2002. The philanthropist was the CEO and president of Orlando Magic for about three years after its acquisition in 1991.


Dick is an alumnus of the Northwood University and holds honorary doctorates from several institutions. He is an author and his book “Rediscovering American Values” was a New York Times bestseller. The qualified jet and helicopter pilot is passionate about community initiatives something that played a role in his race to be Michigan State governor in 2006. The father of four is a national champion sailor and serves on boards such as Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan, Spectrum Health System and Michigan State Chamber of Commerce. Dick and his wife Betsy has touched many lives through their charity foundation and I would be right in saying they are a couple with golden hearts.


DeVos Family Involvement in Philanthropic Activities

Many years ago, one of the businessmen in the US was greeted with a very expensive compliment by Rich DeVos. Rich is the co-founder of Amway, a powerful company that is headquartered in Michigan. Rich has acquired a lot of money from this company, becoming one of the most powerful billionaires in the US. The Amway founder told the businessman that he looked like a million dollars. The businessman was Leslie Tassel, the popular owner of Lescoa. The compliment made by the billionaire led to a one million donation that was given to a cause that was being supported by the DeVos.


In west Michigan area, being wealthy is not measured by the types of cloths an individual is wearing or the car they are currently driving. The influence of your wealth is measured by the amount of donations you give. In West Michigan, the DeVos family name is highly respected. The family is considered to be one of the wealthiest and philanthropic minded families in the area.


Just recently, the family shed some light on the total amount of its donations to various causes in the recent past. All the family foundations made official reports to Forbes, indicating their lifetime donations. From the Forbes annual list, the family emerged to be 20th in the top 50 givers in the country. By giving these figures to the public, the family hopes that more people in the country will be encouraged to give and support noble causes in the US.


According to the spokesman of the family, Mr. John Truscott, the Forbes magazine is one of the platforms that provide crucial conversations concerning donations and supporting needy people in the American society.


The DeVos family has earned the respect of many people in the world, and it is known for supporting the conservative political aspirants and causes. However, the donations made to this party were not included in the Forbes figures.


Dick DeVos is the son of the founder of Amway. He is a serial entrepreneur and well-known businessman who is based in Michigan. He has served in different positions in the family business. When he was the president of the company, he managed to expand its market in several nations, and its sales improved significantly under his leadership. In 2006, Dick DeVos decided to run for the Michigan gubernatorial race, but he lost the seat to his democratic incumbent. He has started several foundations to help people in his home town.

Dick DeVos Makes Headlines By Giving

Dick DeVos ran Amway, a company his father created, at one time. Dick also worked hard to become the governor of Michigan, but he lost that particular race. DeVos even worked hard as the team owner for the Orlando Magic. These are all very big tasks that he may have chosen, but I have never known him for any of those things. Many people may not be familiar with his name, but there are time when became know more so for their giving. The substantial contributions to various charities has made him someone that has become the talk of the town in Michigan.

I don’t believe that there’s anything on earth that he really has a need for, so it makes sense for someone like Dick to play it forward and give to others. I am very impressed with the foundation that he has with his wife, and it is exciting to see a couple give so much to others through this foundation. He seems to be very passionate about helping others, particularly children, so it warms my heart to see that he is now making headlines for the tremendous amount of money that he has given. He may not want this type of recognition, but I have always felt that he certainly deserved it. 

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

Over the years the DeVos family has given more than $1 billion to various charities and organizations that sponsor those that are in need. This is something that should be written about in the newspapers and magazines. People are interested in this type of philanthropy, and the Devos Family still has a whole lot more to give. They seem to have been reared this way, and it is there great faith that allows them to continue giving even more.

I think Dick DeVos is extending some of his blessings along to others. I believe that his faith in God plays a big factors in the way that he chooses to give to others. I also believe that Dick, along with his wife Betsy, are working hard to establish the same type of values that have been instilled in him through his father. Everyone doesn’t get the chance to grow up in a family where one of the parents is the president of a company. I believe that this hard work ethic was passed down, and Dick is passing down the message of philanthropy.