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Clean Elections-End Citizen United

It is the latest Political Action Committee in the United States. The group End Citizen United which was recently formed worked hard to a major player in the 2016 political campaigns in the United States of America. End Citizen United was at the forefront of making changes of the ruling done by the Supreme Court of the nation about campaign funding. It also too the responsibility of supporting Democrats Senate candidates as well as in the competitive house all over the United States of America. Few days after their launch, the Political Action Committee; End Citizen United made a huge contribution of $2million form their supporters. The organization was planning to raise about $25million to $30 million to support their political members, as they raised awareness.

The primary reason for the establishment of the group is to pull down the dark money issues in elections campaign in the United States of America. Ever since their foundation, the organization has been gaining popularity among Americans and they have registered about 325000 members. According to the management, the number increased because a year before the nation conducted their elections, they had teamed up with “Ready for Hillary” who assisted them to reach for more people. Before the end of 2015, End Citizen United had given out a list of about 11 politicians who they were to support during the 2016 general elections. Some of the politicians included Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado and Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

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According to Richard Carbo who is the Communication Director of the organization explained the reason why the group is considered to be a unique Political Action Committee. He said that even before the foundation of the group there has been a hole to get the Americans in the conversation and also getting them elected and there was no one to fill the hole by changing the laws of elections especially the financial part of it. End Citizen United’s aim is to stand with the politicians who support their reform as they end the groups and individuals associated with unlimited election campaign funding which is mostly meant to buy Americans votes.

End Citizen United is a Political Action Committee which was established on 1st March 2015 with a primary aim of fighting dark political money as they make new reforms. The organization was founded by grass root donors. End Citizen United is devoted to letting the press know that together with other dedicated Americans and members of the group are fighting hard to end the norm of billionaires in the country buying Americans elections with their money. The Political organization has been created with a strong mission of ending dirty cash in elections, selecting political finance reforms, as well as inspiring the election finance subject in the national conversation. The group is planning to meet their mission by doing the following.
1. Using their active grassroots members raise the issue of money in politics.
2. Electing pro-reform individuals.
3. Passing the pro-reforms in the States by working with ballot measures.

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