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Eric Lefkofsky Indentifies What Needs To Be Fixed In Cancer Research And Helps By Implementing It Into Tempus

Co-Founder Eric Lefkofsky of Tempus Labs has identified that there is a problem with the way the medical field does not have access to molecular data of cancer patients. Tempus Labs ever since startup a little over two years ago has been working towards providing patients and doctors of patients with molecular data. Luckily they have been able to raise the funds to do so and recently were able to raise another 80 million dollars towards more data research to get even further in their journey. With Tempus Labs doing this they make it possible for cancer patients now and in the future to get the right treatment needed for them to overcome cancer.

One of Tempus Labs strengths is that they already have over 4,000 employees to help with not only finding data of cancer patients but they also are able to help answer any questions that any patients might have about anything going on regarding their treatment options or their current treatment plan. Tempus Labs is currently hiring about 30 new people each month but with their ability to raise money over time they plan to start hiring more and more people each month as they see possible. Tempus Lab’s huge team of employees not only can help them always having someone to answer their questions but it can also help patients to feel more comfortable and emotionally understood by employees well going through such a tough time in their life.

Tempus is located in Illinois in the city of Chicago. Not only are they located in a major city with a lot of new technology but they also have partnered with various well-known doctors that specialize in cancer research as well as cancer research facilities such as Mayo Clinic. Tempus labs also has a whole board of scientific advisors who are able to find more and more data over time to help Tempus with their mission in finding better treatment plans for current and future patients.

Tempus labs will continue their cancer data research and raise more and more money towards their research. Tempus will make a difference in the medical world for cancer patients everywhere.

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Eric Lefkowsky Highlights The Significance Of Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus Labs. He is among the most prominent entrepreneurs in Chicago. Tempus started operations three years ago, and it is at present recognized among the ten top health tech ventures. Tempus Labs has formed a network with the comprehensive centers for cancer across the country. The services it provides includes the following medical imaging, pathology, sequencing of tumors and germline characterization of patients and tumors, RNA sequencing of tumors, liquid biopsy cell-free DNA, and across the board cancer testing.

After its initial inception in 2015, Tempus was able to accumulate donations in the amount of $130 million, and the laboratory currently has a worth of $700 million. Aside from the services given above Tempus is a learning platform machine that analyzes data. It assists doctors in providing a customized care for cancer patients. With the genomic sequencing and molecular therapeutic data analyzation services it gives, doctors are able to make immediate decisions based on the data provided.

The main objective for the creation of Tempus is to be able to administer treatments that were proven effective with prior cancer patients through data. Hence, Tempus will sort the thousands of data collated within its system to have a comprehensible output that medical professionals can use for the remedies and treatment of cancer patients.

Lefkofsky founded and co-established numerous ventures aside from Tempus, and these companies are InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, and Lightbank. He and his wife Liz are the co-founders of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation – that is mainly involved in education advancements, art and culture (that is related to the general advancement of lives within the communities), medicine, and fundamental rights.

Lately, Tempus was highlighted on the list of Eric Topol, it is an annual feature where Dr. Topol previews technology advances that made it into the news headlines for a year since it assures to mold and transform medicine in the future. Likewise, Tempus Labs has been declared as one of the few innovative technologies. Included are gene editing, gene therapy, bio technologies to be utilized for ailments that have no known cure as for the time being.

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Be Healthier Longer With Preventative Testing With Life Line Screening

People go to visit their doctors when they are sick, or worry that something is wrong. The probability of an illness or other health issue is more likely when there are certain risk factors present. Often times, people are not aware of, or do not consider the overall condition of their health. Over 600,000 people died from heart attacks last year, and one in four were from heart related health issues. Research studies indicate that at least twenty percent of these deaths could have been prevented. Early detection of any disease or illness is the best intervention. Life Line Screening is a testing company that screens and tests for many health issues as a preventative course of action for a longer life.

Life Line Screening is focused mainly on cardiovascular health. They recommend that people over the age of 50 get screened to determine if there are any underlying problems that can be taken care of before it gets serious. Heart disease has become the number one cause of death in the United States. It is called the silent killer because most often it has no symptoms. Usually the first sign, or symptom of a heart problem is the heart attack, which could be fatal. Many people do no know that they are at risk of cardiovascular health problems. Life Line Screening strongly suggest that everyone should be screened to ensure a longer, healthier life.

Recent studies show that people who have had Life Line Screening were motivated to chang their lifestyle and eating habits. They are more health conscious, and have a genuine concern about the status of their health. Having the cardiovascular screening will detect problems that you may not know existed, or it will give you peace of mind in knowing that you are not a candidate for a heart attack. It will make you more inclined to change your current way of like and opt for a more healthy lifestyle. Life Line Screening not only does cardiovascular screenings, they screen for every major illness, or disease that could involve various organs and the blood. Since 1993, Life Line Screening has been helping people in Texas. Now they are a national company with facilities in many cities in America. The screenings are affordable, and convenient.