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A Full Report of Felipe Montoro Jens on the Governors’ Special Conference

On March 24, the governors participated in their special conference at Mendoza City situated in Argentina. During the Inter-American Development Bank meeting, Dyogo Oliveira provided insights concerning the expansion of Brazil’s private infrastructural investments. As the Minister of Planning and Management, Dyogo emphasized on the relevance of establishing different financial warranty mechanisms that would influence private investment in the sector. In relation to growth, Dyogo Oliveira postulated that IDB is significant in facilitating the leveraging of private investment in the infrastructure department. Dyogo gave these insights in consideration to IDB’s mission directed towards engaging in research activities that yields efficient solutions. Visit for more info.

Besides Dyogo’s meaningful contribution, Garrido participated significantly as well. Garrido, Spain’s Secretary of State for Business, agreed with Dyogo’s idea. Other executives including Felipe Montoro Jens gave useful information regarding the contribution of IDB to the development of Brazil. Felipe reported that Spain considers Brazil as the appropriate nation to support in investments. Additionally, Felipe Montoro Jens provided essential information concerning the perspective of the IDB’s President, Luis Alberto. According to Mr. Alberto, the Inter- American Development Bank facilitates the convergence of connectivity and infrastructure between nations and environmental sustainability policies.

Felipe Montoro Jens stressed on not only the impact of IDB on infrastructure and management but also Brazil’s engagement in Public-Private Partnerships. Felipe Jens was fascinated by his country’s adherence to IDB’s regulations regarding the establishment and operation of PPPs. The ministry of Development and Management news portal reported that Public-Private Partnerships were up in the Caribbean, as well as, the Latin America. As such, Brazil has overtime foreseen over 1,000 infrastructure PPP projects, which were worth approximately $360 billion. Felipe Montoro Jens stated that the loans of the Inter-American Development Bank to Brazil added to approximately $12.9 billion. Felipe Montoro postulated that IDB has played a vital role in the historic gain of the Ministry of Planning.

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Sean Penn Discusses His Concepts Behind Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has received recognition in numerous areas. His latest notoriety comes from his novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The main character is a satire written as a part time contract killer for the government named Bob. Sean Penn was pleased with the completion of his novel because it did not require the collaboration of others. He feels whether the book brings disappointment or pride in his accomplishment he has no need to apologize because he is standing on his own. He no longer enjoyed working with other people and felt it was time to take his career in a new direction. The expectations that came with making movies started making him feel as though he had to give in.

Sean Penn does not plan on becoming involved with any acting projects in the near future. He has expressed a possible interest in directing a new movie he is interested in but it is still speculation at this point. He receives more satisfaction from writing than from acting due to his creative process. Sean Penn spoke of the influences present in an acting career. He said these influencers also make comments on numerous authors. He believes influence is the same as excitement caused by the words of the author. He commented about the numerous statements made concerning his novel from people who have not read the book.

Sean Penn wrote his book using the same style prevalent in his career writing screenplays. His thinking is too fast for his capabilities with a laptop so he prefers longhand. He works at night then dictates his efforts to his assistant in the morning. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has a definite #MeToo aspect. The book can be interpreted as encouragement for any movement with a goal of creating social equality. Sean Penn believes people are no longer concerned with their legacies because they believe they are on the verge of some great epiphany. He said people believe there are subjects certain genders cannot talk about and certain roles must be played by specific types. He summed up this philosophy by saying his book is not about inclusion or an opinion piece.

Sean Penn also used his novel as a means of skewering branding. He believes any brand that is either self assigned or assigned directly is only a representation of the consumer’s perspective. He refuses to be forced into a definition of a brand. He finds this concept both ironic and light.

The Chainsmokers’s Alex Pall on the Future of Electronic Music

Despite coming up as radio bangers and taking the music industry by the storm, most electronic music fans have no more than a beat to relate to. This is explained by the fact that most of the producers for this journal of music solely rely on songwriters and vocalist’s to add the human element to their music. These producers, regardless of the end products bearing their names, pay more attention to developing beats than generating the content. According to Alex Pall, one half of the The Chainsmokers duo, this has the effect of alienating the brand from their fans especially as they don’t a have a tangible point of connection.

Personalizing their music

Alex made this announcement arguing that his duo brand, together with fellow DJ Andrew Taggart, seeks to revolutionize the idea of electronic music by personalizing them. It all started with The Chainsmokers shifting from over-relying on songwriters and vocalists in their music production. The duo started directing the content of their music and only engaging songwriters who are ready to tell their life stories. Alex mentions that they even wrote some of their songs in entirety.

Most importantly, the duo started shifted from the trend of relying on vocalists and started singing their songs, such as closer. Alex appall believes that this personal touch will help endear and draw them closer to their following all over the world by offering them a unique voice that they can relate to the brand. The duo seeks to also start featuring in more of their video songs in what they believe further helps achieve a level of connection with their fans.

About Alex Pall

For the better part of his life, Alex Pall has always had a deep interest in DJing. The New York-born celebrity grew this from a hobby that he has gradually nurtured into a full-blown career. He first ventured into the entertainment scene during his college days where his manager would help book him gigs. He would later partner with a fellow DJ and form The Chainsmokers band. However, his partner left soon after school leaving a gap that the Andrew Taggart has since completely filled.

Predicting Trends in the World for Financial Gain, Agora Financial Money Management Services

To help their clients protect and grow their wealth, Agora Financial uses through free newsletters, documentaries, and books to determine the most current and effective approachs to building wealth and managing money. Navigating the different areas of the market, Agora finds companies poised for rapid growth. They help clients uncover the secrets of generating income. As well as to protection strategies that ensure you don’t suffer during an economic meltdown. Never accepting money from companies or investors in exchange for information is something Agora prides themselves on. Keeping themselves completely unbiased.

Agora Financial sends agents traveling worldwide from oil discoveries in North Dakota to the hidden gold mines of South Africa be to real estate booms in Mongolia each year. The biggest names are often the worst investments. Traveling helps Agora find hidden gem investments. Mostly by the time you hear about big names in the mainstream they’re too expensive and the real money has already been made. Qualified individuals have been acquired to form a team of financial specialists. They include experts in bonds previous hedge fund manager, banker of previous presidents of the United States and more. Another individual Agora hired is an individual who actually amassed his own billion dollars from his own efforts without previous help from family.

Agora called the rise of gold back when it was trading at just $256 an ounce. Also they predicted the mortgage crisis a full 4 years before the public burst in 2008 with enough time for our readers to protect themselves. Their analysts covered the rise of personalized medicine and regenerative medicine for years before the mainstream media even caught on. Thanks Agora their clients did not miss out of many opportunities and crisis alike. If this sounds like a fit for your portfolio contact them for more information.



Matt Badiali holds a bachelor’s degree from The University of Penn State in Science and a Master’s degree from The University of Florida Atlantic in Geology. He attained his Ph.D. from North Carolina University. While pursuing his Ph.D., Badiali was introduced into the finance world by his friend after his friend saw his potential. His friend was positive that Badiali was in a good position to offer advice to investors on the most profitable investment opportunities. Over the years, people who have followed Badiali’s insights have double and even tripled their returns. Matt Badiali is the publisher of Real Wealth Strategist newsletter at Banyan Hill Publishing Company since 2017. In his opinion, his career has been a success due to his experience and education. He believes that financial knowledge in conjunction with extensive knowledge of the science behind the resources makes one a successful investor since the market is full of speculations. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

Matt Badiali is positive that energy consumption is likely to undergo tremendous changes. This will shift the world into an electricity based place as opposed to the great focus on fossil fuels today. He believes that battery technology is the only thing hindering this step today, but once a technology that can produce a battery that can sustain a whole city and one with a capability of storing enough energy is inculcated, the shift will take place.

Freedom Checks are tax-free investment prospects offered by the government under statute 26-F in the United States. This normally helps close to five hundred and fifty energy-related companies to offer their investors checks monthly or quarterly. These companies are very vital in both oil and natural gas industries. To qualify for the tax exemption, these businesses are required to issue their investors with ninety cents on every dollar they make. These Freedom checks are known as distributions.

According to President Nixon, these tax reliefs are made to enable the United States to produce energy independently. It was also a way to reward investors in the oil and domestic gas industries. There are some other tax-free investment opportunities. The real estate trust, for instance, gives nine-tenths of its incomes to the investors. Many investors in the real estate businesses normally earn their income from the rental houses they own. A person can start investing from fifty or a hundred dollars although a larger amount would attract thousands and thousands of dollars each month. According to Matt Badiali, this is the best tax-free investment to invest in and attain maximum returns for every penny spent.

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Wes Edens Greatest Achievements

The success of Wes Edens is a story of determination and hard work in enabling his dreams to come true. A businessman, a private equity manager and a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group is just a glimpse of his successful life. His career journey began in 1984 after graduating from Oregon State University with a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Finance. After completing his degree, he started working in Lehman Brothers in 1987. By 1993, he was already the company’s managing director and a partner. He later moved to BlackRock Asset Investors in the private equity division sector where he became the managing director and a partner. He maintained his position in BlackRock until 1997. It was not until 1998 when Wes Edens decided to collaborate with five other people to establish Fortress Investment Group. His experience in the financial world helped him work with his partners to make the Fortress Investment Group a great investment consultant for people seeking investment advice.

By 2007, Wes Edens and the rest of his partners were able to take the company public making it the first company to officially have a public buyout. He also helped in creating an atmosphere where his employees are happy working in Fortress Investment Group.Apart from being a principal founder of Fortress, he is also a co-owner of his own team known as the Milwaukee Bucks. He purchased the team in 2004 and has taken necessary strides to ensure the team maintains a lead in the sporting world. In 2017, Wes Edens launched an eSports brand known as FlyQuest. FlyQuest is a professional team that has a similar comparison to League of Legends.

This eSport acquisition is the first for the team. It is also the first stride for the team and Wes Edens to venture in the eSports world.However, apart from eSports acquisitions Wes Edens also take a home pay of up to $54.4 million every year. The take-home pay places him on the list of high earning executives in the private equity sector. He is also a self-made billionaire who has made appearances in the Forbes Billionaire list a couple of times. His commitment to ensuring that Fortress Investment Group remains a reputable company with an impressive portfolio pays off with the number of clients they assist with their investment issues. Wes Edens is not only a focused businessman but a committed leader to the success of his organizations.

JHSF Achieves Success Due To Jose Auriemo Neto’s Innovative Concepts

The JHSF is a well-known corporation in Brazil that is involved in real estate development. The corporation was founded in 1972 Jose Roberto Auriemo and his brother Fabio. They based their company in Sao Paulo City where it began its operations as a construction firm. The brothers envisioned that there will come a day when their company among the largest real estate developers across the country. And with this in mind, they invited two more associates to join their company in order to get it back on the right track for expansion.

Before 2001, JHSF experienced a spurt of growth and during the said year the company was already managing large projects where it was given the opportunity to foster the revolution of malls in Brazil. JHSF was able to do this when they were able to secure the contract for the construction of the popular mall – Metro Santa Cruz, which is situated in Sao Paulo. It is the first mall in Brazil that was primarily designed to be assimilated into the local subway transport station.

The design concept became quite popular with the company’s target clients for this provides the convenience of shopping and getting their rides without the need to walk a lengthy distance just to get transportation.

When Jose Auriemo Neto took over the supervision of JHSF when he reached his 27th birthday, the company was in for a big change. The alteration of leadership within the organization was very successful since Jose Auriemo Neto had innovative ideas that helped the company diversify and grow.

And through his supervision, JHSF was able to enter the top-tier luxury end market that once again brought the company the opportunity to construct and launch the Cidade Jardim a futuristic shopping complex. It is considered a primary shopping endpoint within Brazil since it contains the Shopping Cidade Jardim, which has store outlets of every international brand that cannot be found in any other part of the country.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Unique Fight Against Cancer

Tempus’s co-founder, Eric Lefkofsky proudly announced details on the company’s latest successful round of funding. Tempus has garnered the title of unicorn, a status bestowed to the few elite private startup companies that are valued at $ 1 billion in value. The data analytical company has been the recipient of large investments since 2015. Eric Lefkofsky detailed the company’s investments going back to 2015. Kinship Trust Co., T. Rowe Price Associates and Revolutionary Growth invested $ 80 million during the “Late Stage Venture” Series Round D. In September 2017, $ 70 million was invested by New Enterprise Associates and Revolutionary Growth during the Series Round C.

Tempus is a health information technology company that is taking a unique approach to the fight against cancer. Tempus is finding tremendous value in the large data sets of health information, by using data analytical or machine learning algorithms to identify correlations in current and historical healthcare data. Tempus is creating, with the power of artificial intelligence, patient specific care plans to fight cancer. By analyzing historic cancer fighting data sets, Tempus is identifying successful treatments in the data and apply them to create a personalized fight against cancer. Eric Lefkofsky said the success Tempus is experiencing is due to the current cutting edge state of where we are in health information technology, and investors are realizing the potential breakthroughs in healthcare.

Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University Of Michigan Law Schools, and is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky has had his hands in many startup companies and is co-founder of Groupon, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistic and Uptake Technologies. Uptake Technologies, received $ 90 million in investments during the Series Round B.

In 2006, Eric along with his wife Liz founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, a private charity organization that focuses on four key areas, educational equality, human rights, medical research and arts and other cultural initiatives.

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Equities First Holdings- Australia

Equities First Holdings has recently gone into business with an Australian energy company to try and find better alternatives for how people use energy all over the world.What this means is that the 2 companies are working together in India from a location that they have recently acquired to do testing in the hopes that they can come up with a solution to create energy that will reduce the environmental footprint of people using energy all over the world.

Equities First Holdings cares about the future of our planet and along with Environmental Clean Technologies Limited they are working very hard together to make sure that we will have a long future extending the life of our children and their children for a better tomorrow.The 2 companies working together also helps to make this project an even more productive one by combining each one’s resources to be able to better handle their workflow on this project. Learn More.

Investor and Financier-Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a prominent American Business person. Wes is also involved in sports and he is a sports team owner an investor in the equity sector, as well as a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. As a sports owner, Mr. Wes Edens co-owns a National Basketball Association, Milwaukee Bucks, as well as being the owner of League of Legends. Oregon University is one of the Americans prestigious Universities and during all this time it has been producing one of the beat alumnus Wes Edens being one of them. In 1984 Mr. Edens graduated from the Oregon University with a Bachelor’s degree of science in finance and business administration.After his graduation he was lucky to secure an opportunity in a financial institution; Lehman Brothers. Wes is known for his hard work and commitment and during his service, at Lehman Brothers, he was able to climb the career ladder from being just an employee to becoming a managing partner until 1993.

Wes Edens would later join Black Rock Asset where he served until 1997. He did not work at the organization for long instead together with four other like-minded individuals they created Worldwide Global Economic Powerhouse which later changed its name to Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group was created in 1998 as a private equity investment firm. The firm operated as a private organization for 10 years. Wes Edens worked as the Chairman and the Managing Director of the equity firm and he applied his knowledge as well as experience in the organization.Wes Edens was committed to his work, and with his leadership experience in the financial industry, he led the firm and it expanded to be the first privately owned company to publicly traded company in the world. Fortress Investment Group traded their first Initial Public Offering in 2007.

Ever since 207, Fortress Investment Group has become a leader in the alternative asset management sector. In 2017, Fortress Investment ownership changed when it was acquired by Softbank Group Corporation a technology company based in Japan. Softbank Group agreed with Fortress Investment to pay $8.08 per share. Fortress has been managing assets of about 1750 facilities all over the world. Ever since their foundation the firm has been serving both private and public investors who deal with a broad range of investments from real estate, investment planning, permanent capital investment, private equity. Fortress Investment is committed to providing quality services and products to their clients across the world.