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Brian Bonar Shows Considerable Interest in the Restaurant Business

Brian Bonar is undoubtedly a mogul in his standards. Aside from steering big corporations like Dalrada Financial Corporation into greater successful heights, he has been striving to create his business empire. Bellamy’s, a restaurant based in Escondido, is one of Bonar’s business ventures in San Diego County. This restaurant has been a home to one of the best cooks in the country, Patrick Ponsaty.

Chef Patrick Ponsaty is a French native. He is one of the only two individuals to attain the highly coveted designation of Master Chef of France. Before joining Bellamy’s, he worked as a chef at the Rancho Bernardo Inn where he helped Gavin Kaysen rise to prominence.

Brian Bonar has done a commendable job of ensuring that the staff at the Bellamy’s is well-qualified and experienced for the job. He did this by drawing several members of his staff from one of his favorite restaurants in San Diego area, El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn. Some of the key staff drawn from El Biz include Trevor Da Costa and Mike Reidy.

As part of a larger venture, Bonar aims at transforming the Bandy Canyon into a four-star event location that will feature a signature restaurant. With Ponsaty as the chef, his goals are bound to come to reality. Currently, Ponsaty is helping to design his kitchen at the ranch in a suitable way before it becomes his official workplace.

Thanks to Ponsaty and Reidy, they have made Bellamy’s one of the most preferred restaurants in San Diego. Some of the popular cuisines that lure in customers include mushroom ravioli, parsley risotto and saffron panna cotta.

Brian Bonar

According to San Diego Magazine, Brian Bonar has established himself as an avid financial and entrepreneurial expert. He boasts of various financial specialties including mergers and acquisition, sourcing, venture capital private equity and sales. Over the years, Bonar has held numerous executive positions as well as built several successful business entities.

He embarked on his career as a procurement manager at IBM. This was before he joined QMS as an engineer. He oversaw the work of more than 100 hardware and software engineers. Since then, he has served in top capacities in various companies such as Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc., Dalrada Financial Corp and Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc.

Bonar is known for creating his businesses including Bezier Systems, which is prominent for creating the first of its kind SCSI technology based printer. Aside from being a business guru, Bonar has also displayed academic prowess through his education track record.

He is a proud holder of an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Strathclyde, an MBA and a Ph.D. in international development from Staffordshire University. In terms of accolades and recognitions, Bonar was named 2010 Who’s Who Executive of the Year in the finance category.

TOYS for BOYS’ Co-Founder Danilo Diaz Granados Hosts an Unbelievable Action-Filled Event

During summer at Miami, the co-founder of TOYS for BOYS Danilo Diaz Granados arranged yet another incredible event for affluent guests. The event was held in the month of July and featured fine cuisine, helicopter rides, time at the racetrack, sunset boat ride, bottles of Perignon, and independent reviews. Since the inception of TOYS for TOYS in 2013, Danilo Diaz Granados has held a series of successful hyper-sensory experiences for distinguished guests.

He says that he wanted to create an opportunity that would give their guests an unusual but memorable experience. “Men in Miami now have a place to check out the most extravagant, one-of-a-kind products and places,” Danilo Diaz Granados said.

The selected guests at the event were fortunate enough to enjoy an intimate breakfast at One Thousand Museum Sales Center in Dame Zaha Hadid. They as well received a private preview of the highly-foreseen residential construction in Biscayne area of Miami. Granados explained that their primary goal with any of their events is to ensure guests get the opportunity to connect with art, cuisine and the Miami’s extravagant style of entertainment.

Granados happened to join his guests on a 30-minute helicopter ride to Palm Beach Race Track. During the ride, every man got a chance to jump behind the wheel and spin around the track. As the event continued, the guests returned by helicopter and Dom Perignon received them with champagne. They later got to take their lunch served at the River Yacht Club on the Miami River hosted by Dom Perignon. Granados along with the guests wrapped the eventful day with a boat ride in the bay through the help of their sponsors.

Danilo Diaz and his partners collaborated with tier companies to pull a memorable day on land, sea, and air. Their sponsors include Air Commander Aerospace, Gryphon Racing, One Thousand Museum and Van Dutch Americas.

Danilo Diaz Granados attained a degree in entrepreneurship and economics at Babson College. He became an investment consultant with operations in Miami, and as an entrepreneur, he was managing resources for their business Toys for Boys. Toys for Boys is a luxury boutique that offered the Miami community fine watches, arts, jewelry, and exotic automobiles.

Chris Burch Knows How to Run Successful Companies

The ability to manage and run companies successfully is not easy. There are many top executives in the business world, but only a few are considered great executives. The ability to run successful companies is a combination of various qualities that when combined make a great business leader. While there are many qualities that great business executives usually have in their personal arsenal, only a few are qualities that are shared between very successful executives.


One of the qualities that many successful executives seem to have in common is great vision. This is not the vision related to being able to physically see. The type of vision that successful executives have is the type of vision that allows them to be able to develop ideas that lead to successful results.


In the business world, all business markets require executives to be able to provide outstanding vision for the companies that they oversee. However, two of the business markets where great business vision is needed to even compete are the fashion and technology markets. Both of these markets are propelled by innovation and ideas. The vision of the top executives at companies in these two markets is vital for the companies to be successful.


Inside the fashion market where vision is one of the most important qualities that any fashion professional can possess, vision allows trends to be started and popular fashion to be sold. In the technology market, vision allows innovation to be developed and changes to be made in how people go about their daily lives.


One of the ways that top executives in both the fashion and technology markets use vision is by combining technology with fashion designs. The combination of technology with fashion brings a different look to fashion that is unique. This type of vision is what makes new fashion trends. Also, the use of technology in fashion helps both markets because it gives more exposure to what the markets offer to the public.


A top executive who has a lot of business vision is Chris Burch. He has been able to use his business vision to help him start multiple companies that have went on to become very successful under his leadership.


Chris Burch has been providing vision to companies that he owns since he was in college. He started his first company along with his brother during college and that company became a multi-million dollar company. He has continued his successful management of companies throughout his professional career.


Karl Heideck; A Litigation Lawyer With A Difference

Litigation Lawyer Karl Heideck
Meet Karl Heideck, Litigation Lawyer based in PA

Problems arise between business partners and to solve the crises one has to secure the services of a litigation lawyer like Karl Heideck. As a business owner, it is important for you to know the litigation process and how it works.

Litigation is the process of taking a legal action- a lawsuit. In a litigation process, there is a plaintiff who files the lawsuit and a defendant who is accused. Now in any litigation process, there must be;

* Pleadings; this is where the plaintiff is given the chance to explain the reason behind the lawsuit. You as the plaintiff you must indicate what the plaintiff did or failed to do. In the same way the defendant is given an opportunity to file their answer in response to the lawsuit.

* Discovery; this is where both parties collect the relevant information. Your litigation lawyer is involved in this process.

* Trial; here both parties will present evidence to support their cases. Before the trial, you will have to submit a brief to the judge outlining the arguments and evidence that will be submitted to the court. The verdict is then issued after the trial is complete.

There are also other alternative solutions that you can go for. There is, settlement or mediation that you can choose too.

The Roadmap to Becoming a Litigation Lawyer

If you want to join Karl Heideck as a litigation lawyer, you need to fulfill the requirements;

* Earn your bachelor degree

* Take the admission test for the law school

* Earn your law degree

* Get the necessary license

* Find a job

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is known as one of the top litigation lawyers, and it all started in 2010 when he joined the Conrad O’Brien as an associate. This was right after Karl Heideck finished his law studies at the Temple University James E Beasley School of Law. He also did his Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature from Swarthmore College

Karl Heideck worked at Conrad O’Brien for eight months before joining the Pepper Hamilton LLP as a project manager. Karl was with the company for three years when he left in 2014.

Today, Karl works as a contract attorney at the Hire Counsel. He joined the company in 2015. In the course of his career, he has developed different skills including mediation and arbitration, employment law and civil litigation among others.

Click here to read more about Karl Heideck.

Google Changes Policy on Defamation Rulings

Attorneys specializing in online defamation or libel cases have stated that Google is no longer removing URLs from U.S. search results, even when those URLs are listed in a court order. This is a paradigm shift for the search engine that impacts victims of defamatory online reputation attacks.

About six months ago, attorneys across the country started receiving blank denials regarding submitted requests to remove defamatory content from Google’s search results.

This is a reversal of expected behavior. Google had an informal policy of accepting removal request if accompanied by a court order specifying the libelous content at specific URLs. In the past, Google could receive hundreds of URLs in a single ruling, and they previously removed those sites from the search results.

They haven’t stopped for all requests, but it is clear that the policy is changing.

How should online the online reputation management industry respond to the recent change. Given that this leaves attorneys without any consistent precedent to convey to clients, it is currently an unclear time for these professionals.

Some websites and online services like Reputation Defender review respond to defamation removal requests. It might be prudent to approach the site directly to pull the defamatory material. Once you are sure the site has removed as much as it is willing to, then you can try google for more comprehensive removal, including the hosting URLs.

In 1996, Congress clarified that search engines are not publishers and, therefore, not subject to information posted in search results. The specific wording states, “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.”

Interactive computer service are information systems or access software providers that enable computer access for multiple users to a server.

Google’s sudden about face on this policy isn’t yet understood. Removal requests may also be philosophically troubling in many instances. According to Search Engine Land, many removal requests citing defamation start with government agencies and law enforcement. This could be seen as a violation of free speech in a stretch, but it is unclear if that impacted Google’s decision to change its policy.


A Stadium Constructed By Construcap Wins The Platinum Leed Seal

Recently, Arena Mineirão received the prestigious Leed Platinum Certification Seal. The seal is awarded to buildings that adhere to the principles of sustainable construction. Construcap constructed the stadium in collaboration with other companies. The Brazilian stadium belongs to the University of Texas in the United States. This is the second time that a sports arena has been awarded with the highest level of Leed certification.

U.S. Green Building Council is mandated with the duty of identifying different constructions to be awarded on Registering a construction for the award is simple as it only involves subscribing to the Leed online platform. Once a project has been registered on the site, organizations start to investigate and determine the suitability of the project for the seal. The work must satisfy numerous criteria on YouTube. They include energy efficiency, rational use of water, quality of indoor environment, meeting the local community’s needs, reuse/recycling of materials, and technological innovation.

The assessment process focuses on both prerequisites and credits. A building must observe all mandatory elements set for sustainable constructions. However, the credits are optional even though they enhance the points given to a project on These details are available on the Leed’s website. The prerequisite elements are arranged in various categories, each with unique points. The maximum points that a project can get is 110. Based on rankings, projects that secure 40 points are known as leed label, 50 points are silver and 60 is gold. A project becomes platinum if it scores more than 80 points. Arena Mineirao was rated platinum.

About Construcap
Construcap is a Brazilian construction company. It was founded in 1944. The corporation is recognized as one of the top construction companies in the country. Construcap focuses on the development of its processes and employees to ensure that it can deliver services that surpasses its customer’s expectations.

The company’s commitment to high quality has seen it earn certifications such as ISO 14004, ISO 9001, and OHSAS 18001. Mepresas Mais ranked the company in position 431. The ranking was based on impact quadrant. The entity is among the largest Brazilian construction companies. The corporation has been involved in the construction works, industrial facilities, and infrastructure. Construcap’s head offices are based in Sao Paulo.

Luxurious Hair from Wen

Hair care is a big deal for most women. As a woman, I find myself always looking for the next best thing to help make my hair look good. Style and looks are important in society. WEN hair products are an easy way to make your hair look fabulous!

With a chemical free formula, Wen makes hair look healthy. It makes hair shine and adds volume to make it look fuller. It will also strengthen your hair so it doesn’t brake. That will reduce those nasty split ends and you will find less strands in your hair brush. Another perk is that it comes in six different smells so you can pick fresh or fruity!

What makes this QVC advertised brand different? Wen is five hair products in one bottle. It will save money, cabinet space, and time while getting your hair all of the things it needs. Wen would be your shampoo, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner, and leave in conditioner. Not only does Wen provide all of that, they also make mouse, anti-frizz cream, and a moisturizing hair treatment.

How could you go wrong using these awesome products? These are all you need to start your path for luxurious hair! This product is a five in one shampoo and multiple conditioner. More space in your cabinets, less cost, time saver, and wonderful hair are all things you get when using Wen by Chaz. You can purchase their products straight from their website or beauty stores such as Sephora and Ulta Beauty. Online retailers eBay and Guthy-Renker sell them too!


Benefiting During the Holidays with Securus

By making sure that you are quickly and easily able to communicate with your loved ones during the holiday season, this can make you feel totally confident in the fact that you were able to make your loved one feel better about their situation. Having a loved one in the prison system can be very difficult for just about anyone who might be involved with the situation and it is why it is very important for you to look for different systems that will help you to have better communication through video visitation Services.


Securus is a great system to utilize during the holiday and Christmas season so that you can finally keep in touch with your loved one despite the fact that they are behind bars. It is difficult for anyone to keep in touch with their loved ones in prison because of all of the security measures that have been put into place to keep everyone safe and this is why Securus is one of the most popular options available to people who know that they need better-quality communication without having to worry that security is going to deter them from achieving this.


Using Securus has also changed my own life because I have finally been able to keep in touch with my good friend who I have not seen for many months. I used to keep in touch with my friend quite often and this is why using Securus change both of our lives for the better. The holiday season was especially difficult for my friend who was behind bars and Securus allowed us all to keep in touch with him despite the fact that we could not physically be there to see him face to face. It was just as good as if we had made a trip to the prison to be able to see him because we were able to do it from a webcam on our own computers.


For anyone out there who has struggled during the holiday season to keep in touch with their loved ones in prison, keep in mind that there is a good quality system that you can easily and quickly utilize yourself no matter how often you want to make use of it. This system is known as Securus and is one of the best video visitation services on the market right now being used by thousands upon thousands of prison families who know that they can rely on it.


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Adam Goldenberg Has A Lot Of Plans Yet Ahead For TechStyle, JustFab’s New Name

If you didn’t know yet, JustFab one of the hottest fashion retail companies out there, is now changing its name to TechStyle Fashion Group. This move is part of a grand plan that CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have to make it into something special through using special data and a great user experience. JustFab has already been a hit with its social media integration and membership options, and this name change is just another piece of the puzzle. Adam Goldenberg also wants to continue opening physical retail stores so that more customers can get an up close and personal look at the merchandise.

Adam Goldenberg really knew very little about fashion when he and Ressler started up the company. Originally they both were part of the MySpace parent company, Intermix Media. Goldenberg first joined Intermix Media when they bought out his company, Gamer’s Alliance back in 1998. He was only 18 when he first started at Intermix Media, but he would do such an incredible job working there that he got promoted very quickly. While working there as chief operating officer, he teamed up with founder Don Ressler, a man who was also an expert marketer and who would build several companies with Goldenberg marketing health and beauty products. Most notably they formed Alena Media, an e-commerce branch of the company that helped generate a lot of revenue.

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Goldenberg and Ressler decided to leave Intermix Media in 2005 because News Corporation had bought them out, and the two didn’t like where things were headed there. So they first founded a home-based company called Intelligent Beauty from which they marketed and sold several cosmetics and health supplement brands. In 2010, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to build a fashion retail company that would offer an experience unlike any that was currently being offered, and that company became JustFab.

JustFab was receiving the endorsements and support from many people who loved its affordable prices and fun shopping experience, but it also needed some venture capital. So Josh Hannah at Matrix Partners helped start the initial offering, and soon many other venture capital suppliers were coming on board as well. Goldenberg and Ressler’s company had also been initially targeted towards female shoppers, but soon they added subsidiary companies such as FabMen, Fabletics 2, and even FabKids. In 2013, the company became a “unicorn” after the latest surge of sales venture capital put its valuation at over $1 billion.

Read 24 questions with Adam Goldenberg on

Status Labs: The First Impression is the Online Impression

When searching for a someone on the web, a myriad of results will pop up. If a company is lucky, the web might yield all positive results; however, more often than not, there may be negative reviews or publicity that can hurt the company’s reputation. So how can this problem be fixed? That is where Status Labs comes in. In this technological era, what is on the internet matters more now than ever before. It is quite literally the “new first impression.”

Status Labs is an online reputation management firm that assists their clients in looking professional and helping to maintain that presence over time. Serving over 1500+ companies and public figures in nearly 35 countries, Status Labs has helped several high-profile clients ranging including CEOs, politicians, celebrities and Fortune 1000 brands.

Founded in 2011 in Austin, Texas by Darius Fisher, Status Labs has built an incredible international reputation over a short period and has shown effectiveness in their work in helping their clients look their best and protecting them from any damage caused by negative press releases, publicity, etc.

Their mission, as listed on their website, is to improve your online and offline image. With an end goal of making their clients look their best, status Labs specialize in online reputation management. While online reputation management sounds like a broad term, the number of services that company offers is vast and include various expert techniques like Google Adwords, social media management, financial communications, corporate rebranding, crisis response, public relations, site audit, google image curation, content automation technology, social media marketing, Google suggested and related search management, search engine optimization, and online reputation management. For more information about the details of these techniques, visit their website,

Many companies rely on their website to attract customers; hence, it is absolutely crucial to maintaining a positive online presence. Status Labs understands this issue and will even go a step further in helping prospective clients by offering free consultation services.

Since its inception, it has grown rapidly and is now in Austin’s fastest growing companies list ranked by the Fast 50 List and has opened locations in New York and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Between 2012 and 2015, the company grew over 1,099%, an enormous growth percentage.
Such growth has not only shown the tremendous value that Status Labs brings to its clients but also emphasized the importance of maintaining and online reputation in general.
Even Status labs were faced with a crisis not too long ago that resulted in some damage to their reputation. After a former executive made controversial actions, negative responses ensued and the company was in danger. However, the company’s transparency in opening up about the issue along with a strong foundation and core values to help resolve the issue helped to build its reputation back up and is now stronger than ever. In fact, Status Labs just expanded to their newest location in Los Angeles in October 2016. The company is also offering free digital facelifts to celebrities as a special promotion.

Going through its crisis has made Status Labs more relatable and thus, more attractive to its clients.