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Waiakea: A Bottled Water for Mother Nature

In the past, bottled water and mother nature were not the best of friends. Bottled water is created out of convenience for people and it is harmful to the earth and the things that make up the earth that we know of today. The bottled water companies often do not care about what they do to the environment, but things have truly changed with the way that Waiakea has come onto the scene. Waiakea works to make sure that they are protecting the environment while they are providing water to their customers and also participating in philanthropic efforts around the world.

The process of bottling water is only one of the worst parts of bottled water for the environment. The process usually requires a lot of energy and results in wasted natural resources. It is a huge mess to clean up and causes big problems for the areas where it is done at. The actual bottles are also detrimental to the environment. Waiakea has combatted this by making sure that their process is good for the environment and making sure that their bottles are made from material that is 100 percent recycled. They want to make their water bottling process as good for the environment as possible.

When it comes to the people who they make water for, they want to be sure that they have the best bottled water possible. They find water from natural Hawaiian resources. These are mainly around volcanoes close to the islands. They do this because volcanic water has high levels of silica, a mineral that is able to help people who are sick and to reduce the chances of them getting sick in the future. It can even help people reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease as they begin to get older.

Not only does Waiakea care about the environment and their customers, they also care about people who don’t have access to clean water. They have worked to make sure that the people who they help are the ones who aren’t able to get water on a regular basis. They recognize that this is a crisis in a large portion of the world and are now doing something to change that. They want everyone to have the chance of getting clean, high-quality water. The efforts that they provide are sustainable so they will last for a long time even after they are not actively working in these areas.

Online Reputation Management: How to Eliminate Bad News About Your Company

Everyone understands the value of a positive reputation to a business and losing a good image could lead to a crisis. Regardless of how careful a business is about managing online mentions, once or twice situations come in that leave a bad reputation. Even the most established businesses have at one point encountered a low moment and what determines the progress thereafter is the measures taken to clear the bad image painted by the developments.

If you want your brand to succeed and remain strong amid bad mentions, it’s necessary to come up with an effective strategy that can clear its reputation. Below are strategies that one can apply to remove a bad reputation.

Engage excess positive activity

This is an old trick that still works perfectly well. If you are looking to clear bad mentions, it is advisable to engage excess positive activity that would outperform bad news. This is possible through the creation of profiles and sharing articles that show the achievements of your brand and what you are intending to do more to benefit customers. Come up with content that shows the strength of the company and emphasize on what you do.

Appreciate the importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies help your business to emerge competitive on the search engines. It offers your brand an opportunity to emerge successful and show its strengths when compared to competitors.

When people are looking for products online, they first Google to know what is ideal for their use and in this process the shops that come up on the first page of Google are what the person will choose. If your website can manage to rank among the best, then you will sure receive many clicks, which translates to traffic and eventually conversions if customers are convinced.

Most importantly, there is one rule about online reputation that you must respect all the time: never ignore bad mentions. You should be quick to respond to bad mentions so you can keep your business clean of any bad reviews. You can even create a better impression if your response to the issue will appear friendly to the customer.


How Class Dojo Is Influencing Teachers And Parents And Enhancing Learning

An emerging application is sweeping the tech world within the U.S. and working to streamline learning. The Class Dojo app is a startup that was launched by two tech experts, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. The teaching community is appreciating the changes the application has brought by making the interactions between teachers and parents easier. Students have also been factored in and it is estimated more than two thirds of schools within the U.S. have already adopted the application.

The Class Dojo application is available for download on Apple Store and Google Play and works like a social community where parents can access the activity of their children at school through videos and photos that are uploaded by the teachers. It is a good way to update parents and let them understand how their children are faring in the learning environment and most people who have adopted the technology are now appreciating the benefits since they have been able to contribute towards the learning process of their children.

Initially, parents would have to wait for as long as three months before engaging with teachers but with the Class Dojo application it has become easier to interact with the school to help in the development of students.

To fund the development of the application, the company organized for funding that saw them raise at least $21 million in the B Series round that was meant to fund the venture to expand into other regions. During the company’s first institutional funding in 2013, they were able to raise $8.5 million and they recently reported over 500,000 downloads daily during the summer back-to-school period.

Basically, the Class Dojo application offers a shared classroom where parents, teachers and students are the participants. There are several features that enhance communication like private messaging, and picture/video upload features that make it possible for the students to catch up with their parents.

About Class Dojo
Class Dojo is a company that is offering a new way in which teachers, parents and students can interact to make the learning experience enjoyable. The application offers students a voice to showcase and share their experience in the classroom through pictures and videos and allows teachers to have easy time consulting with parents on matters that are vital to the growth of the students.

Additionally, the application creates a positive culture that encourages students to do more or work smart to achieve their goals. It helps to instill values like kindness, working hard and promoting peace in a lovely manner.

The Kabbalah Centre Offers Expert Advice

Learning is a life-long task that is all about being able to absorb knowledge and use it well. Those who love to learn are those who can find out what they need to know from life. There are many places to learn in the world. One such place is the Kabbalah Centre in California. The Centre places an emphasis on multiple kinds of learning including learning that is highly spiritual in nature as well as learning that can come from the study of ancient texts. They know here that finding spiritual knowledge is often the key to a feeling of contentment in life and a feeling that one is in touch with the world that includes the spirit as well as the body.


Ancient Texts

Those who work with officials at the Kabbalah Centre are able to tap into various kinds of texts that include texts that are all knowing oneself in all possible ways. Those who are in touch with their own inner spirits are those who can feel as if they know what it is to feel at peace inside of themselves. They can read the ancient texts here closely and gain the kind of insights that have been useful to people all across the ages and the centuries. Such ancient wisdom still have a great deal to offer all people today as they look for meaning of life.

A World Beyond

Turning to a world that is beyond the ordinary and one that is within the realm of the senses can be enormously comforting for all those who seek such help. With the help of the trained scholars in this centre, people are able to understand an important worldview that offers them a sense of spirituality. As the seasons change and each holiday comes along, people can come to the Centre to get a sens of how to create an understanding of the passage of time and the marking of important life events and other milestones. Doing so has helped provide a sense of relaxation that allows people to be happier no matter what they are doing.

How Are Devco Loans Used To Help New Jersey Develop?

The Press of Atlantic City has written up a lot of pieces about how Devco is making development in New Jersey better, and the company knows how to help cities build a hotel or casino that can completely revitalize a community. The people that are living in these areas will need to have something that helps them go out and find jobs, and the development will bring in people who can help with residential buildings, commercial building and retail openings.
Devco pays for the development with their loans, and the loans are much easier to get for every city because it makes their communities rise out of nowhere. There are burnt out areas that have been left to rot for a long time, but the money from a Devco loan can make it easy to build something that will make the area attractive again. Just one building will start to attract other businesses, and Devco will find out how easy it is for the community to generate tax revenue. They use those predictions to help the company pay back the loan, and they decide what must be done to make it easy for the community to build the most efficient buildings.

Devco knows how to create something that will be much easier for people to enjoy once it has been completed. They know that they can get a lot of good results from the loans they supply, and they will be sure that they have chosen to give loans to cities that will benefit the most. New Jersey has a lot of development to do if it wants to keep up with the rest of America, and they can do most of that with Devco’s help. Devco offers the money that is needed, and Devco makes it easy for the city to plan.



Doe Deere Creates Different Beauty Standards With Bold Bright Lime Crime

Doe Deere
For several decades now, women were used to seeing the giant cosmetics companies rolling out the same tired, beige makeup palettes with safe, soft shades, except for a bright red or fuchsia lipstick now and then.

These days, beauty has come to mean something more, and I believe the credit belongs to the founder and CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere. This isn’t your mama’s makeup compact; oh, no. The brand is both modern, edgy and full of strongly pigmented colors that allow women and men, too, to experiment with makeup and define their own concept of what is beautiful.

Even Doe Deere’s About Us page describes her online makeup store’s mission quite clearly:

“I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!”

The lovely Doe Deere was born in Russia with a much longer name and grew up in New York City. She was always a very creative child, one who loved playing with vivid colors, who dreamed of finding unicorns and using her sharp imagination wherever she went.

Doe Deere established the Lime Crime brand in 2008, after being frustrated with the current makeup palettes being sold everywhere. Most were safe cosmetics is the same colors and styles that society forced on women. Doe Deere launched a different kind of makeup line, one that turned heads and empowered young people around the globe. Suddenly, Lime Crime fanatics were out on the street in blue or yellow lipstick, sparkly eye shadows and more. Doe Deere started changing the face of makeup in a major way.

These days, Doe Deere is finally getting the respect the sassy brand deserves. Lime Crime’s Instagram page has become the little darling of social media, with more than 2.3 million followers and growing wildly. Doe Deere believes in interacting with her global fan base and enjoys when makeup-addicted fans send her colorful selfies adorned in Lime Crime cosmetics. The inspiration is welcoming to all, and Doe Deere dominates any social media plateau she steps on.

Lime Crime has exploded onto e-commerce and maintained its healthy growth, catching the eye of many in the business arena. One of Doe Deere’s greatest accomplishments came via Self-Made magazine, when she was featured on the cover right next to famous businesswomen Ariana Huffington and Suze Orman. All three powerhouses made the magazine’s Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs list.

Doe Deere remarked to Galoremag, that it was an honor to be recognized by Self-Made magazine, because she truly loves creating beautiful makeup that is designed to break the rules. In fact, she admires women who fearlessly celebrate their individual beauty and style; one of these is Dita Von Teese.

Lime Crime is a proud vegan and cruelty-free makeup company based in Los Angeles. Doe Deere continues creating stunning makeup for women who like being bold. She believes in giving back to her community and supports charities helping children, moms and animals.

Visit Lime Crime’s shopping website here.

Follow Doe on Twitter – @doedeere

Securus Technologies Launches Investigator Pro 4.0 to Enhance Biometric Analysis

Securus Technologies has been serving the civil and criminal justice industry for over two decades. Currently, the company is estimated to serve more than 2600 correctional agencies. On the other hand, more than 1million prisoners have access to their services which help in improving the incarceration experience alongside reducing recidivism. Watch more on


Besides the stiff competition Securus Technologies face from their rivals, it has been honored as the best service provider and innovator of correctional technology across America. Despite some misleading campaigns aimed to taint its reputation, Securus received an A+ rating for being a company that honors the promises they made in advertisements.


The A+ rating is the highest level that is awarded by Better Business Bureau to enterprises that have an excellent customer service, offer honest advertisements on their products and are responsible for solving discrepancies in a professional way.


One of its subsidiaries, JLG Technologies, has developed an investigative software branded Investigator Pro 4.0. The software proves Securus’ endeavor in producing products that enhance security in prisons by the provision of groundbreaking products that suit the needs of a modern correctional facility.


Investigator Pro 4.0 will be used to select suspected voice from inmate communications services. The sample voice will be used to identify other calls that the sample voice has made. The information generated will help in making follow ups to determine the identity of the suspects, whether they have ever been incarcerated and the inmates who communicate with the suspects.


The information will generate investigative information on criminal gangs or illegal conversation that threatens public safety as well as compromising the quality of rehabilitation in reducing recidivism. Michael Kester, an executive official from JLG Technologies confirmed that the software improves Securus Technologies service on biometric analysis. It also helps Securus Technologies improve inmates’ safety and reduce recidivism.

CEO Bob Reina Leads the Way in Giving Back

Talk Fusion Diamond Rush Motivational Moments… by MollyJimenez

It’s rare that you meet a tech CEO whose only mission is saving lives. But that is the case with Bob Reina. He is set on not just saving people physically, but also mentally so they can live out and achieve their dreams. Read more:

He believes that those with success have a lot of responsibility as well. And it’s clear when you see his organization, TalkFusion (founded in 2007) that he started and is the CEO of. All of the associates working there embody his morals of changing peoples’ lives.

In fact, his company’s success allows associates to build their own futures, help their friends and family with money, and pay for medical expenses, among other things. Reina doesn’t stop with that though. He goes further by allowing each associate to donate a free account to a charitable organization of their choice. That charity then has access to a fully customized TalkFusion suite of video marketing, such as emails, live chat, newsletters and more. Reina feels that every voice should be able to communicate with the world.

On a personal level, Reina has broken records with his giving. He donated $1 million to the Tampa Bay Humane Society and he regularly supports orphanages and animal rights groups both at home and abroad in places like Indonesia. He hopes to relieve world suffering, and so does his team of individuals in over 140 countries worldwide.

Bob Reina is a ray of hope in a world full of selfish business people. He helps victims of earthquakes in Nepal and tsunamis in Japan. He does whatever it takes to serve his community. It is truly apparent that he cares on a deep level about making the world a better place. Sometimes, that is rare in today’s world.

Perhaps it is suiting that he began his career as a police officer. Then one day, when trying to send an email to a friend, he found a frustration he could solve. Founding his technology company was the way he could help more people than ever before.

Learn more:

Don Ressler Fabletics Brand is Cruising High

Fabletics has tapped into the market of people who are known for their love of Yoga pants. Currently, these pants are used by over one million people worldwide who prefer them over other clothing items because of their links to health and wellness. According to analysts, the US athletic market will increase by half to more than $100 billion worth before 2020 begins.

The athletic brands were introduced in the market by Fabletics, a company controlled by Don Ressler. According to Ressler, the company’s marketing experts conducted a thorough research to find a profitable market niche in what the company termed as an attempt to increase its dominance in the market and possibly increase its sales volume.

Since their debut in US market, the brands have become an integral part of the fashion industry while spontaneously enhancing fitness and healthy life among people of all ages. According to Don Ressler, the pants cost around $49.95.

About Don Ressler

Don Ressler is the co-founder of JustFab and CEO of Fabletics. JustFab is a fashion company that has dominated the US market for years now, and Fabletics is one of its brands. Through his craftsmanship and creativity, Don Ressler is widely known for a series of startups that have grown within a short time to become multi-million ventures. He was the mastermind behind the success of Intelligent Beauty and its divisions. In 2001, he collaborated with a 19year old Adam Goldenberg to start a company known as Alena Media. The company rose through the profitability indexes to raise more than $100 million in profits in its second financial year. He later left the company to explore fresh opportunities and build a brand for himself. This was when he co-founded Intelligent Beauty which surpassed its profit target within the first three years of its inception.

JustFab currently operates in a partnership venture to enhance its operations and build a portfolio of brands. Don Ressler is one of the CEOs of the company and has been instrumental in its development agenda. The company is already worth billions of dollars and is on its way to making its first half a billion dollar profit by the end of this year. Don is also a manager at Inc. and a board member in several organizations in Manhattan Beach. His good track record in everything he does is an important value he will live with for many years.

Update: JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group

Reliable Wireless Services Are Provided By FreedomPop

Everyone needs a reliable cell phone, not just those who love to use their phone. Those that make occasional phone calls as well as those that make a lot of calls will want a phone that can keep up with their lifestyle. It’s not the phone alone that can be a problem but the service because many cell phones work fine but have shoddy service. Those that join the wrong network may have dropped phone calls, missed calls, undelivered text messages, and very little or unresponsive data when using the Internet. Instead of going through all the problems that exist with many other cell phone companies, why not give FreedomPop a try?

The great thing about joining FreedomPop is that it’s not difficult to find a retailer that sells their phones and can sign customers up for the service. Those that cannot find a retailer for FreedomPop can always go to the FreedomPop website to sign up for the services. Purchasing a cell phone on the website can be done as well, and there are even tablets for sale too. The reason why FreedomPop doesn’t only sell phones is because the tablets can be used on the FreedomPop network as well, especially if it has a sim card slot.

Any cell phone that accepts sim cards can be unlocked and is eligible to be used with FreedomPop, and tablets are the same. If there is a tablet that is also a phone, then the tablet can be used on FreedomPop and can receive FreedomPop service like any other phone. The most popular phones based on a FreedomPop review are the iPhones and the Android phones, so those who want to bring over a phone should stick to these types of operating systems. Those who want to use a tablet don’t need to purchase a phone plan, especially if the tablet only can receive Wi-Fi service.

Wi-Fi service is available through FreedomPop for a nominal fee of only five dollars each month, and those who want to can use the service on their tablet or on their cell phone. It’s necessary to download the Wi-Fi application from FreedomPop in order to use the service, and the application is free to download. Since FreedomPop is offering its customers all kinds of ways to stay connected, many have chosen to use FreedomPop as their home Internet service provider as well as their provider for Internet service if they have a portable hotspot.

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