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Shaygan Kheradpir Climbing Success Stairs

News about Shaygan Kheradpir joining Coriant to work as the Chief Executive Officer is all over the internet. Coriant is one of the leading companies in the United States that supplies dynamic metro-to-core transport solutions. The company has full-service offices in over 100 countries and serves the world’s top tier Communications Service Providers (CSPs). Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir was tapped by the management to help drive the company’s growth strategy and strengthen focus on new network solutions.

It seems Coriant knew who they are entrusting this prestigious position. For many years, Shaygan has been recognized globally as a renowned business and technology expert. He is a respected executive who has many years of experience in a broad range of fields such as technology, telecom, innovation and finance.

Shaygan Kheradpir did not earn his reputation overnight. He started his career at GTE Corporation but later moved to Verizon to work as the EVP & Chief Information Officer. Shaygan has also served as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer at Barclays. While working at Barclays, he was also invited to be part of the bank’s Executive Committee. Basically, before taking his current position at Coriant, he has worked for a plethora of companies both big and small.

Shaygan has managed to have a successful career because of his good education. He graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor’s, a master’s and a bachelor’s in engineering. He is a go-getter who believes in education as the key to success in life. Because of his hard work and dedication, he has received several honors and patents spanning technology, business, innovation and media. It is because of his contribution in technology that he was appointed to serve in the Cornell University Engineering Council and the advisory board of the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology.

Questioned on why they gave him this challenging position, the company said that Mr. Kheradpir is a proven business and technology leader with extensive knowledge of a broad range of fields. The management released a statement on their official website saying that Shaygan’s expertise will play an important role in the company’s growth.

Darius Fisher Points out How to Clean up Google Name Search Results

The Internet is a never ending source of information. That can be a good thing but it can also be a rather bad thing. Information about you can appear on the search engine that is not desirable. However, Darius Fisher, the owner of Status Labs, offers up different pointers for making sure this is not necessarily possible and that the search engines have only necessary information displayed.

In order to find out exactly what is located on a search engine, you need to log out of your Google account. From Gmail to YouTube and everything else in between, if you are logged onto your account the search engine is going to automatically showcase information associated with your account which others might not be able to see. So, log out and clear out the browser history and stored cache. This way, the Google search is organic and doesn’t offer this usually hidden information.

After performing the Internet search, it is possible to then go through and identify problems with the search results and to progress with the removal. First, you might find social media posts and images you don’t like. You can go to your social media accounts and remove theses posts in order to help clear up the search results. You have to keep in mind that whenever posting content on social media it is likely going to end up on search engines, even if the content is marked as “private.” In the world of the Internet nothing is really private.

One great way to push away negative content is by reviewing and creating new content. Perhaps you should create a blog or write new information. This becomes cataloged and is more likely to be pushed towards the top of search engine results. It can make it more difficult for anything negative to be found. It is just a good reason why sharing your thoughts through a blog is a good idea.

Darius Fisher is the owner of Status Labs and he has made it his responsibility to offer insights into how people can protect themselves and their reputations online.

New York Real Estate Market For Early December

The latest numbers for New York real estate are in. If you’re wondering what the market is doing this week then this article will fill you in with all the latest news.

Multifamily home dollar volume was up 97% to over 1.6 billion. The increase in volume comes with a 5% slip in sales for September. The lower 5th Avene saw retail leasing up just over 14% to $1,244 per square foot. Unemployment up slightly in the 3rd quarter, but still over a percentage less than this time last year.

In residential numbers, the absorption rate is down for both Manhattan and Midtown. Manhattan is seeing a rate of 4.1 percent while Midtown and Midtown east took a beating with sharp declines. The Halstad Property Development Marketing Report shows that nearly half of all properties in Brooklyn’s new development market have been sold with 51% of the inventory remaining.

Luxury apartment numbers are up in Manhattan where, according to the Olshan Realty Repot, 70 contracts were signed making 2015 November the highest since 2006.

If you would like more information on real estate in New York then Town Residential can help provide answers. A real estate broker that is familiar and successful with a variety of real estate is important in helping any individual or business make decisions about the best options available.

Town Residential provides real estate opportunities in multiple areas of New York for both residential and commercial purposes. If you are looking to get involved in the real estate market or looking to buy a new property for family or business Town Residential can help.

How to Create Your Own Brand as a Lawyer

Lots of up and coming lawyers want to establish their own brand. Who better to ask advice on this than Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Ricardo has successfully built up his brand. Now he hopes to pass on some sage advice to any of you looking to do the same.

According to Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho it’s much easier than some thing.

“All you have to do is pay attention and makes some really good choices. Building your brand starts out with just doing the simple things. Once you have mastered the simple things, everything else will fall into place.”

–Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Let’s take a look at some of these tips now.

1)Create a portfolio online. Trust is hard to come by these days. You have to begin from ground zero in some cases. Advertise your past work and cases. Get permission from your clients to use their testimonials. Post all of this on your site. This will help to build some trust. If one client sees who you have helped out someone they know, this will go a long way to proving yourself.

Any kind of online professional database is crucial. Post your site and resume up there. Let people see you. This is not the time to be shy.

2)What types of services can you offer? Showcase these skills. You have to set yourself apart from all the rest. Attend some events. This is another crucial step to getting your brand out. If people do not see who you are, why would they hire you for a job?

3)Get in the habit of speaking at some events. Do not sell your product. Sell you and your skills. This is where the key to success lies. If you do not feel comfortable doing this in the beginning, how will you make something of yourself in the courtroom?

4)Write about what you know. Focus on getting published. Do not go overboard with this though. You will be sending out the wrong message if you do. Limit social media blogging and commenting to the bare minimum. The idea is to put yourself out there, but not go into overdrive.

You can find out more about Ricardo on his personal blog. Ask him a question on Twitter. Log onto his business site. There is plenty of avenues to get in touch with him. Learning from him is one of the best ways to build your brand.

About Nashville’s Property Value Increase And The New Basketball Team

Nashville city has in the recent past become a city where tall condos have totally replaced one story buildings. The city has also made a rather funny twist when matters related to the most sought after areas are concerned. The once most avoided areas are currently the most sought after. On top of that, the city is also expected to make a historic increase when matters related to property values are concerned.

According to the area’s property assessor, an estimated average of between 33 and 37 percent is expected in the upcoming reappraisal of 2017. The estimation is expected even though appreciation varies by neighborhood. Currently, the city has rapidly developing neighborhoods and others that are a bit slow. For instance, parts of East Nashville and Inglewood have in the last two years experienced a lot of growth.

The last time the city had an appraisal was in 2013 and it witnessed a 5.3 percent increase when compared to 2009. The anticipated increase is set to mark the city’s single biggest spike in matters property values since 1989 when the state of Tennessee made it a requirement for municipalities to reassess the value of properties after every four years.

Nashville might have all what it has today but it does not have a professional basketball team. However, Nashville residents have not given up on the city having a team again. Scott Lumley plans to do away with all negative memory that the last team left. He is hoping that he will succeed where others have failed before. He says that he will use professionalism, cooperation and preparation with other involved parties to make the difference.

He has spent a lot of his time signing players, selling tickets, looking into matters corporate sponsorships and marketing for the Nashville Rhythm. Scott is not new to management and business. He runs several successful businesses and embraces the use of technology and the internet when managing his businesses. For the last year alone, all his three entities when combined earned him not less than $47 million. He is a firm believer that to be successful, hard work and smart thinking have to be incorporated.

Finding Fame On YouTube

Less than 10 years ago, if one were to say that it was possible to achieve fame through YouTube, he would be laughed out of the room. Back then, YouTube was just starting out as a video sharing site. However, it was one of the fastest growing sites in popularity, for good reason too. People could watch a wider variety of videos than they could with television. It also gave independent and upcoming artists another platform to present their craft to users. Eventually, YouTubers with the most views have begun to get recognized for their content. Some of the famous YouTubers have gone on to appear in films.

One of the people who have found fame on YouTube is Wendy Huang, better known by her YouTube name of Wengie. Wengie is a beauty blogger and a YouTube personality that hosts videos based on beauty. She shows beauty products and also talks about style. She is also experimental with her appearance. Among the looks that she has presented to her fans is her blue hair. She doesn’t just leave it at make up and clothing. She also stresses the importance of diet and eating foods that are good for the skin

Wengie loves beauty because she finds it very inspiring. Even though her mother is not into beauty, Wendy has found herself fascinated by it and wanted a career that is focused on beauty. She was able to live her dreams with YouTube. Prior to becoming a famous YouTuber, she has worked as a digital marketing agent that helped people promote their blogs so that they can gain the necessary traffic in order to make sales. One of her favorite pieces of advice was that businesses had their own blogs so that they can increase their presence.

As a famous YouTuber, Wengie is inspired by the people she runs across every day. This is perhaps one of the factors that contribute to hr fame. Inspiration helps people reach their goals. Not only that, but they also inspire others with their stories and make them want to continue on in their pursuits. One thing about YouTube is that the content provided is more likely to be inspired. It is less likely to be compromised by the suits in the industry. There is less of a risk for a project to make money. This leaves more room for the artists to present their vision to the viewers.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is One of the Best in Texas

In July of this year, Texas Monthly, an Austin publication that chronicles contemporary life among the elite in Texas, continued its tradition of identifying and honoring the best of the best in the medical field. Nine Austin Regional Clinic physicians representing six specialties were selected and honored with the title of Texas Super Doctor. These nine super stars because of their experience and expertise and the high quality of care they provide their patients have earned the respect and recognition of their peers for the year 2015.

40,000 medical professionals in Texas participate in the selection of the state’s top doctors. Each doctor nominates one or more doctors other than himself by answering one telling and very astute question: “If you needed medical care in one of the following specialties, which doctor would you choose?” Selected by Key Professional Media, Inc. and the publishers of Texas Monthly, the selection of the top doctors is also based on an evaluative review of the nominated doctors’ years of experience, board certification, hospital appointments, fellowships, professional activities, academic achievements and positions, publications, and honors and awards.

One winner of this year’s coveted award is Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Walden, a board certified plastic surgeon, is a local girl who did good. Born in Austin to parents who were also medical professionals, Dr. Walden early on was destined for greatness. Also honored this year by Harper’s Bazaar as one of America’s Best Beauty Surgeons, Jennifer Walden a graduate of Anderson High School was an all state soccer player, an honor graduate of the University of Texas Austin with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, and Salutatorian of her graduating class at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

After completing her residency training, Dr. Walden moved to New York to pursue her special interest in aesthetic surgery. She honed her skills there for over eight years before returning home to be close to family. A philanthropist, a scholar, and a mom Dr. Walden has made a difference in lives the world over because of her compassion and her skills as a surgeon.

To be a top doctor in Texas is no small feat. These physicians embody the expertise, dedication, and skills that are hallmarks of a good doctor. Dr. Walden and others like her promote health and well-being through a comprehensive and personalized approach to health care that is satisfying to the soul.

Discover Reifler as an Astute Businessman

Brad Reifler is a well known shrewd business person, as his CrunchBase career history shows. He works as the CEO of the Forefront Capital Management Company, and he is also the director of the Forefront Advisory Company. Both the companies are famous for the delivery of vital information to the community and forex merchants. Reifler also works as the director of Forefront Advisory since 2010. Soon after establishing the company, he worked as the chief executive officer of an additional company known as the Forefront Capital Management. Reifler is very experienced in the trade because his vast experience spans a period of more than 30 years.

Reifler studied at the Bowdon College where he managed to graduate with a degree in political science and economics. Immediately after he left college, he established his company that he named as the Reifler Trading Corporation. The focus of the group was to specialize in the provision of global derivatives. The company did not disappoint because it performed exceptionally well. It continued posting many successes until Refco purchased it in 2000.

Reifler has a proven track record, and that’s why he was able to perform as the chief executive officer and also the president of Pali Capital, a company that was started in 1995. He performed his duties as the leader of the company for more than 13 years. Due to his good supervision and good leadership skills, the company grew within a short time, and it was able to post a profit margin of more than $200 in a year. The company’s offices were spread in various countries that included the United States of America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The company’s labor force was tremendous, and the dedicated employees played a significant part in the success of the enterprise.

Reifler manages to work on various advisory boards despite his tight schedule. Currently, he is the chairperson overseeing the finance department in the Millbrook School. He is also the leader of the Sino Mercury, European American Investment Bank, Foresight Research Solutions, and the Genesis Securities. Reifler’s grandfather was the famous Refco originator Ray E. Friedman.  He also comments on the financial news of the day through his Twitter, where he remains a popular follow in financial circles.

About Nobilis Health and Responsibilities of Healthcare Companies

A good number of changes have been made in healthcare firms both legal and technological. The legal rights are aimed at protecting the customer and service provider. Customers have the right to get the best medical care whenever they are in need of it. The health practitioners on the other hand are expected to keep conversations and results of their patients confidential. While still at school, these medical professionals are taught on the consequences of leaking information they may be provided by a patient during the process of treatment. Officials from the healthcare companies will give clients an explanation about programs and services that are available to their companies. They will provide explanation on the qualifications and skills that are possessed by their medical staffs. The company is supposed to offer information regarding their staff’s experience  on stockhouse and educational qualifications. Customers have the right to pick a primary care doctor that will cater for them or their loved ones. The healthcare companies are obliged to include customers whenever they are making decisions that regard their health. Patients ought to be made aware of any care that might be provided to them irrespective of their medical condition. Supposing a patient is not comfortable with medical care that is being administered to them, then the officials of the health institution ought to honor and provide an alternative medical procedure. They have made communication open and simpler and patients can offer their complaints and feedback about the services they have received. Healthcare companies do have stakeholders that have different responsibilities. The insurance industry help patients meet medical expenses once they purchase health insurance. This industry aids in fighting financial distresses that may hinder patients from receiving quality health care. The pharmaceuticals companies play a role in the health industry by producing medicine that is needed by patients. The Nobilis Health owns and runs ambulatory facilities and acute care that are aimed at delivering quality medical services that are unmatched. This company aims at working towards improvement of access to medical care by patients. Outpatient services are also delivered at a fee that is fairly reasonable.

Coriant: A Networking Solutions Company

Coriant is a great company that provides its customers with networking solutions. They work in many different industries and have a ton of different customers. Here is some information about this great company.

Coriant has been in business for over thirty five years. This has given the company plenty of experience to please it’s customers. This company has many different locations. Some of these include locations in Asia, the United States, and Europe. They do business in over one hundred different countries. They have over five hundred different companies as customers.

Coriant hosts many different events throughout the year. At these events they show people their latest technology and talk about their products. One of these events is AfricaCom. This is a technology conference in Africa. This conference typically has over ten thousand people attend so it is very popular. It typically has a ton of different speakers that make speeches about new advancements in technology. They also host the Mobile World Congress which is located in Barcelona, Spain, the OFC which is located in Anaheim, California, and Next Generation Optical Networking that is in Nice, France.

Shaygan Kheradpir is the now the CEO and Chairman of the Board for Coriant. He says what made him want to be a part of this company is they are extremely efficient and innovative. He really likes that this company has made a lot of advancements in it’s products and technology. He is taking the place of Pat Dipietro. Pat will become the Vice Chairmen for the company.

Coriant has a lot of customers in many different industries. These industries include cable companies, content providers, banking and finance, research and education, mobile network operators, and utility companies. They also have several contracts with government and defense companies.

Coriant provides many different services to it’s customers. It has something called the Technical Assistance Center. This is a place that allows customers to get their questions answered and get support. This center makes sure that customer’s networks are running smoothly.

Coriant is a great networking solutions company with a new reliable and credible leader. It is very good at what it does and that is why it has over five hundred different companies as customers. Anyone looking for this type of service should look no further than Coriant.