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Flavio Maluf Has Never Been Afraid Of Working Hard

Flavio Maluf has spent his life making sure that he is doing all that he can to be a good businessman. He has always known that a great deal of power lies in doing things right, and he has always wanted to do things right for each of the companies that he has worked for. He has enjoyed his work in various positions, and he is not afraid of doing hard work to get himself to greater places in life. He has always had a passion and an ambition for the things that he is doing, and those two things are what have helped him to get so far in his career.

Some people think that it’s okay to slack off, even when they are hoping to have a good career. But not Flavio Maluf. He has long known the importance of working hard and giving a job his all, and that is what he has always done. He has cared about each of the places that he has worked for, and he has always given them his all. He knew that by doing that he would not only be benefiting them, but that he would also be benefiting himself. He would be growing wiser, and he took every opportunity that he could to keep learning.

Flavio Maluf is an inspirational man in all of the hard work that he has put toward his career. He has always cared about what he is doing and the companies that he is working for, and that is what makes him so great. He’s a man who has had a lot of passion for the work that he has been doing, and who has never been afraid to do some great things in it, and he is a man that can inspire many through that.

Review of Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a private equity industry founded in 1993. Its headquarters is situated in Dallas, Texas in the United States. This company focuses on growth capital and also leveraged buyout. It is a company that has over 100 employees who ensure services are offered in the best way possible. This company is the largest most experienced managers of global alternative credit. Other than this, Highland Capital also offers other alternatives for investments that are long and short term equities and emerging markets. Highland Capital has assets that approximate to $21bilion which are under strict management.

One person who can never be left out in a discussion when Highland capital is mentioned is Mr. James Dondero. He resides from Dallas in Texas.Mr. Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia where he had his primary focus on finance and accounting. He completed his studies with a distinction in these areas he concentrated on. James continued studying Certified Management Accountant and managed to secure himself a designation. He has served in several institutions due to his hard work and assertiveness. Initially before becoming the chairman of NexBank board of directors he worked as the president of Protective Life’sGIC subsidiary. In the short period he worked with Protective Life’sGIC in 1985 to 1989, he was able to bring changes in the investment rates, and this led to the growth of the business. The concept of this large business rose to $2million.Apart from that, he was able to manage an approximate of $1billion for American Express in their fixed income funds.

Dondero of‘s 30 years’ experience in the credit market has helped in managing funds associated with Highland Capital Management. Among the original pioneers of the collateralized loan obligation, Dondero is also recognized here since he came up with this invention that dealt with new vehicles. Most companies that have associated themselves with this great man have done well in that their progress has been noted. These impressing steps made by these businesses have been acknowledged by receiving awards and accolades, for example, the 2014 Lipper award that was associated with floating rates. Operations and strategies by Highland industry both in institutional and retail products have been managed properly under Donderos’ management.

Highland Capital has had a philosophy that it has been acting with for the few years it has been in operation. The principle being followed to the latter is producing average returns. This policy is based on three elements that are discipline, boldness and experience. It has been noted currently that Highland Capital is the largest shareholder of a fund known as Nex Point Credit Strategies. Investors are encouraged to invest with this company on equity funds because it offers the best.

Visual Search Technology Developed by Slyce

Slyce is a Toronto based company that has developed product recognition technology items that are needed by consumers. The company has created a software where consumers are connected to retailers where transactions usually takes place. The application starts by recognizing an object and later directs the consumer to a page where that item can be found. The retailer will realize that a certain consumer is interested in buying a certain product. In reality, when individuals snap photos of items that are available in the real world, Slyce will help to identify the items and allow consumers to buy them.

Slyce is offering its software as a kit that works under the websites of other big brands referred to as white label solutions. Slyce has partnered with six out of 20 top retailers in the United States. The application will first identify the item that is required by a consumer and then determine its specific features. For instance, the software will determine if the item needed is a shirt, trouser or a pair of shoes. Once this is done, it will analyze the image in accordance to a schema programmed by Slyce’s professional team in relation to that object. For instance, in the case of a trouser, the software may track the color, pattern, number of pockets, the material used and so on. When the features have been categorized in that manner, it would be easy to track a matching item that has been offered by a particular retailer.

The system developed by Slyce first needs to recognize what is being searched. When Slyce has partnered with a given retailer, it will ingest the object’s visual appearance-for which several major retailers have inventories in their online stores. Then the company will create models for various classes of items. The system classifies objects depending on their application and this helps consumers to easily track their preferred objects. Eventually, this technology is installed into the retailer’s apps as well as their online stores. If consumers buy the products they have seen is just one application of this technology. The technology helps retailers focus on the photos consumers are posting and notice whether they are buying the items or not.

Slyce’s major operations are based in Toronto, but it has developed a client base across the entire North America. The company has potential to change the manner in which consumers interact with retailers. The marketing strategy for the company is to develop a solid partnership with top consumer brands and provide its technology as an acceptable white labeled m-commerce solution. The company focuses on establishing, creating and strengthening partnership with top performing retail brands.

The use of m-commerce technology through smartphones is a major flow of income for retailers. Slyce has simplified the process of discovering, purchasing and ownership of items very painless. Slyce technology has enabled retailers to be close to their customers as they fulfill their needs at any place they might be. It is an attractive application that should be embraced by all retailers and brands.

Skout Allows People To Go About Dating In A New Way

Skout is an online dating service that decided that it wanted to give people a totally new way to date, and so it set out to become an app that was different from every other online dating service out there. It knew that it needed to do something fun and exciting to get people to be interested in it, so the founders of Skout on skoutorganic set out to try to come up with something fresh and new to do. And the idea that they have come up with has been something that has drawn many people in.

The way that Skout has chosen to be unique from other online dating services is in that it allows those using it to connect with people in their area. It allows them the chance to get out and flirt with some people that they may not have met, otherwise, and it allows them to have a bit of fun. Other dating sites take themselves too seriously, and that is something that Skout does not do. When someone gets on this app they can know that they will have a good time that night. They’ll be able to know that they can connect with other singles who are close by, and that will make them feel very happy.

There are so many great things about Skout and how this service operates, and people have fallen in love with it immediately, no pun attended. People are enjoying themselves when dating more than they ever have before thanks to the creativity of the people behind this app. They are happy that they can get out and date at any time that they want to, and they are excited for the chance to meet locals. No other dating service works in quite the same way, and that is what Skout wanted. It wanted to stand out as being something different.

Every business needs to have something about it that sets it apart from all others. Online dating services need to be just as unique from each other as any other company, and Skout was smart in doing something so extremely different. By allowing GPS to track where the singles are, Skout has become a service that has drawn many people in.

So, whether someone is wanting to meet their mate, they are wanting to get out and flirt, or they are just bored and looking for something to do that night, Skout will help them to do that. Skout will help them to meet someone who is already in their area and connect with them like they never would have been able to without the service.

Using Professional Branding Agencies To Elevate Your Corporation

In the fast paced world that we live in, corporations realize that in order to stay relevant its branding and marketing campaigns must employ aggressive and creative tactics. Advertising in contemporary times has become a 24-hour cycle that requires a strategic expansion onto diverse platforms, which include the internet, television, mobile technology, radio and print media. Delivering results and nurturing the core principles that define a company’s values is best achieved by hiring a reputable ad agency that can transform a company’s image in the public eye.

One of the leading agencies that has been making a lot of noise in the global market for the past 25 years is Heads Advertisement. Headquartered in Curitiba, Brazil, this firm represents the fusion between technological advancement and creative style. Heads Advertisement boasts over a dozen global clients in its portfolio, which include 3M, Calixa, Petrobras and many others.

In the world of advertisement, we have come a long way from the 1950s Mad Men era way of doing things. That time period represented an age when corporations used non-digital tools and resources to bring ideas to life. Modern day branding agencies like Heads Advertisement implements cutting-edge software and photo editing programs, state-of-the-art photography cameras, advanced video recording equipment, skillful marketing and publication techniques and the most important of all, the hiring of the brightest and most creative minds that are trained to implement innovative ideas and technological resources. All of these elements are corralled around the mission statement of the Heads Advertisement branding machine, which is designed to channel effective communication standards for maximum output and exponential returns.

Heads Advertisement has not only garnered appreciation and respect from its clients, but the advertisement firm has also received over a dozen notable awards from the likes of the London/ New York Festival , the Cannes Festival and the Wave Festival. The achievements of Heads Advertisement continues to be recognized because they have successfully lead the Brazilian marketing industry beyond its borders onto the world stage while keeping pace with the evolution of technology and branding techniques.

Leading the helm for Heads Advertisement is its co-founder, CEO and inventive leader Claudio Loureiro. Mr. Loureiro has led the company for over two decades into the elite stratosphere of being one of the top five advertisement firms to come out of Brazil. His accomplishments extend beyond the scope of his executive duties, for he is a critically acclaimed film producer, TEDx speaker and a producer for the world-renowned Broadway musical A Night with Janis Joplin. His diverse achievements are a reflection of his dedication to hard work and his creative intellect. The vibrant energy that glows from the offices of Heads Advertisement is a byproduct of great minds like Claudio Loureiro who define the character of the company through unparalleled waves of genius and elite branding strategies.

James Dondero: An Established Icon in Equity and Capital Markets

James Dondero is a well-known individual in the equity and capital markets. Mr. Dondero has a vast experience of more than 30 years in the field and currently resides in Dallas, Texas.

Mr. Dondero has built a good reputation in his field of work, such as managing to grow approximately $1 billion in fixed-income funds during his stay at the American Express from 1985 to 1989. Additionally, when he served as the chief executive officer of Protective Life GIC subsidiary from 1989 to 1993, he was instrumental in the business growth for over $2 billion. He has a broad range of management experience that includes mortgage-based securities, leveraged bank loans, real estate, preferred stocks, common stocks, emerging market debts, investment grade corporates, and derivatives.

Mr. James Dondero of is one of the co-founders of the Highland Capital Management formed in 1993 and holds the position of President in the Institution. At the Highland Capital Management, he plays a vital role in managing the private equity business. Nevertheless, he handles the determination and execution of the organization’s strategic investment and operational enterprises. The Highland Capital Management is forefront in the establishment of the Collateralized Loan Obligation market. He hurled one of the first non-bank Collateralized Loan Obligated in 1996. Additionally, it focuses on developing credit-oriented solutions for institutional and retail investors globally.

Under James Dondero, the Highland Capital Management has managed to win various awards due to their unique products. The award-winning products include Collateralized Loan Obligation, hedge funds, mutual funds, equity funds, REITs as well as ETFs. These funds associated with Mr. Dondero have received many appreciations and awards such as Morningstar’s 5 –Star designation. Furthermore, the entity received the Lipper Awards, and Morningstar’s number one ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund all in 2014. Along with his fellow Co-founder, Mark Okada, they manage approximately $1 billion in assets.

Moreover, Mr. Dondero serves as a Portfolio Manager of the NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund from September 2012. He is not only the Co-founder of NexPoint Capital Inc. but also a Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager, as well as being the President since 2014. Additionally, he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NexBank Capital Inc. He has also been the President of Nexpoint Multifamily Realty Trust Inc. a position he holds since February 2014. Mr. Dondero is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the HCM Acquisition Company.

Mr. Dondero also has decorated academic credentials that include his attendance at the University of Virginia where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Accounting and Finance option. Additionally, Mr.Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) as well as earning the use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) title.

In conclusion, it is evident that Mr. Dondero has a vast load of responsibilities on his shoulder. Perhaps his prowess in the equity and capital markets has resulted in the various roles he plays.

Jaime Garcia Dias, A Famous Author From Brazil.

Jaime Garcia Dias, is a famous author who originated from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His father, Arnaldo Garcia Dias, was an author and journalist, and he encouraged Jaime even from a tender age to begin writing. His mother, Dulce Garcia Dias, was an architect.

Dias always had a love for Brazilian literature. His first book was inspired by a novel by Joao Guimaraes Rosa, titled, The Devil to Pay in the Backlands.

As time went by, Dias grew in his skill as an author, and he then became a professor. In 1995, he taught at the Carioca Literature Academy. He taught teenagers who aspired to become authors. His teaching strategies were so effective that in just two years, he became the academy’s vice president. Even as Dias retained his work as a professor, he continued to pursue his passion for writing, and by the age of 30, he had already written and published ten books.

Dias first gained recognition for his writing in the year 2001, when he won the prestigious and well sought after, White Crane Literary Award. Shortly after winning this award, his novel, Caiu de ceu, which translates to, Fell From Heaven, was promoted by an Argentine writer known as Josue Gomez. The novel then became very popular and was sold all across South America.

In the year 2007, the Carioca Literature Academy celebrated it’s 100th year. Dias was greatly honored for his contributions, hard work and dedication. Dias was then nominated president of the Carioca Literature Academy, where he had taught for five years. The academy is now famous for its contribution to Brazilian authors and contribution to literature.

In the year 2013, Dias was then invited to write for a known newspaper called, Jornal de Brazil. He later published a novel, which was a collection of all the articles that he wrote for the newspaper, as well as a collection of his childhood memories including memories of his father. To date, Dias has written 20 books.

Skout Connects You to the World

The thing that makes Skout a masterful iPhone app on and is the fact that there are so many users out there. I have used it for networking and dating purposes. I have been successful with both. As someone that works for a hotline there are moments during the day where I simply don’t have any calls. I needed a way to minimize the idle time that I had and Skout became the best way for me to do this.

This has really become my go-to when I am in line at in grocery stores check out lines. If I have to wait for a doctor or dentist appointment I will use Skout during these times as well. I think that it is the perfect app for those that have idle time because it allows you to send a wink to someone that you may be interested in starting a conversation with. I like to check out the people that are online with the pictures that they attach. I can see a pretty face and I will send a wink. Most of the times I get a reply back fairly quick. It is awesome because people will also see me online and send me winks. This makes the process of getting to know someone on the fly so easy.

In most cases I have been able to open up a session while I wait in line somewhere and connect with 3 or more people. When I chat a little, flirt and make jokes I will be able to get some information for chatting later. They understand when I say that I have to go but that I will contact them later.

Skout has some other things on the sites that require points. Some people purchase the points. I check out the advertisements and earn points for the things on this app that require points. The thing that I like to spend the majority of my points on is checking who viewed by profile. I like this because everyone that views my profile may not necessarily contact me, but I may contact them if I knew they were checking me out.

I believe that Skout can be used for a lot of different things. I have made friends, but I have also networked my way into some freelance work. This is the best thing about networking through a site like Skout. Users can get involved with the site and make some cool friends that get job leads. I like this the most because I move around a lot. When I touch down in a new city I like to know if there are any job opportunities to pursue. With Skout I am able to sort out the jobs in new areas quickly. I also find friends and learn about the best spots in town as soon as a I visit a new area. I am a big fan of the Skout app, and I recommend it for anyone that likes finding friends online.

How Mr. Bruce Levenson is Good for the NBA

The National Basketball Association is the world’s most popular professional basketball entertainment organization, and oversees 29 teams in the United States and one team in Canada. The NBA was founded in 1946, originally known as the Basketball Association of America. Three years after its inception, the BAA became known as the NBA after joining forces with their number one rival, the National Basketball League.

The NBA’s games are broadcasted online via live streams, on United States cable and satellite networks, and on other television channels around the world. The NBA has been growing consistently in the past few decades, for a few reasons: the wealthy owners that are attracted to buying NBA teams don’t mind spending extra money on the team or its talent; the top athletes in the NBA are so dominant over other players because of the increased autonomy that basketball provides its players — one person can do a lot more in basketball than one person can in football or baseball; and professional basketball games are action-packed and full of entertainment value.

Mr. Bruce Levenson used to own the Atlanta Hawks, which belongs to the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association. He bought the franchise at around five hundred million dollars, then turned around and sold the Hawks a few years later for more than seven hundred million dollars — that’s a $200 million profit!

Mr. Levenson of UCG helped lead his team to the Eastern Conference Finals, where they lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers 2-4. The Atlanta Hawks were favored by many to win the series, but they simply let it slip from their hands. Having an owner like him puts a team at an elevated pedestal to win their conference or a championship.

The NBA is broadcasted on three major news networks in the Untied States: ABC/ESPN, NBA TV, and TNT. The current world champions of the NBA are the Golden State Warriors, which was led by Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Andre Iguodala over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The NBA really started to gain a lot of popularity in the late seventies, when officials at the league office decided to add the three point shot to the game of professional basketball, coincidentally at the same time Magic Johnson and Larry Bird joined the National Basketball Association. Five years after Magic and Bird joined the league, a guy by the name of Michael Jordan was drafted by the Chicago Bulls, and Mr. Jordan changed the way the game of basketball was played around the world.

Professional basketball is a fan favorite around the world because of the exciting gameplay that typically happens during a professional basketball game. Virtually no other sport allows one person on the playing field to have as much influence as someone who plays basketball does. It only takes that one player to get open or force a good shot to change the track of the game at hand.

If one is interested in watching any NBA games, contact the local service provider and ask if they provide NBA packages.

Women On Top Of Their Game in Business

An accomplishment of purpose or aim can be defined as success. Others might perceive success to be something different or have an entirely different meaning of what success is. Others consider success as landing in their wildest jobs and to others might be standing up to their misogynist boss. A successful business woman, on the other hand, is self-assured, identifies her limits and is ready to push them. Such a woman knows her flaws and weaknesses but instead uses them to outwit her haters. She has a set of goals to achieve and assess to blow if they emerge in her way. She is a force to reckon but the queen in the confinement that you prefer in your hand. There is a lot that sets successful women apart from typical ones around.

In the current world, there is a diverse range of women at the top of their game in various industries of specialization, especially in business. Not to mention that most privately owned businesses in America are owned and run by women. Most women have realized a better version of themselves out there and are willing to grow and to search for it. That is what they are exactly doing. They are always filled with passion and drive, making these the vital factors for their success.

For Susan McGalla, nothing has held her back or deterred her chances for success according to prnewswire. The Pittsburgh, PA-based expert consultant, and prominent businesswoman, has had an incomparable personality that has propelled her to a successful career. She is the well-known Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers as well as the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. As a retail expert and an experienced marketer, her firm deals exclusively with organizational development, creative, a range of brand and supply chain for high-profile clients and notable corporations in both the retail and non-retail industry.

In her endeavors as a successful business woman, McGalla has also faced a lot as a woman in stature. Despite some patronizing remarks, misogynistic comments, and heightened inequality during her initial stages of her career, the odd experience did not put her down put gave her more courage to press on. She has always been confident, fiercely independent and determined to succeed. Her network also comprises of women who are on the top of their game and share a close personality like hers. She is widely known as the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and the former CEO of Wet Seal Inc.

McGalla started working for Joseph Horne Company back in 1986 to 1994 where she served at several marketing and managerial posts. She later joined American Eagle, a place that defined and shaped her career. She then left the company and joined Wet Seal at the time when it was facing a crunch. She initiated a few strategies and business plan that saw the company get back on its feet. McGalla is also a board member of HFF Inc., a publicly traded corporation that offers commercial real estate as well as the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation.