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Visual Search Is Changing Perspectives On How We ‘Internet’

The world is changing and growing at an exponential pace and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to keep up with all the data. Some companies on are beginning to find out that they don’t actually need to keep up with anything, and can let their software do the thinking for them. Now the technology has evolved to a new way of doing business online that is quick, smart, and accurate.

Anyone who has searched for the right image online understands the frustration that goes along with trying to find a match when there is such a seemingly infinite amount of them out on the web. Using text to describe the image can also be troubling when people don’t speak the image’s language. What do I mean by image’s language? I am referring to the fact that a person familiar with electronics will immediately understand what a capacitor is, but when a person who has never seen one tries to find out some information trying to use generic descriptors about the device text search can lack efficiency.

Utilizing cameras can change all of this, however, and some like Pinterest are taking advantage of the technology. Pinterest is beginning to offer visual search options so a user can take an image of any object and search the company’s database for exact or similar results. Features like image recognition software are only helping to increase the quality a user experiences from an app like Pinterest.

Pinterest is also creating a powerful marketing tool combining their popular social media platform with visual search software to bring consumers to the products that they want. Other companies like Slyce are making use of this powerful new search method. Scout was recently released with Slyce’s powerful image recognition software to allow users the ability to take an image of any product and find the best deals. Scout has reported having a 90% success rate recognizing products and has saved users on average 50% on those products it finds.

When It Comes To Taste, Beneful Is The Best For Dogs

Dogs can get diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and any other human disease that one can think of. One way to prevent a lot of the diseases that dogs get is by feeding them food that is good for their system and their body. One may take the time to search around and find a dog food that is good for their dog, but that may require searching through the different dog foods that out there today. A person may choose to use the Internet and go to Yahoo or by word of mouth when they finally choose to buy from a certain dog food company. If a dog owner takes care in buying the food that they give to their dog, then it’s unlikely that they’ll have an overweight dog, a sick dog, or an unhealthy dog. Not every dog food company will create their food the same way, and some take more care than others when they create dog food. Many dog food companies will keep in mind that a pet owner will want good food for their pet while other companies may not care at all. Those who buy bags of dog food will be able to determine what’s in the food after they’ve read the ingredients, and there should at least be some type of protein. Those who want an energetic dog will want protein in the food because it is the best way to help a dog gain energy. Protein also builds muscle, and after a dog has a workout or does a lot of exercises, they’ll need protein to rebuild their muscles. A pet owner can choose wet or dry dog food when they are feeding their pet. Beneful is an excellent dog food that’s good tasting too. Many dogs enjoy the meaty flavor of Beneful foods, and since it’s filled with protein and vegetables, the dog is actually getting the nutrients they need from Beneful. Dogs need as much protein as possible to help with their energy levels as well as building their muscles. If a dog gets everything they need in their food, then they are less likely to become sick, lack energy, or push their food away. Beneful not only has healthy foods for dogs, but they also have dental sticks, treats, and snacks for dogs too. Everything that Beneful sells will be able to help keep a dog healthy as well as satisfying them when they eat their meals. Those pet owners who have not tried Beneful before can easily do so by purchasing Beneful in any store. When introducing Beneful to a dog for the first time, it’s best to slowly mix the Beneful brand food with the old food the dog was eating, just to make sure the dog doesn’t get an upset stomach.

About Adam Sender, Master Art Collector

Hedge fund manager, Adam Sender, has become a major contemporary art collector over the past few years. Sothebys is preparing to offer over 400 works by 139 artists in the span of a year.

At only 45, Sender has been known to make smart choices over a consistent amount of time. He has been able to make his personal vision of what is good contemporary art pay off as a chronicle of the best working artists right now. Sender said he has attempted to avoid the flavor of the month and instead selected artists he thought would have long successful careers.

Sender’s collection will highlight works by important artists like Keith Haring, Martin Kippenberger, and Dan Flavin. All three are considered to be modern masters. Cindy Sherman and Richard Prince will also have several work represented. So will young up and coming artists like Adam McEwen, Rashid Johnson, and Lucien Smith.

Current hot styles, conceptual art, minimalism. and appropriation are well represented in the collection. An early entry into Sender’s collection was the Cindy Sherman photograph, Black Sheets, Her has also collected several other works by the artist,

Sender has been known to have a knack of singling out artists with special talents. Some can it laser vision.
He has also been able to work with the top women in the art world, dealers like Barbara Gladstone, Sadie Coles, and Shaun Regen. Top women artists represented in the collection includes Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, and Sarah Lucas.When he began collecting, Sender had no idea where it would ultimately take him. About it he said:
“When I started buying art, I never thought that this was going to turn into what it turned into. This was always long-term in nature for me. Every single thing I bought, I was passionate about. It grew organically.”

Facts About CipherCloud You Should Know

CipherCloud is a respected cloud security company based in the United States. The company makes it possible for cloud services adoption while at the same time ensuring that compliance, security and control are observed. Its unique cloud security platform provides comprehensive cloud date risk assessment, data protection, very strong tokenization, data loss protection, malware detection as well as key management. In short, the company makes it possible for extensive user activity without forgetting top-notch monitoring services.

The company was founded in 2010 but launched in February 2011 and it used to work alone back then. In the same year, it added Amazon Integration to its services and it was able to make its first successful seed funding in worth $1.4 million. In June the following year, it released its phenomenal Gmail encryption and by September of the following year, its platform could easily encrypt other platforms as well. It also launched a phenomenal app called ConnectAnyApp that allowed users to specify fields on any webpage, encrypt them and preserve any data and operations.

In December 2012, it managed to close a $30 million funding deal. The funding was spearheaded by Index Ventures and many other telecommunication companies participated. Soon after the investment, a former Chief Executive Officer of Fortify Software joined the company’s board before it opened its European headquarters in London. In 2013, it opened its Australia headquarters.

In January 2014, it acquired CloudUp Networks and developed a software that helps users have an easy time tracking data at the same time when it is moved through cloud environments. The software also restricts data that is not authorized to be moved. In April the same year, it released a new product that makes it very easy to analyze cloud applications and it is used by businesses for better visibility because it determines the amount of risk contained by the data within the organization.

In November 2014, CipherCloud made an announcement that it was closing its second series of funding worth $50 million. The round was very successful and it is expected to continue being a benchmark leader when matters related to offering the best cloud storage and encryption are concerned.

The company serves as the gateway that helps encrypt data in real time before it transmits it to a cloud environment. The best thing with the company is the fact that it does not decrypt the data unless an authorized user retrieves it from the cloud. It also ensures that it stores all its encryption keys locally and they never leave the site or get shared with the cloud provider.

The platform is also very able to substitute all sensitive data elements with those that are not sensitive. CipherCloud is also known for offering top of the range malaware and data loss monitoring services for all cloud services.

Steve Murray Will be Missed at CCMP

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital Advisors LLC is a long standing private equity investor. In business since 1984, but operating under different names such as Chase Capital Partners and J.P. Morgan Capital firm, CCMP Capital has invested over $16 billion in buyout investments and growth equity. Today, this firm is one of the leaders in private investment equity transactions. It strengths lie in operating resources within these sectors:
• industrial and manufacturing
• consumer retail
• energy
• healthcare

This is an investment firm that through experienced management and value creation has established the worldwide reputation as a reputable world-class investor. The firm privatized and forgot the name of CCMP in August 2006, and many of the investment professionals, such as Steve Murray, continued under the new infrastructure, bringing with them a strong foundation of financial know-how. At the beginning of the year the board of directors for CCMP were saddened to see Steve Murray stepped down as CEO of the investment company. The reason he stated for this retirement was health-related.

In March of this year CCMP was saddened to hear of the demise of Steve Murray. The Board of Directors expresses their deep sorrow the lost longtime friend and associate, who passed away at the age of 52. Steve had a long time career with the firm, lasting more than 25 years, and was considered one of the top investors for the company, and who had served as CEO for the CCMP Capital firm as of 2007. He was the successor of founder Jeff Walker. Greg Brenneman, now chairman, expresses the entire teams feelings when he said, “We are so saddened to hear of the loss of this wonderful friend and partner. He was a founding member of the firm, a part of our family and a wonderful investor. We hope that he is insight will give us strength continue making future investments.”

The firm will miss Steve and will always be grateful for his contributions to the success of the company. The team hopes future success of CCMP will reflect the hard work of Murray and other professionals who dedicated time and effort to making the investment firm a success.

Susan McGalla Gives Women Useful Career Advice

There seems to be no shortage of advice being offered these days to women about how to improve their career prospects. Online, on television and in the print media there are endless so-called experts claiming they can guide women to success. Unfortunately, most of that advice is so general, so generic and so vague that it is useless when you try to apply it to real life. That is why expert consultant Susan McGalla has been standing out from the pack with her direct, practical and no nonsense advice for women pursuing careers today.

Inspiring Message

The Pennsylvania based McGalla is a widely recognized authority on talent marketing and management on, brand marketing and improving operational efficiencies. She is often invited to speak on issues important to women in business and has spoken to some of the nation’s most prestigious business groups, such as the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh as well as the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series held for CEOs.

Keys to Success

According to McGalla, women looking for advice on their careers today are starving for information from an authentic perspective that they can then apply in a practical manner to their own spheres of business activity. For that reason, McGalla has little use for the buzzwords and catch phrases that are all over the media but which are useless to career women whom McGalla claims “don’t want to be targeted as women, but as professionals.”

Inspiring Biography

Growing up, Susan McGalla had to learn to compete in a household where her father was a football coach and she had two older brothers. She credits her parents for having the same expectations for her as they did for her brothers, in no way settling for less from her just because she was a girl. They encouraged her to work hard to get whatever she wanted and to have confidence in her own ideas and abilities. These attitudes enabled her to quickly rise in the male dominated business world, becoming the only woman on the board of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. Eventually she became the president and chief merchandising officer of the company.

Advising Others

In recent years, Susan McGalla has shared the lessons she learned in her climb to the top to help other women discover how to repeat her success in their own field. She insists that gender discrimination does not have to hold women back, always focusing on her own excellence in performance rather than on what obstacles may lie in the way. “I never carried a chip on my shoulder of what I should be entitled to as a woman,” McGalla explains, “or what prejudices existed.” Instead McGalla is convinced that her own confident, sky is the limit mentality is the real key to success. It is a hopeful and inspiring message that today’s career minded women are responding to.

How Working with Qnet Can Help Businesses

Qnet is a leader in the e-commerce industry and is continually growing every single day. For any business owner, it is quite easy to see how exposure to a company and its products can help to increase revenue and make the company more of a success. The issue that so many company owners have, especially those that are relatively new, is that they do not know how to successfully get their brand name or product out there to the world. This is especially true for international business owners who want this type of exposure and do not know where to begin.

The one thing about Qnet that sets them apart from other e-commerce sites is that they are international. They work with business owners of all kinds and from all over the world. This helps to get brand ideas, company names and products out there for the entire world to see. Because of the internal exposure that these new companies are getting, it helps them to grow even quicker and larger than they ever thought was possible for their own benefit. Working with Qnet can be a wonderful thing for any new or budding business no matter where it is located in the world.

The term e-commerce basically refers to sales integrated through the Internet. This may include online stores, shopping on the Internet, shopping through apps or even link building and marketing that helps to bring in money. E-commerce is ideal for all types of businesses because of the sheer fact that many people nowadays are doing their shopping on the Internet as opposed to in local stores. Also, Qnet allows a person to find new and interesting products from around the world that they will absolutely never be able to find locally because it simply is not available.

Marketing a company is the first and most important step to building a success for a business, and this is why Qnet is there to assist internal business owners with their products and brand names. They can help to market a company, grow its e-commerce platform and provide them with the revenue that they need to keep growing and do well for themselves. For any new business, working with Qnet for e-commerce needs is a top priority that can be a lot more beneficial than most people might think. It never hurts to ensure that a business owner is doing everything that they possibly can to improve their business. If a company owner doesn’t think that e-commerce is right for them, they may be surprised to find out just how much business they are able to get through it and the fact that Qnet can assist them in every step of the matter.

Kyle Bass is Playing Russian Roulette With His Career

How can one man go from writing and directing the movie “The Sixth Sense” and being one of the most beloved people alive to being in more trouble than the Whitehouse scandals? Kyle Bass was on top of the world. Back in 2001 he opened his company and Hyland Capital, and he was making money hand over fist. Then in 2008, he wrote and directed the movie that put him on the map. It seems like everything was going his way, but then he became “guilty by association.” It was his dealings with Argentina’s President, Cristina Ferandez that has brought him great trouble. Although, being honest this is just the tip of the iceberg.

As a person who has done so much good, people are willing to overlook some bad associations and even poor business choices. But perhaps one thing that so many people are not willing to overlook is what he did to mess with poor people and their ability to get prescription drug coverages which is something Kyle Bass: The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler covered online. It was all part of a scam that just snowballed. To make big money, Bass would manipulate smaller drug companies and their sale of stocks. To make matters worse, he would challenge the patents for those drugs through a coalition that he made himself called Affordable Drugs.

It caused the drug prices to skyrocket and Bass would make a massive amount of money. The drug company charged more money because they lost their patent, and they were unable to do medical research to help them fund new drugs. So it made the out of pocket costs very expensive and he lined his pockets with the money. Since most of the people affected were senior citizens who have such a hard time paying for medications anyway, this was considered the lowest of the low.

You won’t heart Bass talking about his own finances though; he seems to keep those things quiet. He has had a whole line of shady investments and they have cost him dearly. Congress had to get involved with legislation that would close down any loopholes involved in the patent challenges that he was causing. It’s pretty bad when the government has to step in because you’re such a low down and dirty person. Lawmakers are keeping track of him and what his next move will be. It’s like a game and they are waiting to see how and where he makes his next move. With his involvement in Argentina and pharmaceuticals, who knows what he will be into next.

Entrepreneur Doe Deere Makes Her Vision A Reality With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Entrepreneur Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. The company is a culmination of her many years of work and planning. Initially Doe Deere’s goal was not to start a cosmetics company. She started making cosmetics because she could not find make-up brightly colored enough to suit her needs as an entertainer. But her production of homemade make-up took on a life of its own and has grown into one of the most talked about cosmetics lines in the industry today. The creation and growth of Lime Crime cosmetics is a testament to the determination, vision, and creativity of Doe Deere.

Doe Deere always felt her destiny on was to be someone of note. The Russian born entrepreneur even felt that way as a child when soon after immigrating to the United States her family ended up living in a homeless shelter. Doe Deere’s dreams and vision for herself transcended her tough situation. She saw success in her future and she was determined to achieve it. Because she was not sure exactly what would lead her to make her mark, Doe Deere tried her hand at many things. No matter what she tried to do, she always gave it her best. If one of her projects didn’t bring her the level of success she desired, she simply moved on to another one.

One of her earliest goals was to make it as a model and fashion designer. She attended Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, designed some clothes, and built a website to market them. Some of her designs sold, but not in the volume she wanted. Doe Deere then made a foray into the entertainment industry. Working with her boyfriend, they started a rock and roll band. After the group did a number of shows and recorded a few albums, but were unable to get a recording contract, Doe Deere tried to make it as a solo act. She was not offered a recording contract either.

It was while working as a rock and roll performer that Doe Deere began producing make-up. Doe Deere has fine facial features. She felt she needed super-bright make-up to draw attention to herself while she was on stage. Deere looked high and low but could not find a make-up line with bold enough colors to make the impact she wanted. She decided she would create the make-up she wanted herself. She learned how to make cosmetics and began producing the dazzlingly bright colors she needed for her act. She also showed the make-up to visitors to the make-up tutorial she offered online.

That turned out to be her road to success. Visitors to her make-up tutorials loved her cosmetics and encouraged her to sell some to them and others. Doe Deere took their advice and started Lime Crime cosmetics. The loud, attention-attracting colors, ease of use, and smudge-resistant products in the ever-expanding Lime Crime became an internet sensation and Doe Deere is on the way to having the future she envisioned.

Tech Expansion Affects New York Real Estate

A very thought provoking article recently appeared in the Huffington Post that discussed the tech boom in New York. According to the article, high tech industries are the leading cause for the rise in real estate value. The high tech companies’ request non-traditional office plans that dramatically affect pricing. Certainly, the property owners are eager to please the new tenants and agree to the changes. At one time, NYC apartments for rent was packed with industrial buildings that manufactured all sorts of products. Today, new high technology companies are invading the neighborhoods and making quite a few changes to the look and feel of the old neighborhoods too.

Living Arrangements
Of course, all those new high technology employees and employers require a place to live. The surprising fact is that the new tech executives have opted for less expensive properties that are in the surrounding areas. The properties near the work sites are in high demand. Therefore, they are very expensive. The tech executives are looking for quality and quantity at a reasonable price. They’ve reclaimed the properties in lower demand areas that were just sitting on the real estate market. This has led to a change in neighborhood demographics. Now, the areas are filled with very educated young people that are changing the culture and attracting more upscale businesses to the areas.

Town Residential
New York City is a hub for new technology companies. Town Residential will help the new residents discover just the right property to fit their NYC apartments for rent needs. They will introduce their clients to the neighborhoods. Thus, helping the client locate the best neighborhoods and make the best choices for their personal situation. Town Residential is the number one luxury real estate firm in New York City. The name of the executives managing the operation are Andrew Heiberger and co-chair Joseph Sitt. They founded the company back in 2007.

Town Residential specializes in providing some of the most luxurious apartments in the city to their clients. The Town Residential staff provides the best quality service to their clients. They work closely with every client to make sure that they find the perfect property. Every agent is very familiar with the New York City landscape and the surrounding communities. They will find a property that matches any budget. The fact is that Town Residential staff is recognized as one of the best in the city. Contact them for more information on their services. Read more about tech expansion In New York Real Estate.