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Eric Lefkofsky’s Take On His Company Recent Financial Acheivement

A recent report was made from Chicago Tribune concerning Eric Lefkofsky’s firm, Tempus, receiving $80 million in funding from an existing and new group of investors. And as a result, Tempus has achieved a status of a unicorn. Since its establishment in 2015, Tempus has raised investments amounting to $210 million. With this last round of funding, the value of Tempus is now reportedly worth approximately $1.1 billion, thus, giving the company the unicorn status. Only a few startups in Chicago can claim this.

According to Lefkofsky, his company now has approximately 400 employees, and they are adding around 30 employees each month. He also stated that the additional funding is expecting to add even more employees.

Lefkofsky thinks that his company’s traction has been amazing being in the midst of a very important paradigm shift in this time period. Tempus is utilizing clinical data to collect molecular data of patients who undergo treatment as well as to find trends for overall cancer treatment. He is also proud of the fact that his company maintains relationships with organizations and individuals of all the areas of the health care system in which more effective treatments are being sought out through the use of big data for patients.

About Eric Lefkfosky

Being the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Tempus, Eric Lefkfosky is an American businessman who is originally from Southfield, Michigan, a suburb outside of Detroit, Michigan. He earned a bachelor of art degree from the University of Michigan in 1991 in which he graduated with honors. In 1993, he earned his Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Michigan Law School.

Tempus is a technology firm that fights against cancer through the use of genomic data. This company was formed after enduring the frustration of the health system, not utilizing valuable data that can significantly make a difference for cancer patients.

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Fortress Investment Group Expands To Lending

Fortress Investment Group is a globally known corporation. The company has been involved in many transactions, since its’ inception, that has brought it into the spotlight. The latest dealing the company is working on is no exception to this pattern.Recently, Fortress Investment Group was highlighted in a post about the company entering into the lending sector of the finance industry. This expansion into the lending sector will be done under the SoftBank Group Corporation name. The post also discussed the recent promotions of two key employees and the departure of another one. The post can be found on the Bloomberg website for more information.

An Investment management firm, Fortress Investment Group specializes in hedge funds and a variety of other investment tools for businesses and individual investors. The company was founded in 1998 By Wesley R. Edens and Randal A. Nardone. The company’s headquarters is located in New York, New York. The company also has additional offices located throughout the world.The company has a power house of a team for leaders. The co-founders are very active in the day to day activities of the company. Mr. Nardone also serves as a Principal and Director for the company. Adam Levinson is the Chief Executive Officer.

Peter L. Briger Jr. is another Principal of the company. His is also co-chairman for the Board of Directors. The managing partners for the company include Matthias Moser, Andrew Berman, and Dana Latendre. Josh Pack and Drew McKnight were also recently promoted to the positions of managing partners too.The company, Fortress Investment Group, is very well established and have over 1700 active clients on their rosters. These clients have over forty billion dollars of funds invested in the various funds managed by the corporation. These customers are served by the hundreds of professional and experienced employees that are located at the various offices.

Benefits of Working with Jeunesse

The Growth of Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a thriving company with various products and services for customers. The company is primarily focused on the beauty industry. Numerous people want to invest in beauty products to improve their looks and self-esteem. One of the reasons for the success of Jeunesse is the emphasis on helping customers. Employees throughout the company are focused on providing an excellent customer service experience for all customers.

Direct Sales

Jeunesse offers a direct selling program for people who want to earn extra money. Over the past few years, more people have decided to look for additional sources of income. Direct selling is not easy, but it is a proven way to earn extra income. Some of the most successful sellers of Jeunesse products make thousands of dollars each month.


Advertising is essential to success in the direct sales industry. The most successful sellers spend a considerable amount of time and money selling products. Jeunesse offers numerous resources for sellers to utilize.

Online marketing is a great way to increase sales. As more people feel comfortable shopping online, this is an area that direct sellers should utilize.

Product Quality

Jeunesse is committed to providing quality products for customers. The company uses excellent materials in all products. The products are also produced with sustainable manufacturing methods.

In the coming years, the leaders of Jeunesse want to invest more time and money into sustainable manufacturing processes. The company leaders want to make a positive impact on the world. The company already donates a portion of profits to various charities in different areas. Jeunesse products are now available in dozens of nations, and most people expect the number of countries to increase in the future.

People who want to get involved with a successful company should consider working with Jeunesse.

Bruno Fagali: Why You Need A Good Lawyer

Are you encountering legal problems in Brazil and need a good lawyer? Want to find a competent lawyer that provides business advice or representation? If you are going through legal problems and need one of the best attorneys to guide you, check out Bruno Fagali.

When a legal issue occurs, it’s imperative to get help from an expert in the field. It is extremely important to consult an experienced and reputable lawyer. Although there are many law groups and lawyers out there you need to be sure you choose someone that has a proven track record.

You need a legal advisor that has a good understanding of the rules and regulations and how to help you stay in compliance with law. You need an attorney who can get you out of trouble in the event of a lawsuit or other legal situation.

A good defense lawyer or legal advisor will take the time to research the case and work closely with you to address the issues appropriately. A legal issue can devastate your business or professional profile. That’s why it is crucial to hire a knowledgeable lawyer like Bruno Fagali.

Business owners, organizations and entrepreneurs today have many legal problems to deal with, including leases, collections, business disputes, copyrights, licensing, shareholder disagreements and even trademarks. For this reason, having a competent attorney by your side, is important.

For the best possible outcome, it’s crucial to find a quality business corporate lawyer for reliable legal advice and guidance. If you enlist the services of a renowned attorney, you will have access to industry resources and top notch guidance. You will have the tips and information you need to protect your enterprise or organization and achieve the success you desire.

When deciding on a business or corporate attorney for your organization or company, knowledge and experience are important factors to consider. It is extremely important to ensure that your lawyer is passionate about getting you good results.

Bruno Fagali has vast experience and is hghly reputable as well. Bruno Fagali offers insights and advice that are crucial to the success of his clients’ business. He will work with you to determine the right strategy to meet your needs.

Many businesses and professionals in Brazil turn to Bruno for representation or advice on a wide variety of legal issues. Bruno knows what works and what doesn’t, and can resolve your complex legal issues.


Matt Badiali – Investment Expert

Matt Badiali was introduced to the world of finance while attending college and is now the Chief Resource Investment Expert. Matt Badiali received his Bachelor’s degree from Penn State University in Earth Sciences. Matt Badialicontinued his education and received his Master’s of Science degree from Florida Atlantic University in Geology, and continued his education towards a Ph.D from the University of North Carolina when he was introduced to the world of finance.

Matt Badiali was introduced to the world of finance by a friend who saw the potential in Matt and his knowledge of Science in Geology. Shortly afterwards, Matt started working for Standsberry Research as a Geologist/Analyst. A few years later, Matt would now become the Chief Resource Investment Expert at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Matt Badiali’sfinancial advice has helped many people generate regular returns of double and triple-digit gains. Matt started promoting Freedom Checks after the stock market crashed in 2008. In 2008, Matt purchased stock in Kaminak Gold Corp for $0.06 a share and sold it in 2010 for $2.64 a share which he gained $4,400 in profit. Visit Matt Badiali at facebook.

Matt realized after making his profit that this type of investment is a commitment, and that we must make repeated investments in order to receive a payout in the future. He then promoted Freedom Checks also known as Master Limited Partnerships. Freedom checks are checks you receive after buying shares in a company that pays a dividend quarterly to shareholders.

Before you can receive a Freedom Check, you must purchase shares in a company that pays a dividend quarterly to shareholders. The company will send you a Freedom Check usually two to three times a month depending on how many shares were purchased. The check payments will increase as the price of shares increase.

Matt Badiali recommends that before investing in a company that distributes a Freedom Check, to be sure that the company has assets of $1 billion or more and that the assets are liquid. The company must distribute payments to shareholders on a quarterly basis, and those payments company are growing wealthy, as well as viewing financial statements to be sure that the company is doing well financially.Visit:


Peter Briger Taking Fortress Investment Group to Higher Heights

Peter Briger is an endowed figure in the investment industry. He is a talented financial specialist and a renowned business leader. He has more than twenty years’ experience in asset management. Briger currently works as the principal of the Fortress Investment Group LLC, an investment company headquartered in New York. Peter Briger is responsible for real estate and credit business at the company. He joined Fortress Investment Group LLC in 2002 and had held various positions in the leadership ranks of the company. He is also one of the management committee members and a chairman of the board of directors of the Fortress Investment Group LLC.

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger worked at Goldman, Sachs & Co., for 15 years and finally he became a partner of the firm in 1996. During his tenure, he held numerous leadership roles, and he served as head of groups like the Whole Loan Sales and trading business. Additionally, he worked as a board member of various committees including the Japan Executive Committee, the Asian management committee and the Global Control committee. Peter attended the Princeton University where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Arts and later on joined the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of business for his MBA. He was a board of director of the Princeton University Investment Company. Gift From Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

Under Peter Briger’s watch, the company has grown to become one of the best alternative investment firms in the United States. The banking investment company has earned a reputation for excellence and integrity, and today the company is managing assets worth more than 65 billion dollars with more than fifteen hundred institutional clients. Peter has led the company into a successful venture and has always provided the appropriate advice in time of crisis to ensure the company does not fall into a loss. Mr. Briger was honored to be among the Forbes top 400 business people with a net worth of $ 1.5 billion. Fortress Executives to Cash In $1.39 Billion From SoftBank Sale

Peter Briger has a keen eye in the Bitcoin mining sector; he termed bitcoin as a “digital gold” with an instant and affordable way to transfer money all over the world. He believes that it is the right time for Wall Street to venture into bitcoin mining. Apart from business, Peter is actively involved in philanthropic causes. He supports charitable programs in the community. He serves as a member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Council and a member of the Council on Foreign Causes. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Eric Lefkofsky Indentifies What Needs To Be Fixed In Cancer Research And Helps By Implementing It Into Tempus

Co-Founder Eric Lefkofsky of Tempus Labs has identified that there is a problem with the way the medical field does not have access to molecular data of cancer patients. Tempus Labs ever since startup a little over two years ago has been working towards providing patients and doctors of patients with molecular data. Luckily they have been able to raise the funds to do so and recently were able to raise another 80 million dollars towards more data research to get even further in their journey. With Tempus Labs doing this they make it possible for cancer patients now and in the future to get the right treatment needed for them to overcome cancer.

One of Tempus Labs strengths is that they already have over 4,000 employees to help with not only finding data of cancer patients but they also are able to help answer any questions that any patients might have about anything going on regarding their treatment options or their current treatment plan. Tempus Labs is currently hiring about 30 new people each month but with their ability to raise money over time they plan to start hiring more and more people each month as they see possible. Tempus Lab’s huge team of employees not only can help them always having someone to answer their questions but it can also help patients to feel more comfortable and emotionally understood by employees well going through such a tough time in their life.

Tempus is located in Illinois in the city of Chicago. Not only are they located in a major city with a lot of new technology but they also have partnered with various well-known doctors that specialize in cancer research as well as cancer research facilities such as Mayo Clinic. Tempus labs also has a whole board of scientific advisors who are able to find more and more data over time to help Tempus with their mission in finding better treatment plans for current and future patients.

Tempus labs will continue their cancer data research and raise more and more money towards their research. Tempus will make a difference in the medical world for cancer patients everywhere.

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COO and President of OSI Group, David McDonald has been a successful executive at a top 100 American food company

David McDonald is the President and COO of OSI Group, a well-respected American food company, which is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. Over the last few years, OSI Group has been aggressive in its acquisitions of some essential food businesses. Making essential purchases of top food companies in Europe is an integral part of OSI’s business strategy. This strategy at acquiring companies overseas is one factor that has helped make OSI’s steady expansion into Europe over the recent years a successful venture.

Under the senior tutelage of COO, David McDonald, and CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin, these top executives have helped their global food company win many spectacular awards and receive top kudos for their remarkable achievements as a food company. David McDonald has helped to improve OSI Group’s reach internationally. In late 2016, OSI Group procured Flagship Europe, which is a subsidiary company of Flagship Food Group. Flagship Food Group is headquartered in Denver.

This UK-based foodservice company, Flagship Europe includes a portfolio of products. This food portfolio includes pies, mayonnaise, frozen poultry, sous vide products, sauces, and dressings. David McDonald remarked about the purchase of Flagship Europe by OSI Group that Flagship Europe’s addition to OSI’s portfolio of businesses would provide a more significant presence in Europe for the company. McDonald also stated about the purchase of Flagship Europe that their company portfolio of brands and products align well with OSI’s line, which will complement OSI Group’s company strengths. Expanding into Europe will help to broaden OSI’s capacity to attend to the customer’s ever-changing needs. Mr. McDonald stated about the tastes and needs of his customers and food consumers that they dictate to us about what we should sell, not the other way around. And that if companies don’t adapt to the changing consumer trends, they will not stay in business according to McDonald.

Three decades ago, Mr. McDonald joined OSI Group as a project manager — he also earned his Bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University in 1987 before being hired by OSI. As COO and president of OSI Group, McDonald and the other executives have earned many accolades and awards from food industry peers and stakeholders.

David McDonald has improved OSI’s business influence, by successfully hitting critical milestones by selling their brands and products in Europe, China, and India. Under McDonald’s key leadership, OSI Group is leading by example when it concerns sustainability and energy efficiency.

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A Full Report of Felipe Montoro Jens on the Governors’ Special Conference

On March 24, the governors participated in their special conference at Mendoza City situated in Argentina. During the Inter-American Development Bank meeting, Dyogo Oliveira provided insights concerning the expansion of Brazil’s private infrastructural investments. As the Minister of Planning and Management, Dyogo emphasized on the relevance of establishing different financial warranty mechanisms that would influence private investment in the sector. In relation to growth, Dyogo Oliveira postulated that IDB is significant in facilitating the leveraging of private investment in the infrastructure department. Dyogo gave these insights in consideration to IDB’s mission directed towards engaging in research activities that yields efficient solutions. Visit for more info.

Besides Dyogo’s meaningful contribution, Garrido participated significantly as well. Garrido, Spain’s Secretary of State for Business, agreed with Dyogo’s idea. Other executives including Felipe Montoro Jens gave useful information regarding the contribution of IDB to the development of Brazil. Felipe reported that Spain considers Brazil as the appropriate nation to support in investments. Additionally, Felipe Montoro Jens provided essential information concerning the perspective of the IDB’s President, Luis Alberto. According to Mr. Alberto, the Inter- American Development Bank facilitates the convergence of connectivity and infrastructure between nations and environmental sustainability policies.

Felipe Montoro Jens stressed on not only the impact of IDB on infrastructure and management but also Brazil’s engagement in Public-Private Partnerships. Felipe Jens was fascinated by his country’s adherence to IDB’s regulations regarding the establishment and operation of PPPs. The ministry of Development and Management news portal reported that Public-Private Partnerships were up in the Caribbean, as well as, the Latin America. As such, Brazil has overtime foreseen over 1,000 infrastructure PPP projects, which were worth approximately $360 billion. Felipe Montoro Jens stated that the loans of the Inter-American Development Bank to Brazil added to approximately $12.9 billion. Felipe Montoro postulated that IDB has played a vital role in the historic gain of the Ministry of Planning.

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Sean Penn Discusses His Concepts Behind Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has received recognition in numerous areas. His latest notoriety comes from his novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The main character is a satire written as a part time contract killer for the government named Bob. Sean Penn was pleased with the completion of his novel because it did not require the collaboration of others. He feels whether the book brings disappointment or pride in his accomplishment he has no need to apologize because he is standing on his own. He no longer enjoyed working with other people and felt it was time to take his career in a new direction. The expectations that came with making movies started making him feel as though he had to give in.

Sean Penn does not plan on becoming involved with any acting projects in the near future. He has expressed a possible interest in directing a new movie he is interested in but it is still speculation at this point. He receives more satisfaction from writing than from acting due to his creative process. Sean Penn spoke of the influences present in an acting career. He said these influencers also make comments on numerous authors. He believes influence is the same as excitement caused by the words of the author. He commented about the numerous statements made concerning his novel from people who have not read the book.

Sean Penn wrote his book using the same style prevalent in his career writing screenplays. His thinking is too fast for his capabilities with a laptop so he prefers longhand. He works at night then dictates his efforts to his assistant in the morning. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff has a definite #MeToo aspect. The book can be interpreted as encouragement for any movement with a goal of creating social equality. Sean Penn believes people are no longer concerned with their legacies because they believe they are on the verge of some great epiphany. He said people believe there are subjects certain genders cannot talk about and certain roles must be played by specific types. He summed up this philosophy by saying his book is not about inclusion or an opinion piece.

Sean Penn also used his novel as a means of skewering branding. He believes any brand that is either self assigned or assigned directly is only a representation of the consumer’s perspective. He refuses to be forced into a definition of a brand. He finds this concept both ironic and light.