Glenn Laken

Skout Connects You to the World

The thing that makes Skout a masterful iPhone app on and is the fact that there are so many users out there. I have used it for networking and dating purposes. I have been successful with both. As someone that works for a hotline there are moments during the day where I simply don’t have any calls. I needed a way to minimize the idle time that I had and Skout became the best way for me to do this.

This has really become my go-to when I am in line at in grocery stores check out lines. If I have to wait for a doctor or dentist appointment I will use Skout during these times as well. I think that it is the perfect app for those that have idle time because it allows you to send a wink to someone that you may be interested in starting a conversation with. I like to check out the people that are online with the pictures that they attach. I can see a pretty face and I will send a wink. Most of the times I get a reply back fairly quick. It is awesome because people will also see me online and send me winks. This makes the process of getting to know someone on the fly so easy.

In most cases I have been able to open up a session while I wait in line somewhere and connect with 3 or more people. When I chat a little, flirt and make jokes I will be able to get some information for chatting later. They understand when I say that I have to go but that I will contact them later.

Skout has some other things on the sites that require points. Some people purchase the points. I check out the advertisements and earn points for the things on this app that require points. The thing that I like to spend the majority of my points on is checking who viewed by profile. I like this because everyone that views my profile may not necessarily contact me, but I may contact them if I knew they were checking me out.

I believe that Skout can be used for a lot of different things. I have made friends, but I have also networked my way into some freelance work. This is the best thing about networking through a site like Skout. Users can get involved with the site and make some cool friends that get job leads. I like this the most because I move around a lot. When I touch down in a new city I like to know if there are any job opportunities to pursue. With Skout I am able to sort out the jobs in new areas quickly. I also find friends and learn about the best spots in town as soon as a I visit a new area. I am a big fan of the Skout app, and I recommend it for anyone that likes finding friends online.

How Mr. Bruce Levenson is Good for the NBA

The National Basketball Association is the world’s most popular professional basketball entertainment organization, and oversees 29 teams in the United States and one team in Canada. The NBA was founded in 1946, originally known as the Basketball Association of America. Three years after its inception, the BAA became known as the NBA after joining forces with their number one rival, the National Basketball League.

The NBA’s games are broadcasted online via live streams, on United States cable and satellite networks, and on other television channels around the world. The NBA has been growing consistently in the past few decades, for a few reasons: the wealthy owners that are attracted to buying NBA teams don’t mind spending extra money on the team or its talent; the top athletes in the NBA are so dominant over other players because of the increased autonomy that basketball provides its players — one person can do a lot more in basketball than one person can in football or baseball; and professional basketball games are action-packed and full of entertainment value.

Mr. Bruce Levenson used to own the Atlanta Hawks, which belongs to the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association. He bought the franchise at around five hundred million dollars, then turned around and sold the Hawks a few years later for more than seven hundred million dollars — that’s a $200 million profit!

Mr. Levenson of UCG helped lead his team to the Eastern Conference Finals, where they lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers 2-4. The Atlanta Hawks were favored by many to win the series, but they simply let it slip from their hands. Having an owner like him puts a team at an elevated pedestal to win their conference or a championship.

The NBA is broadcasted on three major news networks in the Untied States: ABC/ESPN, NBA TV, and TNT. The current world champions of the NBA are the Golden State Warriors, which was led by Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Andre Iguodala over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The NBA really started to gain a lot of popularity in the late seventies, when officials at the league office decided to add the three point shot to the game of professional basketball, coincidentally at the same time Magic Johnson and Larry Bird joined the National Basketball Association. Five years after Magic and Bird joined the league, a guy by the name of Michael Jordan was drafted by the Chicago Bulls, and Mr. Jordan changed the way the game of basketball was played around the world.

Professional basketball is a fan favorite around the world because of the exciting gameplay that typically happens during a professional basketball game. Virtually no other sport allows one person on the playing field to have as much influence as someone who plays basketball does. It only takes that one player to get open or force a good shot to change the track of the game at hand.

If one is interested in watching any NBA games, contact the local service provider and ask if they provide NBA packages.

Women On Top Of Their Game in Business

An accomplishment of purpose or aim can be defined as success. Others might perceive success to be something different or have an entirely different meaning of what success is. Others consider success as landing in their wildest jobs and to others might be standing up to their misogynist boss. A successful business woman, on the other hand, is self-assured, identifies her limits and is ready to push them. Such a woman knows her flaws and weaknesses but instead uses them to outwit her haters. She has a set of goals to achieve and assess to blow if they emerge in her way. She is a force to reckon but the queen in the confinement that you prefer in your hand. There is a lot that sets successful women apart from typical ones around.

In the current world, there is a diverse range of women at the top of their game in various industries of specialization, especially in business. Not to mention that most privately owned businesses in America are owned and run by women. Most women have realized a better version of themselves out there and are willing to grow and to search for it. That is what they are exactly doing. They are always filled with passion and drive, making these the vital factors for their success.

For Susan McGalla, nothing has held her back or deterred her chances for success according to prnewswire. The Pittsburgh, PA-based expert consultant, and prominent businesswoman, has had an incomparable personality that has propelled her to a successful career. She is the well-known Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers as well as the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. As a retail expert and an experienced marketer, her firm deals exclusively with organizational development, creative, a range of brand and supply chain for high-profile clients and notable corporations in both the retail and non-retail industry.

In her endeavors as a successful business woman, McGalla has also faced a lot as a woman in stature. Despite some patronizing remarks, misogynistic comments, and heightened inequality during her initial stages of her career, the odd experience did not put her down put gave her more courage to press on. She has always been confident, fiercely independent and determined to succeed. Her network also comprises of women who are on the top of their game and share a close personality like hers. She is widely known as the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and the former CEO of Wet Seal Inc.

McGalla started working for Joseph Horne Company back in 1986 to 1994 where she served at several marketing and managerial posts. She later joined American Eagle, a place that defined and shaped her career. She then left the company and joined Wet Seal at the time when it was facing a crunch. She initiated a few strategies and business plan that saw the company get back on its feet. McGalla is also a board member of HFF Inc., a publicly traded corporation that offers commercial real estate as well as the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation.

Kyle Bass: A Career Gone Wrong

The career of Kyle Bass began positive and successful. Bass earned a degree in Business Administration in Finance and Real Estate Finance from Texas Christian University. College was followed by a career as Senior Managing Director at both Bear Stearns and Legg Mason. Bass later began his own company, Hayman Capital, which is a global special situations fund. Shortly after launching the hedge fund in 2006, Bass recognized a problem with the US residential real-estate market and correctly predicted and benefited from the mortgage crisis. This prediction made him very popular throughout the business world.

However, it appears Bass has admitted to being tipped off about the mortgage crisis by an investment banker. After hiring several private investigators to determine the simplicity of obtaining a mortgage, Bass pulled resources into studying the residential mortgage market and determining which mortgages were most likely to default. By doing so, Bass was eventually able to make a fortune as thousands of Americans were foreclosing on their homes.

Soon after his brief show in the spotlight, Bass’ career took a turn with a series of bad choices and collection of shady alliances. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, an Argentinean, is known throughout the business for destructing her county’s economy by defaulting on its sovereign debt multiple times and sending her own people into poverty. However, it appears Bass rationalizes this default away and by doing so, shows signs of instability and questionable character. In the year 2013 he lost 30% of hedge funds while his competitors gained 30%.

The behavior continues as Bass chose to blame airbag fatalities on car crash victims in order to receive earnings from his General Motors investment. One of his subordinates at Hayman has been accused of multiple accounts of unethical behavior by the widow of Chris Kyle.

However, most controversial is a scheme ran by Bass involving short selling pharmaceutical companies. After short selling stock, Bass will challenge their patents using a front organization he set up. Soon after, the stock will plummet and Bass will walk out with several million dollars. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical company’s prices will increase and their research funds decrease, leaving millions of Americans without medication.

Though Kyle Bass still attempts to make negative marks on the pharmaceutical world, roadblocks are finally being put in his way. Bass has been under investigation by the Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB), a government agency, for taking advantage of the system with his patent challenges. He has also been charged by Celgene for extortion. Recently, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office refused to formally review two patents on Acorda Therapeutics Inc.
Though once admired, Kyle Bass is no longer highly regarded. With time, one can only hope he will be brought to justice.

S’well Reaches 3,300 Starbucks Stores


S’well has gained the attention of one of the largest coffee store chains, Starbucks. This is a good thing because the goal of many people who makes any products is to get it in front of as many people as possible so that the creators could profit from it. One of the aspects of a product that influences the attention that it gets is the design and the fashion of the product according to this article published on Fast Company on S’well’s success in Starbucks shops.

One thing that Susan Kauss was facing was the challenge of creating a water bottle that is both good at keeping water pure and attracting the attention of people who are environmentally concious, the fashion minded and the largest brands of the world. Susan noticed the water bottle she carried made her feel silly. This was when she decided to work on a new sleek design for a water that retained the functionality found in water bottles. However, it was not just the look of the water bottle that she was concerned with. There were plenty of other concerns of hers that she has to address such as the plastic bottles of water that carry a lot of chemicals that are even ore dangerous than what is found in tap water.

Andy Wirth: Advocating The Power of Clean

This week businessman Andy Wirth applauded the Reno City Council for voting to support the Clean Power Plan, an effort to move away from coal power. In his op ed piece in the Reno Gazette-Journal, Wirth pointed out that the city council joined many private companies in the area in backing cleaner energy.

“The times aren’t changing,” he wrote, “they have already notably changed.” Wirth said that the need for clean energy is “apolitical;” everyone in the Reno area is affected by poor air quality, and that pollution leads to drought and increased forest fires. He noted that the practice of burning coal there contributes to the bad effects of climate change worldwide, and wondered why coal was necessary when the area is rich in geothermal and solar energy.

Wirth also pointed out that cleaner energy makes the economy better, not worse, and that Tesla, Microsoft, and Apple, which are bringing good jobs to the area, are all supporters of clean energy. He called on civic leaders to set special interests aside, and make the area an example of clean energy use for others.

Wirth stated that Reno now has an important opportunity to achieve a better environment, and called on Congress and state governments to work for clean energy, as well. “We advance this important cause,” he said, “while also benefiting from a growing economy.”

Andy Wirth was born in West Germany in 1963, and has a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University. He also attended Edinburgh University. He’s worked in the resort industry for 25 years, and has won many business and civic awards, including Steamboat Springs Business Leader of the Year. He founded Wounded Warrior Support, which raises funds for the Navy Seal Foundation, and in 2014 he was named Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA.

Wirth is currently CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and chairman of the board of the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees. He’s also on the Tahoe Fund Board of Directors, a not-for-profit dedicated to improving the environment in the Lake Tahoe area.

Bernard Chua Leads Organo Gold Into Turkish Market

Bernardo Chua, the Founder and CEO of Organo Gold has recently opened a branch of the organisation in Turkey, making it the 39th country in which Bernard has overseen operation openings for his global gourmet coffee company. He went on to state that the opening of the branch in Turkey was a significant operational achievement for the company. He further stated that Turkey unites the company’s Asian, African and European operations and this would allow the company to serve distributors and customers across the dynamic and diverse region. The move to enter the Turkey market is considered a natural measure since Turkey is the country that featured the first coffee house in the 15th century. Appetite for quality coffee in Turkey continues to thrive since the beverage is firmly entrenched in the national culture. This presented Bernardo Chua with an opportunity to present modern enthusiasm and savvy for healthy products through Organo Gold.

With increased interest in active lifestyles and the growing nutraceutical market, the awareness of and demand for Organo products has expanded in Turkey. This is according to Holton Buggs, the Executive Vice President of International Sales and Marketing at the company. He went on to point out that the company was looking forward to serving customers who intend to incorporate Organo Gold products into their healthy and active lifestyles. Bernardo Chua’s Organo Gold coffee derives its health benefits from a Chinese mushroom, Ganoderma, which is considered the highest-ranked herb in ancient Chinese medicine. Bernardo has appointed Paul Jarvis, to manage the activities of the company in the country. Paul Jarvis has been serving as the Regional Vice President of Europe, CIS, and Africa for the company.

The company Founder and CEO is Bernardo Chua. Mr. Chua is from the Philippines and has a Chinese heritage. He has worked in multilevel marketing for years. Mr. Chua has contributed to the success of two companies namely Gano Excel and Organo Gold. In 2008, Mr. Chua sought to bring his ganoderma products to the rest of the world, having seen the success of the products in the Asian markets. This is when he founded his company Organo Gold. Mr. Chua also engages in education about the benefits of ganoderma, as this enhances the relationship and trust between the company Organo Gold and its distributors and consumers. Throughout his career, Mr. Chua has gone on to receive various awards for his efforts.

A blend of Bruce Levenson Leadership and Inspiration

Many people in leadership may not be praised for their great contribution. This is because some are not passionate about what they do. This leads to low production at their work place. The dream and love to promote talents have also slowed activities in major companies. However, for Bruce Levenson, he has taken the passion for sports to a whole new level. Today, he is a prominent businessman who loves charity work and supports sporting activities. He is also great lover of the basketball game and continues to be a role model to many in this field. This has made him to even co-own a team called Hawks which has played well and won awards. He has a Bachelor of Arts and a degree in Law both from the Washington University and America University respectively.

Running the NBA team

Forbes’ Bruce Levenson has remained a great lover of sports and other activities that support the young people. The sale will see him leave the comfort of getting the controlling interest. The sale will go to another sports lover named Antony Ressler.Resslers’s group is formed of Grant Hill a former NBA player and Jesse Itzler. The change of hands has been praised as it gives the team a chance to grow in a big way. Although other the years, the hands of Levenson have remained pivotal to the success of the team it will not get a new kick start. This is because as a crucial lubricate, he has remained motivational and caring for the team. The team which is being sold to roughly $850 million is a coveted deal which has been envied by many. However, the deal seems to be closing with Antony Ressler.

Professional management

Over the years, Bruce Levenson has built a team which has hit the world airwaves with their wins. This has seen the team emerging as one of the NBA teams which make history during their sale. This shows that Levenson had taken his work of managing the group in a professional way. The team is also of great potential because of the world billionaires who are making a dare to win the bid. The matches that the Hawks have played have remained memorable. They have also been on the expectant state of winning different matches and they have emerged champions. This makes them to be more than a team.

An-all-time leader

Over the years, the leadership of Bruce Levenson has been showered with praises. He has worked as a co-founder and partner at the UGC (United Communications Group). He co-founded the group together with Mr. Ed Peskowitz. The company which now has recorded 27 years of operation has since been as a star. He has also served with the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association as the member in the Board of Directors. He also worked as the President for the ‘I Have a Dream Foundation’. In this foundation, he was involved in a number of philanthropic works.


Eucatex Is And Always Will Be On Top

Eucatex is a Brazilian based company that has a had a long history of successful products and ventures. Eucatex is a company that was started in the 1950. The idea behind Eucatex was to make products that were made from Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is a product that is very prevalent in Brazil, so by using this sustainable products to fabricate usable items, they ecosystem could stay in tact, and at the same time it could be something that is profitable for a company as well.

Flavio Maluf is the current president of Eucatex. Flavio Maluf is an individual that has contributed much to this now family business. Flavio studied at a University in Brazil and he later went on to travel to the United States for a year. While he was in the United States he was able to study and learn a lot about different cultures. Later Flavio went on to return to Brazil and he began to work in his families business. Flavio is a man of much ambition, and his family was very pleased with the positive changes that he was bringing to the business. Flavio was able to bring new business to the company and for that reason he was promoted to the presidency.

Eucatex is not a company that sells a variety of different products all around the world. Eucatex has offices in almost every continent, and they also have factories in many locations in Brazil. Eucatex has always been a company that has been dedicated to its employees and to the environment. Facebook shows that Eucatex has maintained its commitment to the environment and Flavio Maluf is a man that has spoken very openly about the environment and also the programs that he wished to implement in order to continue to support our natural environment.


The Aspire is an extremely luxurious apartment complex in New Brunswick. The seventeen-story high building comprises of a whopping 238 rooms that include large studios, single and double bedrooms apartments. The residents who will clinch the coveted opportunity residing at the Aspire will be treated to the best and most distinguished restaurants together with the huge retail center in downtown New Brunswick. The Aspire will also be able to offer extremely luxurious lifestyles like the doorman and on site maintenance together with management. The garage is also highly mechanized as it has an elevator that could take one to the lobby. For the purposes of residents enjoying the beautiful scenery to the maximum, there has been the placement of oversize windows to enjoy the great scenic experience of viewing the downtown. The residence also contains custom cabinetry, glass tile backsplash together with various home appliance tools that happen to be stainless steel. The porcelain floor tiles that are in the bathroom together with a nice looking ceramic wall speak volumes of the level of luxury. The presence of very fast internet, luxury lounge, and several flat screens together with an incredible fitness center summarizes the overwhelming luxury that The Aspire offers.

This is a company that offers several services on its platter. All of its services involves Real Estate especially in the urban areas. They are made up of a big team that is solely responsible for building incredible structures and at the same time offering satisfactory services to the clients. The Boraie Development usually works with only the most promising and stable financial institutions and contractors who are competitive in nature and have the passionate affiliation of beating deadlines. It is devoted down to real estate development hence making them be the most sought out real estate developers. Due to its large capital sources, it is able to come up with very satisfactory projects that have attracted a vast number of residents and tenants. The company also takes property management very seriously, and it involves maintenance of the premises, customer services, marketing, and administration. Their sales and marketing are also off the hook as they boast of having sold more than $150 million in residential and other commercial transactions. Their urban investment strategy involves looking for scalable real estate projects. The company may enter into several deals like financial restructuring and master planning for the purposes of redevelopment. Their investment process is made up of majorly four pillars that enable them to wash back all the profits and to invest further.